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I got home from Midwest Furfest yesterday around 4 PM or so in generally good order. No item that I'm aware of has gone missing, and I had a pretty good time. We had the Pizza Shootout on Saturday around 12:30 PM, but we're waiting on one person's vote to determine who won. As we'll have one person abstaining, and it's currently tied with two people's remaining votes (including theirs) I think it should be considered a tie!

I only got two pieces of art this year- one from DarkNatasha (a badge) and one from Cara Mitten (of my character Arath in our Pathfinder game, which resumes a week from Saturday). As predicted, I spent more than I wanted to and most of that on food.

I met up with varied people, some who I knew and many I didn't, and I was able to sleep EVERY NIGHT OF THE CON. Woot! I slept well last night as well, and now I have to change back to my usual vampire pattern. I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Definitely next year I request a NON-TOWER room; bloody things are teeny.
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Okay. I'm up. Today I head out with friends on the drive to Chicagoland and Midwest Furfest! I've got all my crap packed, and aside from a few dishes in the sink I'm essentially ready to go. I'm looking forward to this- I definitely need a vacation.

In the previous three weeks ending last Thursday, I want through one of the longer bouts of insomnia I've had. I think it was longer than usual because there were multiple things contributing to it- stress (of course), a need for a change, bedding overdue for a change, allergies and I really need a new mattress.

Other than that, things have been mostly quiet... Mostly. Two weeks ago while coming home from work I had the tie rods on the front right wheel snap whilst on the ramp from 35W Northbound to New Brighton Boulevard. For those that don't know, the tie rods are what hold the wheel in place and allow it to turn. Well, they snapped and that wheel no longer turned!

After a three hour wait and a tow to my folks place, I got home using my mom's car. a few days later it was fixed, and its back running fine.

That pretty much sums up recent events. I'll post again from the con.
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I arrived via Greyhound at the Cumberland Avenue station at 3 PM yesterday, and was picked up by Sparhawk, a friend from Flexible Survival MUD. We had a touch of trouble finding the hotel from the station (it was hiding from us, I swear!), but we eventually found it and I got checked in. I ditched my stuff in the room, then we had dinner at Sally's, a pizza place with EXCELLENT deep-dish pizza. I would definitely eat there again, and might before the end of the con.

I lazed about after Spar left, just hanging out in my room for the most part. I slept 9 hours, only waking when Housekeeping knocked- I'd forgot to put the more politely worded 'stay the fuck OUT' sign on the door. I got up and had breakfast, then just bummed about until [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn arrived at about 2 PM.

I had dinner in the lobby restaurant (knicknamed '10-Forward' for the goofy curvy-padded decorative wall-things), having the pot-roast sandwich- pricy but VERY good.

And now I'm in my room. Woo!


Apr. 7th, 2011 02:59 pm
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Okay- I got the hotel room locked down for MFF for Wednesday to Monday. I have 2 beds arranged, so woot. Now to confirm person #2, and to determine if anyone else will be in there with me beyond that. In other news, I got my state tax return on Tuesday, which is the fastest I've ever gotten it- I only filed on the 1st! Now I just have to figger out how I'll be getting there. I've heard that if I do the overnight run on Megabus its both low-ridership and cheap as dirt, so I'll be looking at that as well as the train, and maybe going by car as the last option.

This should be a good con- I'll have a bit more money than last year, especially if I try to sock a bit away in addition to the funds I'll have from the tax return. Woot!

Oh, and as a totally unrelated note to the roommates- I may have a bunch of 60 watt bulbs shortly, via the folks membership with on of the big warehouse stores- I can't recall if its Sams or the other one. I'll also have the long florescent bulbs. Not sure when, but likely before midweek next week.
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(Sigh) No writing today, mostly due to prep for the con. We leave for Midwest Furfest around 6 AM this morning, and I should probably get some sleep. The cookies are done and packed up, my stuff likewise other than toiletries and closing up the suitcase. I'll post as usual from the con- Its a weird year- There'll be more than one person still at home this year! I guess that's good and bad.

