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Back from the vet- Lady has lost weight (I kinda suspected that she had) and she got a blood workup to check her kidney function and such- at 14, she's not a young cat. I'll get the results of that on Monday. She seems healthy though, so I'm not concerned. Like as not she'll be going on a senior diet, which means so will Spaz, as he eats everything.

Speaking of Spaz, he got X-rays and was NOT HAPPY at the Vet. Usually it's lady that's losing it. This time, he was really hissing and fighting. Well, until they dosed him for the X-rays. Then he was (and still is) really mellow. He's in my room, still in the carrier, being zonked. He got some painkillers as well, so he's gonna be relaxing a while.

The total bill was pretty hefty- Over $600. If people want to help, I won't say no to it- my paypal is shaggy (at) visi (dot) com. Don't feel obligated, but any help I'd be grateful for.
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I'm taking Spaz and Lady to the vet today. I noticed that this morning Spaz was limping. He wasn't last night, so I don't know what the heck happened. I was able to get them both in at 2 PM today- they both need their shots anyway, so.

I suspect he hurt himself flinging himself about like a maniac as he is wont to do. Hopefully they'll say 'oh, he pulled a muscle' or similar, rather than telling me something like 'he has hip dysplasia'.

I'm not sure what I'd do there. I'm not really worried- it's not a fatal condition, it just means I have to be more careful with him and monitor his behavior more closely. One thing that kinda convinces me that he's not that bad off is that he's still playing and still eating like a starving wolf... And in similar quantities. :P
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And another post- less than a month between! I've been peeking in here more frequently, and I'll try to do so even more often. Nothing bad has happened in the interim, though going to MFF is still vaguely iffy. I have most the money needed, but I need to get registered and get the train tickets still... And another person in the room! I can do this. I had one person ask about it, but that was like... Pre-April, and I've not heard a word since.

Worst case I get floor-flop space, which would certainly be a cheaper option! Either way I plan to be there if it is at all possible.

Things proceed apace with Chris' attempts to get support benefits from the State and Feds, and I really can't judge the progress at this point- He did get the modern equivalent of food stamps, but I dunno how long that program lasts.

Other than that, the cats are fine. Well, other than Spaz being brain-damaged. So that's it for now!
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Another year, the fourth since she passed. I was... Okay, yesterday. I didn't think about it at all. I did today though, and still am.

I'll never forget you, Luna.

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Okay, so my weekend actually is Friday and Saturday nights, but still. On Thursday I had a CEU class for work instead of my normal shift, so I was up all day at that instead of asleep. I crashed when I got home, getting up about four hours later. I ended up crashing early again that night (for me), around 4 AM or so. Friday was quiet, til the evening when I, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn all did a little shopping run to two of the Half Price Books stores, Best Buy and a little used DVD place. I struck out on what I was after (the True Blood first two seasons sets), but I did get 'Cronkite Remembers', which is a autobiographical series by Unka Walt himself. It was ten bucks, so hey. I already have my folks wanting to borrow it! Oh- I DID find what I wanted online after, for the price I was limiting myself to- woot.

Also that night we ate at a little hole in the wall called 'Jimbos'. Its an ancient little dive restaurant off highway 10 in Blaine, that I always saw while I grew up. Never ate there before now, but I liked it- good, if not five-star food. The marinera was too sweet for me, but it was cheap and filling.

After all that, groceries were purchased and people headed for home. I once again crashed early, forgetting to make the Swedish meatballs for the game on Saturday. Fortunately, I woke with plenty of time to get 'em done. three pounds of meatballs went over well and were gone save for two!

The game, a Dresden Files short (test?) run, was a blast, It was the last run of the limited run, so the Saturday group is now going back to the Skylands campaign, which I'm not in.

Sunday was for the most part quiet, save that whilst I was holding Spaz, he freaked out for some reason and ripped my face pretty nastily. Its not actually that bad, but it looks like I was in a fight. I think he's gonna go to the vet to see about kitty-Ritalin or something else- he's WAY too strung, all the time, and I'm tired of his chasing Lady.

