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I'm about to head to bed. It's almost 4, and what's going to be pre-moved into the garage is moved. I don't think the move is going to be too bad, but I won't know 'til we get going. The plan is that my folks will get here around 9 or 9:30. We'll head to the apartment and pay the first months rent (half a month) and the second month, and get the keys. Then we'll come back and start moving stuff, starting with the furniture. I think that after that's all moved, I may just do the rest with the car, but I don't know. I think we'll get the furniture (beds and dressers at least) set up, then bring the cats over when they have places to hide.

After that, it'll be everything else. I'm betting with the van-and-trailer, it'll be 2 trips and some stuff in my car.

After we're done, I'll be steam-cleaning the rug downstairs and doing any remaining cleaning that's left, plus doing a walk through to find anything I might have forgotten. With luck we'll be all done with the phone/cable/internet online by 4 PM- I have to take the old set-top box back in, and get the new box from the cable store; Hennepin and Ramsey counties are using different gear, despite it being the same company. Silly, but what can you do. Wish us luck! I'll get the new phone number and stuff to people ASAP.
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WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! It's at Hillside East Apartments, off of Old Highway 8 about 3/4 mile north of County Road D / 37th Avenue. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, second floor with 900 square feet and a small balcony. Its a REAL nice area, and we (Me and Chris) move in on July 18. Woohoo!

This is the layout: http://tinyurl.com/6o8kx9j

The work on the house approaches the finish line- the carpet will go in next week, probably Wednesday, and mostly what's left is little fiddly things. We'll be on the market the first week of June, I think.

I can't wait til all this is DONE.
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I can't recall if I posted this at all here before, so I'll say it again just in case- Plague House is going to be sold, and I and all the people currently here will be moving on. There is a lot going on right now, some of which I'm not at liberty to discuss. But, of the stuff I CAN talk about, there is the progress on fixing the place up for sale.

Tomorrow, the bathroom will be done other than fiddly bits (cleaning, maybe new towel racks and such), as will the front room. We're just gonna remove the carpet there and clean the floor, as the wood is in good shape. The kitchen ceiling has been mudded, and will be sanded and likely primed tomorrow. So, there's a lot of progress!

Also, we talked to a realtor from ReMax yesterday. Looks like I should be able to get a decent price for the place, but unless I get the midrange to high amounts she provided as estimates I'll either have to short dad and my brother a bit on payback, or not pay off the whole credit card. However, no matter what things will be better than they are now.

The fix-up stuff that remains includes the new carpet in the back room and my bedroom, carpet in [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae's room, and removing the carpet from [livejournal.com profile] ataramos's room- that won't happen til people have moved out. Obviously, there'll still be a lot of cleaning to do, as well as disposing of all the crap I'm not taking with me. Oh- As suggested by the realtor, we're likely going to have to replace the furnace and central air- like as not it won't pass the city inspection, and replacing them will provide a better selling price. We'll be fixing the parking pad in back as well, but that's not nearly as much of an issue as the furnace and such.

Part of me is looking forward to all this being done, another part is terrified- this is a MAJOR change, and part of the price is effectively losing contact with several people I consider friends. Its also a terrible disruption to their lives as well, and I'm not happy about that, either- but it's really not much of a choice for me anymore.

In the end, I'll have the memories of the place, and a new home to call my own. here's hoping for relatively smooth sailing in the getting there.
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Okay, tonight is going to be character setup for at least some of the characters in my coming Pathfinder campaign. I've done a little bit of cleaning, and I'll be making chicken-spaghetti for the meal, with good crusty bread. Woo!

In other news, I've gotten all my windows covered over with cardboard, so my room is now DARK. I'm hoping that this, plus the cleaning of the bedding and a few other things will finally get my sleeping back on schedule. The only bit I can't control is allergies- that seems to be the bugaboo that caused all the problems, and its something from outside. So, that bit I have to live with.

Other than that, my check will come today with some overtime on it, and my NEXT check will have more overtime and holiday pay to boot- this ought to finish any and all catchup that I need to do. Yay!