I guess that's it.
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Got back from the con last night at about 11 PM. The trip was uneventful, aside from the idiot taxi driver dropping me at the wrong station (the Amtrak/Metra station is in Glenview, and the station he dropped me at, just a Metra station, was down the track in the VILLAGE of Glenview). Fortunately, it was right on the line and taking a single stop trip on the Metra fixed things. It was STILL stupid. For future reference: Get the cab number, the driver's name, and note pickup/dropoff times so that they can track the mistake and not do it again!

Anyway, I got home. Cleaned up the mess of dishes in the kitchen, refilled the dry food bowls and water for the cats, and relaxed. Whuf. The con was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be home.

Which brings us to today.

The house is now using Comcast for phone, internet and cable! Qworst has been told to fuck off with details why, and all that's left is sending the modem back and switching my Visi account (my former provider) to a basic dialup account to maintain my email and (horribly out of date) website.


Other than that, I have a headache. I'll live, and things seem generally good. I go back to work tonight, whoopie, but I only work two nights this week.
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But it'll be back in 2010! It'll be at the Hyatt O'Hare, which is fucking HUGE. There is no need for an overflow hotel its so huge! Woot! Bad side is that it doesn't have a lot of real close food. But the massive convenience otherwise is gonna be great.

I had a good time, and the charity brought in over $12,000 after the con-donation. Nice!

I'll be in my room tonight, and at 8 PM or a bit after I'll have the new Star Trek movie in. If you're at the con and reading this, we can watch movies and eat pizza. :) Room 1027!

Oh- I head home tomorrow. I need to be at the Glenview station, and I wanna get there by 1:30. The train will pick me up at 2:39, and I should be back in the cities by 10:30. The ride home from there is arranged.
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The cookies, 24 chocolate chip and 24 peanut butter, were sold in the charity auction for $60. I did good. :)
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Okay, here's the sort-of lowdown.

I arrived on Wednesday, having had a nice quiet trip on the train. The only part of the trip that was bad was that my left knee started hurting for no apparent reason- o well. The transfer from the Empire Builder to the Metra was pretty smooth, and I got the hotel shuttle with no problems. Of course, it isn't a vacation without some form of snafu.

In this case, they tried to give me a single-bed rather than two beds. I got ahold of [livejournal.com profile] takaza, and with his help and my original confirmation email it got straightened out. I spent some time wandering around, helped bag the registration packages, had dinner at RAM and collapsed somewhere around 11 PM. Not exactly in that order, but whatever.

Thursday was when the Ravening Horde started to arrive, and I spent time chatting with people and generally just being here. Thursday never has much going on, but I did get my registration. I had breakfast at the hotel ($11 buffet! Woot!) and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain at RAM. We got comp'd an appetizer plate by the manager- woot again! Free food for the win!

Nina from Altered Realities arrived while we were out eating, and the prearranged pickup for his room key was no problem. I got ahold of [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and arranged to get the donation cookies from him on Friday morning, and once again crashed around 11 or so.

Friday was the actual start of the con, and things were good. Breakfast buffet again, and some chatting and waiting til things opened up. I have a pic being done by Jen "Spunky" Seng of Hybrid, a possible supers concept, and Shauntae Howard is doing a pic of Deyn from the Traveller campaign. I'll be getting a pic of the snakewoman character I've got from DarkNatasha this morning; she's fiddling with the facial structure to get it to work too.

Last night I got together with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain again, ending up with him in a room with varied friends- some I knew, some I didn't. But I had a few bheers and a slug of something vile- 'Southern Sweet Tea' or some such. All I know was this shit tasted like Vicks Formula 44. O.o In any case, I had a touch too much, and the pair of us left the gathering. WHile I sobered up we sought a restaurant for dinner- Buca De Beppo was the result, and the spaghetti and meatballs was excellent.