And now, I'm off to work. Bleah.
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I've got the lights, polished off two more gifts and now I have the stuff for wrapping the gifts. I think I've figgered out something for the second gift for my dad, too- he and my mom have birthdays that bracket Xmas. That leaves my brother, my two nieces and eight friends left. Woo! Its really going quick this year! And now, Food. :)

I may get the tree up today as well; I got a spray that may dissuade Spaz, but we'll see. So one way or another that damned old desk is gonna go away tonight!

Edit- I forgot! I got the novel printed out to start the editing process. It looks so PUNY like this. O.o
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Today was the vet visit for Spaz and Lady. It went mostly okay, other than Lady being VERY upset- she HATES the car and being confined in the box, and expressed her ire by... Shall we call it 'voiding'? In the box. Solid AND liquid. Aside from that, they're healthy and are good for the year on shots. Lady may need a tooth cleaning soonish, so I'll work that out in the near future.

So, they're now home. Spaz is a bit pissed and Lady is being spooky, but that's it.
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Not a lot has been going on since I last posted, really. Life has gone on and things are pretty much as they usually are. I'm still blasting through books, and I'll be getting a few more tomorrow. However, something ELSE happens tomorrow too- the cats go for their yearly vet-visit. Its a bit early, but I've a reason- they've both been sneezing! Spaz more than Lady. Today I got another reason too- Lady pissed on the rug again by the TV stand. I replaced the litter in the box, but It might have some kind of territorial-thing with Spaz going on that's triggering her to to it. Regardless, to the vet they go. This'll prolly nuke the plan to get the Ipod, but I've got the laptop at work again, so its not that big a deal.

Its going to be about $200 between the two of them for the visit. Ouch. So I am DEFINITELY looking into pet insurance for them- that'll make for 'free' annual visits and shots, and the monthly cost will be easier to handle than the $200 once-a-year charge. In addition it'll help with emergency stuff, may I never need to use that!

In other things, I took a couple of days off as sanity-days this weekend. Four days away from work, woot! I plan to do very little, though it has been insinuated that we're gaming on Sunday, playing in a 'Dungeon Hack' in AD&D 2nd Edition. Yes, I said SECOND. The GM doesn't like 3rd or 3.5 for whatever reason.

Oh! Right, I nearly forgot. The (hideous, pain-in-the-ass) bifold door that leads into the basement broke this week. So I went out with [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae to Home Depot and got a new one. It needs to be finished, and I got a can of 'one step' varnish and stain to get that accomplished. I'll either do it myself or pay my brother $20 to do it- I HATE working with stain. I'm just bad at it, regardless how simple it actually is. This one lacks the dust-and-grease-collecting louvers that the old one had, and generally just looks better. I may get a second one to replace the door to the stairwell pantry too, and it'd look better and the hinges on the current door there are flat-out shot. Rather, the screws are pulled loose and hard to repair, and the bifold would be a MUCH easier solution than screwing around with the old door.

Lastly, the chance that we'll be getting new carpet seems stronger- the folks want to 'talk' about it, which is code for 'we need to figure out cost and color'. Woot! I think I'll repaint the front room before it goes in though- it needs it. Besides, with [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn having moved the WII downstairs the room badly needs to be rearranged. All in all it ought to look pretty nice when its done.

Currently I'm thinking a nice light green or something for my room and the family room, and a 'neutral' tan or light blue or such for the front and hall- something that ISN'T the hideous off-orangish-brown that I currently have. As to the paint color up front, I've no idea. I'll talk to the folks (and friends) for ideas- If you have suggestions, keep it simple- I don't want real dark colors or fancy textural work. :)
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This ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4495388/ ) is proof that The Feline Overlords CAN share space without fighting. Sometimes. :)
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I haven't really posted about Spaz and Lady of late, so I thought I'd put up a quick update as to how they're doing. Spaz is still Spaz, causing trouble, eating like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust and being generally underfoot, but he's going after lady less and tolerating her presence far more- They both sleep on my bed now without Spaz driving Lady off, for example, and I found them both under the little antique chair by my bedroom door (in the family room) sleeping the other night. Spaz has once again lost his two new rattle-mice, but still has the disgusting, horribly-chewed pink one that he carries around.

Lady has gotten friendlier, as evidenced by her jumping into my lap and demanding bellyrubs for half an hour or more at a time, and as mentioned above she's been sleeping on my bed. A bad habit she's developing is that she wants to sit on the cable modem cos it's warm... I prevent this, and sometimes the simple act of putting something on it that blocks her but doesn't cover it's vents works- however, she does shove such things off, as they're necessarily not that big.

