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Back from the vet- Lady has lost weight (I kinda suspected that she had) and she got a blood workup to check her kidney function and such- at 14, she's not a young cat. I'll get the results of that on Monday. She seems healthy though, so I'm not concerned. Like as not she'll be going on a senior diet, which means so will Spaz, as he eats everything.

Speaking of Spaz, he got X-rays and was NOT HAPPY at the Vet. Usually it's lady that's losing it. This time, he was really hissing and fighting. Well, until they dosed him for the X-rays. Then he was (and still is) really mellow. He's in my room, still in the carrier, being zonked. He got some painkillers as well, so he's gonna be relaxing a while.

The total bill was pretty hefty- Over $600. If people want to help, I won't say no to it- my paypal is shaggy (at) visi (dot) com. Don't feel obligated, but any help I'd be grateful for.

Hokay Den!

Apr. 11th, 2011 02:25 pm
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Well, now that the funds fully cleared into my bank account I've made the monster payment to Discover, which was just under a grand. Ouch. Regardless, I needed to do it. I've indulged myself with some books and such as well, and I've got a goodly chunk of cash set aside for my trip to MFF in November- part of that gets here in August I think, with the property tax return. I'm still waiting on whether or not I have the right stop for Amtrak or not- if they don't get back to me tonight I'll send a couple more emails out and recheck the site. I vaguely recall last year they had the info posted.

This Friday is payday, and of course more bills. The mortgage payment goes out then, as well as the electric bill and cable- I'm essentially all caught up. Woot!

Thursday, in other news, I'm doing required training for work- as a security guard I have to get at least 6 hours of training every year (Oh so onerous, I know!) I just wish it wouldn't fark up my schedule. Training is dayside, of course, and they won't let me work the night before anymore- which is stupid, cos I'll be up anyway to try and keep my sleep schedule at least partly straight. I hate stupid people.

Saturday will likely be the last run of the temporary Dresden game. Whether it is or not things are set up that if [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain wants to continue he can, as can any other player that decides to run the city we came up with. I really hope the world continues on either way- its a blast. :)

Today and the next few days I plan to try and get caught up on the damned game writeups. First up will be the two Dresden runs, then the most recent Buffy Horror for the Sunday Group (even though the next run is a month from now- Easter intervenes), and finally the two Western Campaign runs. Somewhere in there I'll also finish the stories I wrote for the Dresden game and also try to work on the other short stories I've started. Agh!

And that's about it, I think. Now all I need is a lottery win!


Apr. 1st, 2011 12:49 pm
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Taxes- Done! I'll be getting about $1500 Federal, $500 State and $500 property tax rebate- that last would have been $1700, but I have renters and the percentage of the house that they use whacks that down- O well, I'd rather be able to pay monthly bills. About a grand will go into the credit card, and the rest is my trip in November to Midwest Furfest. Woot!

Also done, groceries. I was within $4.00 of my guesstimate of the cost, so I'm getting better- unfortunately, no coupons. ANOTHER thing I need to get better on!

What's left is a crapload of cleaning, a bunch of boxes to break down for recycling (and for declutterization purposes), the rest of my laundry and general other stuff. My brother is coming over today and we're gonna see what we need to do to fix the door into the garage- the screws are stripping out. He thinks he has a (scary) permanent solution, but we'll see.

Bills are also due, but that's maybe 10 minutes on the net and phone.
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Not a lot up, I go back to work tonight as my weekend is now almost over. The new laptop is real nice, and I'm using it a lot- pretty much like I did the old one, which is now fully charged once again. I know there's still a problem, but heck, as long as it runs I'm keeping it. :)

On Friday I deposited my Federal return check. $500 goes 'invisible' for emergencies, $1000 is set aside for the trip in November to Midwest Furfest, and the remaining bit goes to pay for the laptop. As of that, all but $200 is paid for, and part of that is the printer. :) $100 of THAT goes when the printer rebate arrives, and the last of it goes when the property tax rebate arrives. Yay!

I'm now watching ebay off and on for a copy of Adobe PS. I've stripped the copy of Photoshop 7 I had on this and the old laptop, as it seems well and truly fried. My pricerange for the new version is about $100 or so- WAY below the new cost, I know, but I've seen PS 2 and 3 in that range before.

Other than that, I paid bills, got groceries and picked up comics on Friday. That's sums up the unendurably exciting life I lead. Oh- Last week I put in for my birthday off as paid vacation- dunno what I'll do, but even just NOT BEING AT WORK will be nice.

