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I got home from Midwest Furfest yesterday around 4 PM or so in generally good order. No item that I'm aware of has gone missing, and I had a pretty good time. We had the Pizza Shootout on Saturday around 12:30 PM, but we're waiting on one person's vote to determine who won. As we'll have one person abstaining, and it's currently tied with two people's remaining votes (including theirs) I think it should be considered a tie!

I only got two pieces of art this year- one from DarkNatasha (a badge) and one from Cara Mitten (of my character Arath in our Pathfinder game, which resumes a week from Saturday). As predicted, I spent more than I wanted to and most of that on food.

I met up with varied people, some who I knew and many I didn't, and I was able to sleep EVERY NIGHT OF THE CON. Woot! I slept well last night as well, and now I have to change back to my usual vampire pattern. I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Definitely next year I request a NON-TOWER room; bloody things are teeny.
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A good question. I'm sleeping again, though still a bit less than I'd like. I've gotten the (long overdue) last Horror writeup done, as well as the latest Desert World writeup. I've also gotten the lion's share of the art and photography uploaded to FurAffinity ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sorien/ ), though I still have two posts here on LJ to fix the links on and about 20 or so photos left to upload. But I'm close!

What comes next writing wise is the next of the three short stories for the preliminaries for my novel-attempt. I'll admit I'm kinda hitting the wall, but once I get moving on things I think it'll be easier. Other than that I really ought to clean the house, of which one duty will be tearing down the Goddamned Desk(tm) in the front room and dragging its carcass out back for the trash to take. I never should have gotten it- its too damn big and just kinda sits there, eating the front room.

Beyond that, There is a plan afoot to go to the Carpenter Nature Center on October 9. It'll be from 10 to 5, and I've put in for some time off so I don't have to worry about sleep and such. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures. After that is the Halloween Party on the 31st, then Midwest Furfest. Woo!
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Okay, I've finally got my FA account going, and I've got some of my character art (by Other People_ up, and eight stories that I actually wrote. Woo! This is because of PhotoBucket being asshats and not properly enforcing their TOS like they should, and vanishing a pic (as they can); If they'd actually apply the damn TOS overall rather than being relliant on complaints I'd be less annoyed. But I'm done with them. ALL the images and photos I had there, or at least most, will soon be on FA.



Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:16 pm
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The con officially started, and once again me and [livejournal.com profile] bluedeer had breakfast at the Rise and Dine, this time accompanied by Nina from Altered Realities. Definitely a great place for breakfast. ;)

Mostly what I did was hang out and wander, though I got a sketchbook pic and badge from DarkNatasha, and not coincidentally gave her and 'DarkMummy' cookies. I also picked up a convention t-shirt.

Other than that things were kinda uneventful, and I ended up passing out at about 8:30 PM. I dunno why I get so frazzed at cons.

At least it means I missed the fire alarm evac that some idiot triggered by smoking (either in his room or the stairwell- unclear which). I hope he gets expelled, cos that's just stupid.
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I'm about to drive [livejournal.com profile] ataramos to the airport, and things are kinda quiet. So, I decided to upload a few (four) pics to my Photobucket account. They're below. All of 'em are photographs, even the obvious art-piece.

This first pic is, I think, the best shot I've ever taken. It was from the roof of my house at sunset, and its now my backdrop image on the laptop. :)


The next is an earlier pic, of the front of the house and pumpkins at Halloween.


Merry Xmas! Obviously, this is my Xmas tree for 2006. :)


And lastly... Crystal Marvig did this painting for me, long ago. I've several pieces from here, both original commissions, originals and prints. She passed away in the 1990's in a car accident when driving home to Hawley, MN from Minicon. She's missed by a lot of us. This isn't a scan- I had to use the camera. The image is too large for my scanner, and is matted.

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Yesterday I did the bills and started the Xhanuqwannsramamas season. I got the tree upstairs to assemble, and started the shopping- I've gotten about as much of a start as I figured, getting some of the harder to shop for people out of the way right off- this is REAL unusual for me.

This year, My budget is a little tighter, and I can't use the credit cards at all. So, I'm spacing the shopping out over the weeks before the holiday- I should have enough to do bills and the holiday shopping without being squeezed too hard. I'll try to get the tree up and the lights on today at least.

Also yesterday, I made another shot at the halfass stirfry- I think it needed more flavor, and I put the bean sprouts in too soon, and cooked the peppers too long. But, it was okay. And FLinthoof on FM did a pic for me! Is rare for me to get free art, so its real nice when it happens. The pic is here: http://tinyurl.com/yhdwaf

Thanks, Flinters, and I love TinyURL. :)
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And the tradition of early-awakenings continues, this time the instigator being a full bladder. :P Steve was already up and showering, as he is driving to Minnesota today to pick up the last of his stuff- he moved to the east coast from there a few months back, and couldn't drag everything. So as I type he's en route to Minneapolis, and will be back here this evening. He'll be giving me a lift to the airport tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about cabfare for once. Yay!

So... Saturday. Good day it was, I think. I ate breakfast alone in the hotel resturant (buffet is good, the waffle wasn't, tho edible), then ran into [livejournal.com profile] foeclan and talked a while. The day thereafter was mostly spent wandering about the con. I picked up the convention T-shirt, a stuffed puffin-thingie, and two sketches- one in the 'Sorien' book by the artist-team known as 'Blotch' and one in the 'whatever' book by Gideon. THe first pic was of Sori's biped form, and the Gideon piece was of my old donkey-girl Wild Cards concept.

Just after noon I went out to lunch to the Weber Grill with Steve, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan; It was (for me) expensive, but VERY worth it. The steaks were perfectly done (I had a medium-well 16-ounce New York Strip) and I managed to continue my 'new beer each con' tradition with a 22 ounce bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale. VERY good. :)

We got back to the con just before the Charity Auction- I had enough time to see if DarkNatasha had a slot left for a sketchbook (she didn't, but I'll check today) and to run upstairs for bribe-cookies for Kage. ;)

As I mentioned in my previous post, the auction went well. My two submissions brought $90 to the charity, and I honestly think that the Canadian pop that was added as a 'package deal' to the cookies really didn't affect the sale all that much. Maybe by $5 to $10.

The evening thereafter was spent watching college football in the room for the most part, because I had a low-grade but unpleasant headache. I finally crashed just after 9:30, and here we are today.

Tonight, there WILL be a minor Tea Party, as I still have a fair amount of cookies to 'dispose' of. I'll need to get more styro cups, but thats not a big deal. I'm sposed to be going to breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, but I may have to beg off- I have to get into the Dealer's Room right at opening if I'm to get a chance at the DarkNatasha pic.

Just so people know- I'm NOT being nuts sketchwise this year; It'll be a total of THREE with the Natasha pic, TWO if I don't manage to get it.


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