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It's done! I didn't think I'd be this quick. :)

7th Sea 13- Running Dreams )
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Right then, here's the 12th writeup. I should have the 13th done relatively soon, maybe early next week; at least I should have it done before the next Sunday Group meet, when we restart with the Buffy Horror game. :)

7th Sea 12: Island Hopping )
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Took me a while, but here's #11. I'll get #12 done soonish, and as we're gaming today I'll have the notes for #13 to work with. Whee?

7th Sea 11- High (And Low) Seas )
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Okay, here's the latest writeup. Whee! I got it done a week ahead of time!

Read more... )
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Okay. Thursday was part one of the massive cleaning for the party, and I got a lot done- the front and back rooms, washing the rugs and the covers for furniture (so that those with allergies will have places to sit) and general other sundry things. What was left for Friday was the bathroom and the kitchen, both of which were more daunting in my head than they turned out to be. Late Thursday night I picked up [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] breisleach from the Amtrak station- they were an hour late due to various delays. As it turns out the train was STOPPED here, as the weather further west was too cold(!!) for the train to continue. Thus those people who were on the train with Ata and Breis were able to avoid the 'fun' that others in my friends list went through.

Friday arrived, and I once again didn't sleep well. I got up early and made the most of it, getting all the remaining cleaning done. Yay! The party prep went smoothly aside from my own worry and a few glitches (I ran out of both consomme AND cream of mushroom soup!), With the first people arriving right about at 5. The meatballs were enjoyed and as far as I can tell a good time was had by all.

Saturday was a Saturday, fairly quiet for the most part. The household sans Ata went to the game at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain's house, while she spent the day with her guest. I mostly slept and played Champions Online, and did some of the cleanup. That night of course was back to work.

Sunday was the 7th Sea game, and I slept decently before; not quite as long as I wanted though. The game went well, and the plot has moved forward a fair bit; I'll have the writeup posted relatively soon I think. Monday had Breis going home before I got home from work, and me being (still) kinda tired. Which brings us to now. I'm home from work, and I'm having pizza with Hawaiian Punch for breakfast. Whee!
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This is the edited version of the story I wrote about Illyana's family. There were a fair number of changes, mostly correcting tense-issues and clumsy wording, plus the changes to how I'm doing dialogue. That should be showing up in the gamerun writeups as well. The original can be found at [ http://sorien.livejournal.com/174629.html ]. Let me know what you think- I think I'm improving a lot. :)

Gregori's Last Walk, Edited )
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Okay. Here's the edited version of the story I wrote about my character Illyana. The original can be found here http://sorien.livejournal.com/172679.html and the new version is below- this version does NOT have the changes for in-game purposes that were suggested by the GM- his comments are still to be found in the notes of the original version. I've tried real hard to do dialogue in a more understandable fashion this time around. Let me know if I've succeeded! I'll note that the separations between the lines of dialogue are not what I wanted- in my original edited version those are indented instead of separated- I don't know how to do an indent on LJ yet.

A Woodlands Walking (Take 2) )

7th Sea!

Jun. 9th, 2009 08:54 am
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Okay, I got it done. Just hit 14 pages, which makes it the longest writeup to date. :)

7th Sea 9- Safe & Unsound )


May. 29th, 2009 08:06 am
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Thursday is the usual "Furry Night Dinner" gathering. I was planning on attending, and left [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan an email with a suggestion in the morning, then crashed. I finally woke up around 3 or so (at the time I thought it was significantly later) with a killer headache. I got up, and sent out an email suggesting Big 10 or Smashburger (a new burger place nearby), but warned that I might not be going due to the headache.

In the end it cleared enough that I went, and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain treated me to a belated birthday dinner at Big 10. I need to eat there more often I think. :) Thanks for the meal!

After, we ran over to Best Buy, where I spent the money I'd held onto (birthday cash from the folks) on a pair of CD's- They Might Be Giants- Flood (to replace the one that vanooshed with a bunch of others a few years ago) and The Pogues- Love & Peace.

After that, I went home, and ended up playing City of Heroes (Villainside) til about 20 minutes ago. Wolf John is now level 42. Rrargh. ;)

If I don't have another headache, the mowing will happen tonight. If I do, I'll get it tomorrow, or later tonight after I get it under control.

This weekend is the Sunday Group, and the next installment of the 7th Sea game! All hell's about to break loose with vanishing loot and flying poop- literally!
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Here's the latest- 6 pages of notes to 11 1/3 pages of writeup.

7th Sea 8- Laws and Chaos )
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I've written another short story/vignette, and this time while there IS a connection to the 7th Sea game I'm in, its mostly about characters that are NOT part of the game. I REALLY want people to read this, as I need input as to how I'm doing with characterization and dialog. So PLEASE take a look ant tell me what you think!

As this tale is based in the world of Theah from the 7th Sea role-playing game, I thought it might be a good idea to include a few of the terms that are in the story that might not make sense to those not familiar. To wit:

Theah: The world. Used like we refer to our world as ‘Earth’.

Ussura: The nation of Theah roughly equivalent to Tsarist-period Russia, including Siberia.

Matushka: The ‘goddess’ of the Ussuran people. Basically a nature-divinity, she guards the nation against all threats... Occasionally at the expense of the people dwelling there.