As to Luna... I'm getting better. Now thinking about her doesn't mess with me so much, and its only a little melancholy that I feel. Its been more than two years now- I don't think I'll ever be 'over it' per se, but I can live with it now.

And that's the update.
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In other news, I finally got rid of Mozilla as my mail program, and switched to Thunderbird. In the past I've tried to switch twice, but for some reason I couldn't get the download to work. This time it went fine, which is a real good thing seeing as Mozilla was refusing to start anymore. So, everything is transferred, Mozilla is gone and TBird is in. Whee!

Right now I'm just being lazy in the back room, listening to a cat yowling outside and driving Spaz and Lady a little crazy. ;)
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I still miss her.
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It's snowing again, and it looks like we've gotten at least another 2 inches or so. No idea when it'll stop, but I'll dig out this afternoon regardless. In a related bit, I found out our near neighbors in 710 36 1/2 Ave. NE apparently are gone, having done the 'bail in the dark' trick. No big deal you say? Well... They were the owners of a little black cat that we've seen in the neighborhood for some time- It looks like Luna did, but jet black. Anyway, they apparently found it too hard to take care of, and left it behind.

Outside. With no food. Declawed.

There is a shelter on the case, and as they know it hides out in their garage they'll be trying to live-trap the poor thing and get it out of the weather, and to a new home. However, the people who now own the house (a bank I think) have changed the locks and don't seem real helpful. So I'm keeping an eye out and have let the currently present roomies know the situation.

Hopefully it'll be caught and helped.

I really, really hate people like this.

If they don't catch it, I'll start putting food out for it. I know it frequents the yard. I'd put food out for it NOW, but as they're baiting the trap with food in the garage to get it used to eating in it, they asked me not to til they know they'll have no more luck.
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I have TWO gifts left to buy, both of which I'm stumped for. THREE are en route via mail, and will be wrapped pretty much the moment they get here. All the rest are wrapped and under the tree. Yay! I'll get more pics of the tree when everything is under it, and maybe arrange for Spaz and/or Lady to be in the shot. :)
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Spaz is once again living up to his name. Not only has he now developed the... LOVELY habit of nightly digging through the trash in my bedroom wastebasket and spreading it around, he has now fucked up my Christmas tree, flattening three of the lowest branches to the floor so he can sleep there. I have to figure out a way to straighten the branches and reinforce them so the little moron can't do it anymore. Right now, he's spending quality time in his carrier so I don't murder him.

This on top of jumping on Lady at every chance.

I really do love him, but geez, he sometimes makes it hard.
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Last bit of news- at some point I'm going to have to take Lady to a specialist. She's apparently got a heart problem referred to as a 'galloping rhythm', which means two of her heart chambers aren't pumping quite right, resulting in a 'sloshing' effect in the chambers. She's in no immediate danger, and likely won't be for years, if ever. But it IS something that needs to be looked into. BUT. Right now, I can't. Its $600 or more to have the tests done. I'll be keeping an eye on her though, and I'll be getting the recommended 'fountain' style waterbowls for both of my fuzzballs, to hopefully deal with the dehydration they found in Lady. Thanks for the recommendation, Karen. :)
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And Lady's back from the vet, and is just fine. I, however, feel dizzy and blah. Yay allergies and lack of sleep! :P


Jul. 2nd, 2009 10:16 am
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Just got a call from the vet- Lady's bloodwork was fine, but she's a touch dehydrated. So, they're giving her some intravenous fluid to fix that, and they're still waiting for the urine sample. The doctor thinks she's fine, just 'being a cat' in his words. I'll start putting out more water for them both, and for now I get to wait til they call to go pick her up. Which will be hours. (Sigh) God, I'm tired right now... :P
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Well, at least Lady does right now. I had to take her back in to the vet today, for a urine sample. So what does she do? She gives one. In the carrier, on the blanket. Before we get there. So, she's stuck there til they get a sample, and I get to wait here at home til they call.

If she'd just waited, she'd be home too and this'd be done for the year. :P
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Just a pair of pics of Lady and Spaz, seeing as I think the last pics were when I got them last year.

Lady: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4494749

And Spaz: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4494727


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