I spent some time talking with [livejournal.com profile] itico, and eventually got to bed somewhere around midnight.

And that brings us to today. I'll report on that later. ;)
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Because He created Morning. :P

I hate morning. Bleah.

But, my slow-ass waking process aside, I DID actually manage to sleep past 5 AM! For me at-con, this is a GOOD thing. Now if I can keep that up for the rest of the vacation...

One nice thing- the con-rate for the breakfast buffet is already in effect. :)
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Okay, I'm here! Had a bit of trouble with the room, but with the aid of [livejournal.com profile] takaza and the fortuitous paranoid saving of reservation confirmation emails by myself, it got sorted out. :)

I'm in room 1027, see whomever is coming soon!

Only real bad thing: My left knee is killing me, and I'm not sure why. :P
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Okay, changed the travel plans to the convention for next week. Instead of going to Milwaukee and riding with [livejournal.com profile] bluedeer to the hotel, I'm coming into Glenview, IL. Its about 20 miles from the hotel, so no matter which way I take to the hotel from there, it'll be affordable. The difference in ticket price? Nine bucks. :)

So I've posted to the [livejournal.com profile] midwestfurfest LJ for a ride to the hotel from the station. In any event, I don't have to stress at all now.

MFF Stuff.

Oct. 14th, 2009 09:33 am
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The train tickets are set up, the room was reserved LONG ago, my time off is approved and rides to and from the train station(s) are (for the most part) arranged. Woot!

I'm in the main hotel, with three others at this time. See you all there!
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This is the first in about four posts I'm putting up this morning, three of which are about writing. This first one however, is a bit of an announcement. Many of you who know me on FurryMUCK or Altered Realities may have heard this already. This year at Midwest Furfest I will NOT be holding a Tea Party. The reason is simple: I had two years of single-digit attendance, and with numbers that low I can't afford to drop $50-odd dollars and 30+ hours to set it up. And those costs are just considering the cookies!

I'll still have tea and cookies, just not as many, and no formal party. I'll be at the hotel as of the Wednesday before the con, so I'll see people there! I just put in my time off request, and as soon as I'm done futzing with LiveJournal, I'll be getting my train tickets.

In other news, the Halloween party that I throw every is once again on for the 31st of October, aka Halloween night. Turkey and much food will be had as usual, and if you were here last year you're prolly welcome this year. I'll get emails out to people soonish. :)
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And at the crack of the last minute I manage to get the damned thing done. I'd initially planned on writing it on the way out to MFF on the train, but I just couldn't get the mood up. I then thought I'd do it on the way home, but the unintentional audience of the person sitting next to me, combined with the fact that I scored that rare seat on the train with an outlet had me watching movies (Hellboy 2 and Wall-E (again!)) and listening to music the whole way back.

I had planned to get it done on Wednesday or Thursday night, but thatfell through when I found out I didn't have to work! So, here it is at last.

Buffy Horror 21: Music, Blood & Dust )
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So after a short nap I cleaned up and headed in, only to find out that the two extra days of vacation I'd requested when I learned I still had days I needed to burn, that had been turned down, had apparently been approved! Thus, I am now at home instead of work, and I'm just heartbroken. ;)

Anyway, other than that, here's the Monday convention report. Mostly it was me saying goodbye to a few people, taking a $70 (OUCH)taxi ride to Union Station, a relaxing trainride back and [livejournal.com profile] ataramos picking me up at the depot. All told it was a good con, and I'm preregistered for next year. I'd have my reservation in with the hotel already, but the MFF folks want people to hold off as there are still details being worked out on the room block being allocated. I'm betting they're increasing the sise of the block, and working on things like discounts on the internet and such.

On that, here's hoping.

