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This past Saturday was our regular gaming run, currently Pathfinder, and the story is 'Rise of the Runelords'. As was the first run of this campaign, it was a lot of fun... Aside from my damn near falling asleep during it. I was beat, not having slept well beforehand. I wasn't alone though, two other players were ALSO falling-down tired apparently. Regardless, I'm having a good time with Arath, my barbarian catfolk, and really look forward to what comes next!

We were down one player, Dave, who is our regular GM- Rise of the Runelords is 'filler' while he gets his next campaign set to run. Its giving him the opportunity to actually PLAY in a game, rather than having to run.

We picked up where we left off the previous run, in the aftermath of the goblin attack on Sandpoint. We had just rescued a merchant near one of the town walls, and he was extremely grateful. He asked us to meet him at the tavern he was staying at so that he could reward us properly.

While Ketzz, our kobold fighter (and member of the town guard) escorted this worthy back to his tavern, Arath took the one surviving goblin to the town jail. There'd been others of the creatures captured, and for the most part they seemed either too stupid or too uninformed to be helpful.

The other players- Cerecedes the cleric, Larry the half-orc rogue and Erinh the halfling bard- made their way directly to the tavern directly. They were given free drinks and rooms at the establishment for their part in protecting the town, a gift also extended to Arath when he got there. In addition the merchant gave each character (including the absent halfling sorceror Balec) 50 gold. We were invited to be part of his boar hunt the next day as well.

At about this point the sheriff showed up. Asking Ketzz and the rest of us if we could assist him with further problems associated with the attack. We agreed, and the group headed back to the new cathedral, where the mess had essentially started. As it turns out, the attack on the town may have been a feint to get everyone looking away while dastardly deeds were done elsewhere.

One of the crypts in the graveyard had been broken into, and the sheriff, who is swamped with dealing with the aftermath of the attack, wants us to check into it. We do so, and end up getting attacked by a pair of skeletons! Arath is still not in armor and ends up getting kind of chewed up, but the creatures are destroyed. Within the mausoleum we discover that the corpse of the priest who'd led the previous church (which had burned down) had been taken.

The tracks led away from the graveyard to the town wall, where a pair of ladders, one on the inside, one on the outside allowed the villains access. We trail them for several hours, getting some idea where they'd gone, then head back to town to report. We'd been told just to find them, not to attack.

We all get too little sleep, and get up early for the boar hunt, which takes place in the Tickwood- so named for the giant ticks that live there. It goes well, and the boar being found and killed with brutal efficiency. The carcass is dragged back to town, where it will be the centerpiece for a feast in our honor.

We left off there at my suggestion, as I was fried and so were others. In two weeks we continue, hopefully with a full cast once again! This isn't all of what happened- just a synopsis- if I'd included everything this post would have been three times longer!
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