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Okay. I'm up. Today I head out with friends on the drive to Chicagoland and Midwest Furfest! I've got all my crap packed, and aside from a few dishes in the sink I'm essentially ready to go. I'm looking forward to this- I definitely need a vacation.

In the previous three weeks ending last Thursday, I want through one of the longer bouts of insomnia I've had. I think it was longer than usual because there were multiple things contributing to it- stress (of course), a need for a change, bedding overdue for a change, allergies and I really need a new mattress.

Other than that, things have been mostly quiet... Mostly. Two weeks ago while coming home from work I had the tie rods on the front right wheel snap whilst on the ramp from 35W Northbound to New Brighton Boulevard. For those that don't know, the tie rods are what hold the wheel in place and allow it to turn. Well, they snapped and that wheel no longer turned!

After a three hour wait and a tow to my folks place, I got home using my mom's car. a few days later it was fixed, and its back running fine.

That pretty much sums up recent events. I'll post again from the con.
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Okay. I'm at work right now and I've mostly finished the work-related duty I was putting all month. I've also gotten a start on the 7th Sea writeup, and I'll definitely have it done by the weekend, likely by Thursday. Projectwise, here's what's left:

Clean, vacuum and organize my bedroom and the back room.

Paint the garage doors.

Prime and paint the windowframes (delayed til I know what the hell we're doing exactly).

Clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floor and organize things a bit better.

Mow the lawn and deal with the yardwaste (cut branches and such that need to be bagged for the city to take 'em).

Anything else that pops up.

Once I get going on them the garage doors will only be a few hours work at most. The windows will be a bit more, but only because we'll have to mask around the areas to be painted. The kitchen will probably be the last thing on the list done, and I will probably do the mowing and yardwork this week sometime, I just don't know when. This could change if the ambition burns out again.

As to the car... It turns out that the back brakes had a problem, and the front tie-rods were shot- the tie rods are fixed, and the brakes may also be done by now. If they are I'll have my car back tomorrow. If not, Wednesday or later in the week.

This evening I'll be making fried chicken thighs and mashed potatoes. [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain? I don't need you to get chicken or buttermilk (I'll be getting those in the morning), but if you could pick up a couple packets of knorr chicken gravy and some french or italian bread that would be cool, if you and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn are planning to be over for the food. I know that [livejournal.com profile] foeclan won't be there, and [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae will also be absent for his martial arts class. Maybe see you then!


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