Fortunately, there are better plans in store for next year's trip. The plan as it stands is that I'll take the train to Milwaukee where [livejournal.com profile] bluedeer will pick me up. From there we'll drive to the hotel, which is about an hour. We'll split the room cost, and I'll kick som gas money to him. MUCH cheaper than this year.

Like as not I'll not be doing anything for Thanksgiving. The folks don't have anything planned (other than going to the neighbors for a Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner), so I may beg off running out there. I'm going to start figuring out what I'm getting people for Xmas, and what I'd like to get as well.

Heh. Its kinda nice- I REALLY didn't wanna work tonight.


Nov. 24th, 2008 06:12 am
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The last day of the con. I had breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and 2 in the hotel resturant, and it was as usual very good. I still wish they had traditional hash browns, as the potato dish they serve instead would be MUCH better with steak or other meat dishes. O well. ;)

I helped [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain load his stuff (and the tea party stuff sans coffee pot) into his car, then wandered the con for a while. I arranged the last of the sketches I wanted to get, and picked up the pic that Flinters was doing for me. After all that, I went back up to the room to watch football as I traditionally do on Sunday-At-Con. I'd have been down in the bar for it, but the Westin's bar is decidedly NOT a sports bar.

Everything wound down, and Nina from Altered Realities MUCK flopped in the room for Sunday night. We watched Wall-E (again, but I love it), and I putzed around on the net until I crashed.

As I type this, its Monday morning, and I've most of my crap packed or pre-packed. [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae is going to take the coffeepot home for me, so I'll have a far less obnoxious amount of crap to get home on the train. Yay! And thanks. ;)

With luck I can score a ride to Union Station with someone. If not, I have enough cash for it, no problem.

Only bad things during the con: It looks like someone swiped my Sorien door hanger which [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn drew for me, and I had connection troubles Sunday night. Oh, and getting kinda ill (upset stomach and related) on Saturday. It was a lot of fun otherwise.

However, I AM looking forward to getting home. [livejournal.com profile] ataramos, I'll call from Union Station when I get there- that should be around 2:15 PM. I should pull into the St. Paul depot around 10:31, but I'll call around 8 or so to confirm that. See you then!


Nov. 23rd, 2008 12:01 pm
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Mostly was spent wandering about and just being at the con. [livejournal.com profile] bluedeer left just before noon, as he had to work that night. As planned, I had some cookies in the charity auction, and as is usual when they're short on time and long on donations, said cookies were combined with a pie donated by someone else... I can't recall who, but Bushycat seems to come to mind.

The combination went for... $40 I think. The auction was hilarious, and things were getting a touch out of hand and it was REALLY not quite PG-13.

With a person bidding $1000 for the privilege, Kage was to do a Story Hour with 2 at 10 PM. I'd planned to attend, but I got sick as a dog and ended up just crashing early.

I did make a $20 donation as I'd said I would to attend... That happened today (Sunday).


Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:16 pm
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The con officially started, and once again me and [livejournal.com profile] bluedeer had breakfast at the Rise and Dine, this time accompanied by Nina from Altered Realities. Definitely a great place for breakfast. ;)

Mostly what I did was hang out and wander, though I got a sketchbook pic and badge from DarkNatasha, and not coincidentally gave her and 'DarkMummy' cookies. I also picked up a convention t-shirt.

Other than that things were kinda uneventful, and I ended up passing out at about 8:30 PM. I dunno why I get so frazzed at cons.

At least it means I missed the fire alarm evac that some idiot triggered by smoking (either in his room or the stairwell- unclear which). I hope he gets expelled, cos that's just stupid.


Nov. 21st, 2008 10:34 am
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Once again I crashed a bit early, right about midnight. The tea party was a bust- nobody showed. I'll try to do another on Sunday, maybe. O well, I need better advertising! ;)

We ate again at the Rise & Dine, which is a great place with big portions- for those in Minnesota its a LOT like Keys Cafe. More food good. :)

Right now I'm just in the room watching 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet' with Skye. :)


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