Buh. nearly forgot- I picked up the soundtrack to Watchmen and the DVD of Desperaux too.

And THAT'S it. Really.
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... Or the lack thereof.

I've been utterly ambitionless for a while now, mostly since spring weather started... I'm not depressed or feeling bad or anything, I'm just kinda lethargic and unwilling to get going on things I need to do, like bills, taxes, and cleaning. Tonight I finally got going on some things, cleaning mostly, and the bills were done this morning. Tomorrow (or at least by Friday, when I'll be able to afford to pay the preparer) I plan on getting all the tax crap together, and maybe getting to cleaning. I'll start with the front room, which mostly needs clutter-elimination and vacuuming. Cat fuzz, crap tracked in from outside... Bleah.

So, getting moving is happening, but I should have gotten going sooner than this. Hell, I usually would have had my taxes in weeks ago. Part of THAT is because I can't have the laptop at work anymore- if I could, I would have the taxes done, and prolly the two gaming writeups I need to do finished as well.

Other than that, life kinda is. No real problems to mention, nothing exciting going on whatsoever. [livejournal.com profile] ataramos, did the power supply get there? I need to know so I can yell at them if it didn't!
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Today I went out to eat at Keys Cafe with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn. It was a nice meal, and I for once ordered a bit more than I wanted. Oh well. Discussions were had about a movie party, with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain wanting to start immediately, and myself wanting to wait til later so that I could grab a nap and see if [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii, who were asleep, would want to come.

So, Mirr and Khir dropped me off at home, while they and the rest went over to the other house to start. They're watching Hellboy 2 first, which I've seen and own. When I finally get over there they'll be putting in Hancock and any of a number of other choices (Wall-E, the most recent Hulk film, and the most recent Jackie Chan flick that at the moment I can't recall the title of).

Now for the roller coaster bit. As people who've followed my LJ know, I refinanced the house just before Midwest Furfest to consolidate debt and improve my financial situation. Part of this was that they would be paying off my debts. They INSISTED on having control of this. That's fine. For the last week I've been getting calls from Discover, asking for a payment. They've not received a dime yet. I've checked- the right amount went to my checking account (Just over $2400), and all the other credit debts were paid, save for small amounts which I dealt with today.

So where is the payment to Discover? I've no idea. I ended up paying the minimum amount to Discover to shut them the hell up and stop then from calling, and called Countrywide and the title company. They're both out of the office for the holiday.


So I get to raise hell Monday to get this shit resolved. And as a real capper, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW my paycheck was shorted. I fully expect the NEXT to be shorted too. I get to bitch at people about THAT on Monday too.

I want off the fucking ride. I'm getting sick. :P

So much for a nap, too.
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I just got home from work and picking up stuff to make scones. The phone rings, and its the rep from Countrywide! THEY APPROVED THE REFI! And what's more, I won't have to cancel all my credit cards! I'm GOING to tho. All but one. These days you need to have at least one.

Migod, its like I had an anvil taken off my back.

Also. I AM going to Furfest! Things will be a little tight and weird, but I think I can make it now!

I need to arrange getting there still... Oy. And Register for the con itself. But I'm going. :)

Unless something else happens. But I'm not going to sweat that now. This is too good right now.
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Apparently he got caught at a closing. So, 9:30 tomorrow we try again. If he's not there or he's significantly late, I'm calling Countrywide's home offices and raising some SERIOUS hell.
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First, I've figured out how much money I'll be taking out- it'll be $12,000. That'll cover all the credit-debt and give me a bit to work with to catch up on regular bills. One month's payment is added as well to the mortgage, giving me a 'free' month where I won't have to make a mortgage payment, plus the associated fees. They're waiving the value-assessment of the house due to my 'account-in-good-standing' and kickass credit rating (despite the troubles I was never a month late on ANYTHING so I never got nailed in the credit reports), and in a last bit of news the rates apparently dropped so I'll be getting a lower interest rate. Yay!

So it goes down today at 9:30 AM. I should get the cash within two weeks, although there IS a chance I could get it today. I doubt that, however.

God, this is gonna take some stress away...
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Well, I got all the calls done but for talking to dad (he wasn't home) and the roomie-stuff. The bank reversed $70 of the NSF charges (YAY!), the 24 hours of pay has been given to me and the check will mail tomorrow, and after talking to the mortgage company I'm a LOT more interested in the refinance option- I'll be getting about $12000 out to cover the credit debts and such, but the numbers that I got are as follows: My interest rate would go the 5.875 instead of 5.5, which means I could pay a few points to keep that the same, and it I went to a loan of $125,000 (taking about $20,000 out, which I'm not going to), my total payment would increase by about $100... As opposed to the roughly $400 I have to pay the creditors. Gee. Hard choice!

