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In an attempt to address every possible reason why I might not be sleeping well, I remade my bed with clean sheets, coverlet and quilts, and put clean, doubled and de-linted cases on the pillows. Hopefully it'll help, but it leaves me with a stack of laundry that I have to go to a laundromat with. Bleah.

I have three presents to get left- one is the re-do of the card and gift-card that got lost inside another gift, and two I simply have no idea what to get. I'll try to get ideas from both people tonight, as I REALLY wanna be done with the shopping before the end of the 10th. All the stuff that's here at this point is wrapped and under the tree, and as soon as the rest arrives it'll be done too. Woot.

So later today and probably tomorrow morning early will be laundry and general cleaning about the house. The quilts and such are the morning job. Once that's done, who knows- I might even work on getting my room excavated! It really needs it.

Also on the agenda for tonight is working some on the novel. I need to determine just what area the Great Desert covers- I'm thinking it actually covers all of Israel, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and merges with the other deserts of the area. I also think that the seas are still there, WAY down under the sands and locked away from mankind. I think an inkling of a future story could be there. :)

Oh, and lastly, the menu for the party- Several party subs from cousins- Italian, Turkey, Beef and one other will be the main course, with some kind of chicken soup from [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and maybe my chili as sides. Of course the usual munchies will be there as well, and if people wanna volunteer to bring stuff like the pop, chips, cheeses and such that would be VERY cool, And [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn is bringing cookies. There may be other cookies as well! Once again, the date is Friday, January 7, 2011 for the party. Until then, Happy Holidays!
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FOUR left. Two I know what to get, two I don't. Aagh. I'll pick the two I can get tomorrow after work, and cogitate on the possibilities for the other two. And consider a baseball bat or crowbar to pry loose some suggestions!

I woke after two hours again today, but I'm not real sure why. I might be just restless. Or all this shopping has my head spinning. ;)

I've decided something about the editing- I'm keeping a copy of the first draft untouched; that way, if I totally eff it up, I have something to fall back to and restart. I've this terror that I'll over-write it... Not in the write-over-the-file-and-lose-it sense, but in the overdo it sense. Bleh. But I do have to learn how to do this.

And seeing as the gifts are starting to pile up, I think I'll start wrapping tomorrow. In the evening, or during the day if I wake up early again. It'll be nice to get stuff under the tree. Even if the tree looks kinda evil.

Maybe I should kinda plan the tree for next year early- get the lights right after Xmas when they're cheap, and the new decorations I want too. I've got a lot, but some of the ornaments I have are starting to look kinda scrungy. And GOD I want a tree-star that lights, that DOESN'T look like cheesy crap. :P
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So. Got my brother's gift and my nieces dealt with now. Just three or four left, and I'll get those in the next few days. Woot!

The editing continues apace, but I kinda hope the people reading the first draft gimme comments!

I got my first seaonal gift, a card from one of the people I give keys to in the morning. :)

And that's it for now.
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Bleah. I got about 2 hours and woke up. Oh well. In any case, all my orders have started showing up, and I kinda feel sorry for the mailman, who is gonna have a TON of books to get to me this coming week. My brother FINALLY got me a thin-and-pathetic list, but it'll help me with him and Sam- she wants a tea strainer for loose tea, so I'm gonna get her that, and a teapot, and a selection of loose teas. Hah! For Maggie I'll get the one thing he listed for her, and bug the hell out of him til he gives me more so I can keep the gifts even- they're sisters after all.

With those three dealt with, I have four left. One is a stop tomorrow and quick, and the other three... Yeesh. I've no idea really. I'll figure it out though. I hope.

As I think I mentioned before, the Xmas party is going to be on the 7th of January. I'm currently thinking some sub sandwiches from Cousins as the food- prolly a beef, italian combo and turkey for the selection. I may bother someone to bring soup, and I may also make chili to round things out. Of course the usual snackage will be available, and [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn has offered cookies. Who am I to refuse? ;)

In other matters, I've seriously started on the editing process of the novel. Simply put, this is gonna be a pain, and I'm going to have to do some pride-swallowing (like sword-swallowing, but it hurts more), to get things right. I have a final target of 100,000 words or more, and I'm currently at 67,400. A ways to go, I know. Especially since there's one entire chapter that has to be rewritten.

I've already got about 3 or 4 new paragraphs for the first chapter, so woot there. Later today I have gaming, and as far as I know its the Desert World AD&D game- Of course, given that what I got done for the writeups was for the Western game, and even THAT isn't done. It'll be a fun night either way.
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I crashed last night around 3, and woke up at about 6:30. There's a fair bit of snow out there, and in a few hours (when people here are awake) I'll go out and use the blower to clear the back. After that, I'll either shovel out the front or see if I can't recruit someone to do it for me. In the meantime, I've started on the first editing pass of the novel; mostly I'm making some notes on the printout and thinking about how to expand things. There are a LOT of little bugs and odd bits that fail to precisely fit, so this is going to take a while.