Apr. 1st, 2011 12:49 pm
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Taxes- Done! I'll be getting about $1500 Federal, $500 State and $500 property tax rebate- that last would have been $1700, but I have renters and the percentage of the house that they use whacks that down- O well, I'd rather be able to pay monthly bills. About a grand will go into the credit card, and the rest is my trip in November to Midwest Furfest. Woot!

Also done, groceries. I was within $4.00 of my guesstimate of the cost, so I'm getting better- unfortunately, no coupons. ANOTHER thing I need to get better on!

What's left is a crapload of cleaning, a bunch of boxes to break down for recycling (and for declutterization purposes), the rest of my laundry and general other stuff. My brother is coming over today and we're gonna see what we need to do to fix the door into the garage- the screws are stripping out. He thinks he has a (scary) permanent solution, but we'll see.

Bills are also due, but that's maybe 10 minutes on the net and phone.


Dec. 17th, 2010 05:08 pm
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The 1/2 gift got here, so that one is wrapped and under the tree. One left! Also, today I finally slept well- all it took was staying up all night watching the entire Lord of the Rings Extended edition.

The meatballs came out real good- 2# of hamburger and the other ingredients yielded 36 meatballs. I've gone through about half of 'em so far, but I'm almost out of mashed potatoes to go with them- I'm out of egg noodles too. I'll get to the store either late tonight or tomorrow for a few sundries, so that'll be dealt with.

Other than that, I'm still being lazy today. I did get the paperbacks boxed up, but I still need to sort them all. Notably, I'm not all that driven to get going on that- I've a LOT of books.

The plan for next week is as follows- Sunday Midnight I'm back at work. Sunday evening I'm gaming, Monday-Thursday is just work, Friday evening (Christmas Eve) is the get-together at my parent's place, and Saturday I've nothing planned. The last gift should arrive and be wrapped easily before Friday, not that it matters- it won't be opened til the Xmas party.

I should probably do general pickup around the house, vacuum and other little stuff like that tonight too. That's it!

Da Daily!

Dec. 16th, 2010 05:59 pm
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I got one of the remaining gifts in the mail today, and it's wrapped and under the tree. 1 1/2 to go, and I'm done. I also started picking stuff up in my room a little, and I may start organizing the books soonish. Also, I think I'm gonna find a La-Z-Boy dealership and get that damned chair fixed finally- I've found that I can sleep in the chair in the living room if its not too light... Which when I usually sleep, it is. In my room though it's generally plenty dark, so if the chair was fixed that'd be an option.

Tonight I've decided to make meatballs for dinner. Prolly with mushroom-soup gravy and mashed potatoes. Why? I dunno. Just decided to. I've not made 'em for a while, so I figured it was time. Besides, when cooking for myself they'll provide meals for days!

On Sunday we game once again, and I'm really looking forward- I'll be happy just being able to game, but I'm REALLY in the mood for the Western game!
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My brother dropped off the snow blower tonight- he and dad rebuilt the carbuerator and cleaned everything out, so it should run fine now. He blew out the bit of the back that wasn't done and it didn't choke or stall once, so I have hopes! I also found out the gearing DOES work, so it'll be easier to get it around front if I need to.

In other news, I have tonight off! Woot! For my evening, I shall sit around and do very little, though I'll get the kitchen cleaned up some and maybe start packing up the paperbacks that currently form strange pillars and mounds in my room. ;)

As to the Xmas stuff, 2 1/2 still en route in the mail. At least none of them need to be here by the 24th! One or two should get here tomorrow at least.
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In an attempt to address every possible reason why I might not be sleeping well, I remade my bed with clean sheets, coverlet and quilts, and put clean, doubled and de-linted cases on the pillows. Hopefully it'll help, but it leaves me with a stack of laundry that I have to go to a laundromat with. Bleah.

I have three presents to get left- one is the re-do of the card and gift-card that got lost inside another gift, and two I simply have no idea what to get. I'll try to get ideas from both people tonight, as I REALLY wanna be done with the shopping before the end of the 10th. All the stuff that's here at this point is wrapped and under the tree, and as soon as the rest arrives it'll be done too. Woot.