So I'll talk to the roomies tonight sometime, and Dad as well. I think I can stabilize this.
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I may have found where things went wrong. There's a $6.00 payment that I apparently didn't write down. In combination with me mistaking another amount, this MIGHT have been the trigger for the NSF's. I'll talk to the bank later when I get home.

I'll also talk with the boss at Baker and Payroll to sort out the missing 24 hours of pay as well- hopefully I'll get that back before the end of the week. I'll ask Dad to pay half of the car insurance to get that dealt with, and pay him back later this week after I've settled as much of this as I can.

I get to talk to:

The bank (to clear some of the NSF charges and find out what that $6.00 was for, and confirm what another of the NSF-affected charges was)

Work (Payroll and my boss at Baker for the 24 hours of missing pay)

Discover Card (To tell them that there will be a delay in my paying them

Dad (for the insurance payment)

Countrywide Mortgage (To get some numbers on a Refi)

Roomies (several things)

No I'm NOT selling the house. Not yet at least. I figure that I'll have it at least another 18 months. I think it'll be at least that long before the housing market is truly stable... But I think I can get some of this resolved asap. At least I hope so.


Jul. 7th, 2008 09:32 pm
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... Has a nasty little policy when they disconnect services for nonpayment. They don't notify you, and they throw the switch AFTER their contact-hours are over. How do I know this? I had an overdue bill, and tonight they cut my DSL. I'm online via an additional $9.95 paid to the Minneapolis WiFi network for 24 hours of service, which I paid so that I could pay the damn bill- Their billing offices are closed too! Even fucking Comcast can take payments after-hours and has 24/7 tech support!

It was my fault to have not made the payment. But their policy here is fucked.

They got an earful on their help-chat (which couldn't help me), on their contact-line (who couldn't see the illogic of connecting me to a CLOSED office), and tomorrow morning when I get home I'm gonna light a fucking fire- I better have my goddamned DSL back near-instantly.

To the roommates- Sorry for the trouble. I had no idea that this would happen, and had been aiming to make a payment in the morning anyway. :P

edit: They cut the DSL at 7:30, I was on the phone with Visi til 8:30, and THEY couldn't find the issue so I called QWest, who finally (with an operator who only barely spoke english- not necessarily foreign, just unintelligible) told me I needed to make a payment (Which I'd done) and kept trying to connect me with offices that were closed (THEY told me they were closed, and STILL tried to insist on connecting me)! Gods. THEN I went to the online help-chat, which told me exactly ZERO. Bleh.
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And I go on-line to pay the mortgage, only to find it's gone UP BY $100+! What the hell... I called, and its an 'Escrow Shortage'. Uh huh. PLUS 16.6% apparently, according to them.

I feel sick. If this happens again, I'm likely gonna have to give up the house. I'm barely making the bills now.

This is what i get for trying to straighten out my finances.
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Good- Caught up on bills and made strawberry shakes for me, [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii.

Bad- The central AC unit is low on freon so I have to shut it off periodically so that the coils don't get damaged by the ice forming on them... Beats me why it don't form when the freon is properly topped off. Bleah.

Neutral- But Reliant Energy will be out to recharge it Monday, and will check the furnace out too.

Weird- The ice cream in the freezer, unlike everything ELSE in the freezer, wasn't all that frozen... while the strawberries in the fridge WERE frozen. O.o
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I've a few minutes before I go out the door for an errand, so here's a little update. I'm all set with AC prep now but for the packing- the money is set aside and I know who is in the room now- Me, [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekhan. I might have room for one on the floor, but talk to me closer to the date. Steve, the fella who usually takes the other bed isn't going this year, due to finances, inability to get the time off and the fact that later this year he's moving to New Hampshire (!!)...

I'm also mostly set for Midwest Furfest. Yay!

On other things- I'm getting over the cold, tho I'm still coughing, its nowhere near as bad as it was earlier. I'm finally cought up on bills (I think), and if I feel up to it I might start dealing with the forest that was once a lawn on Sunday, and maybe de-weed the garden.

Mr. Lillehaug is okay, tho he had to pop back down to the Mayo yesterday- he was getting drainage from the sutures, which isn't supposed to happen. They fixed him back up, and the doctor said, 'If this is the worst thing that happens during your recovery, it'll be smooth sailing'. I think that's the accurate quote. :)

That's it for now. :)


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