Also... I think that my cough might not be my asthma. It was STARTED by the cold and the asthma, but I think I've got a touch of acid reflux. I have a slight burning sensation at the top of my stomach, and the coughing happens even if my breathing is utterly clear. So I may go to the doctor about it, after maybe trying the over-the-counter version of prevacid. I'm not throwing up in my sleep or anything, so it might be just some damage from all the coughing... Which causes more coughing. Biology sucks, sometimes.

Other than digging out and editing and such, I may do a little housecleaning as well. Plus I really need to get some actual sleep- I do work tonight after all.
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I've got the lights, polished off two more gifts and now I have the stuff for wrapping the gifts. I think I've figgered out something for the second gift for my dad, too- he and my mom have birthdays that bracket Xmas. That leaves my brother, my two nieces and eight friends left. Woo! Its really going quick this year! And now, Food. :)

I may get the tree up today as well; I got a spray that may dissuade Spaz, but we'll see. So one way or another that damned old desk is gonna go away tonight!

Edit- I forgot! I got the novel printed out to start the editing process. It looks so PUNY like this. O.o
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IT'S EFFING DONE WOOHOOOOO!!!! Final official wordcount: 67,258!!

Bear False Witness Chapter 27 )

Bear False Witness Chapter 28 )

Bear False Witness Chapter 29 )

Bear False Witness Chapter 30- Epilogue )
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Ever been in a situation where you're walking somewhere and you keep going and going and the end of the trip seems to get further away the farther you go? That's kinda where I am right now with the story. I write and write, and it never seems to get to where I wanna be! Oh well, that's not disasterous really. I've now crossed 60,000 words, and it still looks like three or four chapters to finish. Three of those will be the actual story, and one will be the epilogue. Anyway, here's chapter 26. Current official wordcount is 61,006.

Bear False Witness Chapter 26 )
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And another chapter done! This is a shorter one, just under 2000 words, but it moves things forward. I may have to completely redo it... I'm not sure I like how things get revealed. More than likely I'll be changing a lot in this one, and making better connections earlier in the story. But hey, its the first draft. :) Official wordcount is now 58,621!

Bear False Witness Chapter 25 )
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I think I'm down to four chapters- this one, the search, the climactic fight and the epilogue. The official wordcount is now 56,692!

Bear False Witness Chapter 24 )
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I got more than two chapters done last night, and I'm likely to get a similar amount done tonight- I'm fairly sure what I'm going to do, and the last piece of the puzzle, which was vaguely foreshadowed early on, will be revealed in Chapter 24, which is about half done. Here are Chapters 22 and 23, and the wordcount is now at 55,598, and I've WON NaNoWriMo officially! I can keep updating my total until 11:59:59 on the 30th, but I think I'll be done before then. Woot!

Bear False Witness Chapter 22 )

Bear False Witness Chapter 23 )
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Woot! I've broken 50,000 words! The count is officially 50,015!

Bear False Witness Chapter 21 )
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Okay. I got Chapter 20 done, and I'm starting chapter 21. I'm aiming at 50,000 words as my stopping point for tonight, and I think I've figured out enough to actually get there, too! I'll go further if I can. Current wordcount is 47,377!!

Bear False Witness Chapter 20 )
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Okay, I DID get some writing done. I'm still massively behind, and its not coming easy. I don't want to toss in another action sequence quite this soon though- Too much too soon. I'm going to deal with Limbo and its former residents next I think, but I need to think a bit more on it. I'm still not precisely sure what to do there, or for that matter what was there that Piper wanted! This is another short chapter, about 1600 words... Which I'm sure will expand when I get to the editing phase. Current word count is now 44,266.

Bear False Witness Chapter 19 )
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Woot. I got more than I thought I would at work, especially since I got maybe 300 words done at home. I just felt lousy and laid down til work or a bit before. Here's chapter 18, and counting the part of chapter 19 I've gotten done the wordcount is now 42,928!

Bear False Witness Chapter 18 )
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Hah! I passed 40,000 words and got two chapters done- 16 and 17. 17 is a bit short, but who cares- Progress! The official wordcount is now 40,089!

Bear False Witness Chapter 16 )

Bear False Witness Chapter 17 )
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Don't think that things will get easier from here on out- its just starting to get nasty! Official wordcount is 36,147.

Bear False Witness Chapter 15 )
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And another done. I'm more than half done with chapter 15 too, so that may appear tonight sometime before I go to work. Wordcount is now 35,541, but that counts the work on Chapter 15.

Bear False Witness Chapter 14 )
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And now Chapter 13 is done. Most of it was actually done last night, but what counts is that it's done. Wordcount is now 31,949.

Bear False Witness Chapter 13 )
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Here's Chapter 11 done. Wordcount (official) is now 27,627. Still WAY behind where I wanna be.

Bear False Witness Chapter 11 )


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