So later today and probably tomorrow morning early will be laundry and general cleaning about the house. The quilts and such are the morning job. Once that's done, who knows- I might even work on getting my room excavated! It really needs it.

Also on the agenda for tonight is working some on the novel. I need to determine just what area the Great Desert covers- I'm thinking it actually covers all of Israel, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and merges with the other deserts of the area. I also think that the seas are still there, WAY down under the sands and locked away from mankind. I think an inkling of a future story could be there. :)

Oh, and lastly, the menu for the party- Several party subs from cousins- Italian, Turkey, Beef and one other will be the main course, with some kind of chicken soup from [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and maybe my chili as sides. Of course the usual munchies will be there as well, and if people wanna volunteer to bring stuff like the pop, chips, cheeses and such that would be VERY cool, And [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn is bringing cookies. There may be other cookies as well! Once again, the date is Friday, January 7, 2011 for the party. Until then, Happy Holidays!
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I crashed last night around 3, and woke up at about 6:30. There's a fair bit of snow out there, and in a few hours (when people here are awake) I'll go out and use the blower to clear the back. After that, I'll either shovel out the front or see if I can't recruit someone to do it for me. In the meantime, I've started on the first editing pass of the novel; mostly I'm making some notes on the printout and thinking about how to expand things. There are a LOT of little bugs and odd bits that fail to precisely fit, so this is going to take a while.

Also... I think that my cough might not be my asthma. It was STARTED by the cold and the asthma, but I think I've got a touch of acid reflux. I have a slight burning sensation at the top of my stomach, and the coughing happens even if my breathing is utterly clear. So I may go to the doctor about it, after maybe trying the over-the-counter version of prevacid. I'm not throwing up in my sleep or anything, so it might be just some damage from all the coughing... Which causes more coughing. Biology sucks, sometimes.

Other than digging out and editing and such, I may do a little housecleaning as well. Plus I really need to get some actual sleep- I do work tonight after all.


Dec. 4th, 2010 01:31 am
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The tree is up, and I've two photos of it on my FA site- http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sorien/ . I rearranged the Xmas storage so stuff fits better too. 7 gifts left, then its over but for the wrapping. And the party, which is scheduled for the 7th of January. :)
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Okay. Another chapter done, this one a little shorter than the others. I'm partly through chapter 10, but I'll put thatup when it IS done. Other than that, Midwest FurFest is next week. Woot! I'll be heading out on Thursday morning with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn, and we'll be there through Monday- However, [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn is bailing on Sunday and getting a ride home with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan as I understand it. I'm only making a small batch of cookies this year- Peanut Butter and Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip, mostly just for the purpose of donating them to the charity auction.

Other than that, I got my flu shot today and ran the car through the wash. I'll do more housecleaning before we head out as well, and I'm still waiting on further roof-fixing news. More on that when I know more.

Anyway, here's the latest chapter. Current word count including the partial chapter 10 is 24,194.

Bear False Witness Chapter 9 )
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Went very well. A goodly number of people attended, and an insanely vast amount of food, both supplied my me and brought by others was available and consumed. The turkey was likely the best bird I've ever done- meltingly-tender meat for the win! There are leftovers of course, and most of the cleanup is done- I really like disposable tablecloths! I am now relaxing afterward, 5 of the six carved pumpkins still lit out front. I'll put up pics on my FA site shortly.

Once I'm clear-headed I'll start my NaNoWriMo story... But I dunno if it'll be before I sleep. I WILL do 3000 words today!
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It cutting up the veggies and the cheeses. Everything else I needed to do is DONE. Woo!


... Ow. I hurt. :P

Three Pumpkins are carved, four are left for whomever wants to take a shot at it. I found a new technique- I make templates of the shapes I want to work with, cut them out and hold them in place, making little cuts to mark where I have to work on the pumpkin. Works pretty good!
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Cleaning the microwave. DONE!