Pyeryem: The magical ability to take the shape of animals, granted to select lines of the nobility of Ussura... And occasionally others, if Matushka decides it’s needful.

Dramatis Personae )

Gregori's Journey )
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Here it is, sans one name I didn't manage to write down during the run. Enjoy!

7th Sea Seven: Formal Nights )

Seven Days

May. 13th, 2009 04:28 pm
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Mostly this is just an update as to whats been up for the last week. Exciting, eh? But here goes. :)

The 7th to Today )
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Well, life is. No real problems, and I did have a real good time at the game on Sunday. I brought pizza and scotch, and we pigged out muchly whilst playing the 7th Sea game. The scotch I got was mid-to-low range, two bottles- One was McCellan's, which was about $20, and the other was Tobermory, which was $27. The Tobermory was... Wow. Smooth as glass with no burn, a nice finish and a gentle floral component. The McCellans was a bit harsher, but I LIKE a little burn. Both have been judged a success by my fellow gamers. [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain? The Tobermory is one you just might like- the alcohol is only barely apparent. :)

The game itself went well, being mostly RP- darnit, I wish I didn't have to leave so early- we were really hitting the stride I think! I missed the tail end cos I had to bail for work. O well. I need to get the notes of what happened after I left, and I'll prolly start writing it up soon thereafter. Oh, and the story I wrote concerning Illyana? That was made canon, with the slight modification requested by the GM.

Next run is on the 17th, and the weekend after that I have a 4 day weekend, as I took the time off for my birthday. Yay!
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And here it is, the latest 7th Seas episode! Enjoy. :)

7th Sea #6: Returns and Remonstrance )
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I was inspired to write this when I was thinking about what to do with my experience points. I knew that for what I wanted to do I needed an explanation, and that I really didn't want to take up everyone's time in-game for me to get a benefit that was, really, just for my character alone. So, while I was at work tonight I started writing... And this is the cleaned-up result! I think its pretty good, but I REALLY want input, especially from the players in the game- Did I get your characters right, and if not, how did I go wrong? From anyone else I'd like input as well- I'm really trying to improve my writing. :)

A Woodland's Walking )


Apr. 27th, 2009 08:48 am
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SO I've come up with another character-driven story, this time its Illyana, my character from the 7th Sea campaign. It'll appear here as soon as I get it typed into the computer; I wrote it at work last night pen-on-paper fashion as I can't have my laptop there. Feh. Its something that MAY have happened between runs- that'll have to be approved by the GM though. However, I think it might just squeak by, given that it doesn't really do anything other than explain how I spent some experience points. :)

Other than that, I'm goddamn tired. I'm prolly gonna crash here shortly, and I'll bang the damn thing in tonight.
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Well, the game went well tonight, and I'll get to writing it up relatively soon. However... I didn't sleep well today, getting about two hours. I knew I was going to be fried at work, so I decided to take along the 'Mana Potion' energy drink that [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn gave me for Xmas. I waited til just before I left the game, and glugged it down.

At first, it was okay, not the worst thing I've ever drank, really. Then, moments later the aftertaste hit. I can only describe it as 'fresh vomit flavor'. NOT happy. Even worse, the taste INTENSIFIED for the next 20 seconds or so! Eurgh. Also unfortunately, it didn't help me feel more awake.

And just to make it weirder, Scotty is now intrigued and wants to try it himself! So I get to pick up a few lil bottles of the Blue Death for the Sunday Group. Oboy.

Oh- Khir? Despite the negative review of the taste it WAS a neat gift. :) Besides, I'll get my revenge when Scott has it.

In two weeks we return to the Traveller campaign for 5 runs, then it'll be onto 7th Sea!
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I've finished the writeup of the fifth run! Yay! This one finally hit the more-usual pagecount of around 10 pages, so we're in the swing of it now. Read on!

7th Sea- Over And Under )
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I'm pretty much recovered I think. Still the residual cruds from the cold to hack out, but I've finished the meds and I feel pretty much okay, if a bit wiped out. I did have one side effect of powerful antibiotics show up Sunday evening... Which I won't go further into... But I think I'm lucky it didn't hit til after the last pill was taken.

Currently I'm at work, day two of my workweek. Not a lot is happening, other than the usual stuff. Parking is even worse than usual, as now I can't park on the meters around the damn building because they've bagged the damn meters- they're working on the building facade. Fooey. I hope this crap is done before first snow, or this is gonna really suck.

In City of Heroes, I've set myself a goal of getting my recent Villain on Pinnacle, Endure (Claws/Willpower Stalker) to level 50 so I can play with the VEATs (Villain Elite ArcheTypes) finally. At the moment she's halfway to level 46, so if things go right (and I play WAAAY too much this week) I could possibly do it by Friday. :)

In terms of my actual 'to do' list, I still need to finish the damn garage doors and clean/vacuum the back room and my bedroom, and get the last 7th Sea for the set written up. Next Sunday we start back into the Buffy Horror campaign, with all the requisite anticipation and dread that entails. ;)

On Saturday we continue the Vanguard Campaign's wind-down to the end, though thats a few runs to come I suspect. I REALLY want a denouement on the campaign when we get that far! Goblin is a character that I'd like to revisit at some point- not as a character, but as the character in this game.

And that's pretty much what's going on right now. Right on the edge, I am.


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