Cleaning the back room, vacuuming it and steam-cleaning the traffic areas. DONE

Get candles for the pumpkins and maybe some cheap paper tablecloths. DONE

Making the brine for the turkey. DONE

Pick up the pumpkins, Ham and Cheeses from [livejournal.com profile] foeclan DONE

Clearing cobwebs and dusthangers from the stucco'd ceiling areas. DONE, kinda

Reassembling the front room. DONE

Cleaning the bathroom. DONE

Cleaning my room (When I get to it...)

Setting up the long table and dining room tables for the food and snack areas. DONE

Prepping snackfoods (cheeses and veggies) and carving some of the pumpkins. (This evening)

Brining the bird. (Soon!)

Carving a few pumpkins (Also soon!)
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Cleaning the microwave. (This morning)

Cleaning the back room, vacuuming it and steam-cleaning the traffic areas. (This morning)

Get candles for the pumpkins and maybe some cheap paper tablecloths. (When I get up)

Making the brine for the turkey. (When I get up today)

Pick up the pumpkins, Ham and Cheeses from [livejournal.com profile] foeclan (Around 4:30 or so)

Clearing cobwebs and dusthangers from the stucco'd ceiling areas. (This evening, likely)

Reassembling the front room. (This evening, after moving stuff around to make sure the carpet dries)

Cleaning the bathroom. (This evening)

Cleaning my room (When I get to it, maybe starting tonight- the delay comes from the need for a TOTAL reorganization starting with the closet)

Setting up the long table and dining room tables for the food and snack areas (This evening and Sunday before the party)

Prepping snackfoods (cheeses and veggies) and carving some of the pumpkins. (This evening)

Everything else is Sunday. Ugh.

This looks like a lot... But honestly the worst of it I already have done.
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The front room is now cleaned. I just have to wait til the carpet dries to reassemble. Tonight I'll mop the kitchen floor and clean the cabinet tops, and prep the back room for vacuuming and steam-cleaning. The steam cleaning will happen tomorrow morning just before I go to bed. I don't think I'll get my room done, but I'll at least get it picked up and vacuumed.

God I hate cleaning.

Tomorrow's agenda is getting the brine assembled for the turkey (which will go in late Saturday night), and any other food prep (like cutting the cheeses into cubes or slices, cleaning and cutting the celery and similar. Also tomorrow is the bathroom, which shouldn't take more than an hour at the worst- its mostly just normal cleanup there.

Sunday is the party, woot. And after the party I start writing for NaNoWriMo. Eek.


Oct. 27th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Just about time for work, and I feel pretty blah. Its the dregs of the stupid cold, I know, but its getting annoying. I haven't heard from the insurance guy yet about the lost shingles, but I expect that in the next few days- there were a LOT of claims from the wind, I expect.

In other things I got the front room mostly cleaned out, and what's left is vacuuming, steam cleaning (Friday for that) and rearranging the furniture. With the TV gone from there I needs to be sorted into more of a sitting room configuration.

I've also gotten a line on a much smaller desk for up there, but I'll not know if Its mine til next week. I really need new furniture. :P

Tomorrow I'll get the front room vacuumed and rearranged, and get going on the kitchen and back rooms. The bathroom actually will be one of the quicker jobs this time- mostly just the tiolet and the countertop.

Thursday night I'll probably go see 'How to Train Your Dragon' over at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan's place in the evening.

That's it for now. Time to get ready for the nightly grind.
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Well, I got home from work and discovered that all that lovely wind managed to remove a mess of shingles from the west side of the roof. Sigh. Well, I'll call dad and the insurance guy in a bit, and see what I can get in motion. I sure as hell am NOT going up there to fix it- I don't know what I'm doing, and its a patch job which makes it harder.

I dunno why they decided to come loose now though- we've had wind like this in the past with no problems. :P

Other than that, the Halloween party and Turkey Feed is Sunday. I pick up the bird on Friday, plunk it into the brine on Saturday, and sometime between now and Sunday I get to clean the house. Whoopie. ;)


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