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I've started my research on getting short stories published. I've discovered a few things that are important, and which will be disheartening to some of my friends who also write, the most important of which is that putting a manuscript of any kind on the web in a public format constitutes publication in the eyes of most publishers.

What this means is that in general if a story has appeared on a personal website or on a publicly accessible website, that story HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. Most will not take such a manuscript for publication.

There ARE still options to get the tale into print. Self-publication is one avenue, and publishers MAY still consider your work even if previously published online. But it becomes an uphill battle. I've about 20 or so short stories that are now essentially invalid for publication, which is annoying but hardly the end of the world.

I suspect that if a work is sufficiently changed from a previously-published version on the web, that it MIGHT be applicable for consideration; if your manuscript is not in final form, you may still have a shot.

I have three stories I'm considering for publication. One of them, titled 'Monsters' is in the 'really, really iffy' category. I CAN submit it for publication in a different format, so I can still offer it to a podcast (audio format) or a visual format such as an illustrated comic. I'm going to have to look into things more- there may be publishers who WILL take such 'published' works regardless, considering the limited audience the tales have so far reached.

To my writer friends- this is NOT the end of the world. Your works are still able to be gotten into dead-tree format. You just have altered avenues, and will have to do your research.

For my part, any fiction I plan to publish will no longer appear on FurAffinity, DeviantArt or any of the other 'public' venues that I've put things up on in the past. I seriously do wish to be a writer, so I have to keep these considerations in mind.

Oh, last thing. I'd hoped to offer a story I'm currently working on, 'The Old House', to Reader's Digest. Weirdly enough, they really don't solicit for or accept original fiction! O well. There are lots of places who do. :)
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Okay, I started it. The working title is 'Bear False Witness', and I've written 3244 words so far. Not bad, especially since I exceeded my planned goal of 3000! Anyway, what I think is the entire first chapter lies behind the cut. :)

Bear False Witness Chapter 1 )
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I might have a story idea. Might. Just laying out what I was thinking about ran three pages, but the real trick is writing the story to go with the background I've laid. I've three main characters, and what I think is a workable world-structure. I'm gonna think about it and likely do some debugging so that its more internally consistent, but we'll see what comes of it. If nothing, O well. At the moment, its titled 'Found In Paradise' and is (I think) A variant on the dystopian future idea. I definitely think its not the kind of story people would expect from me. I'll post more here if it goes anywhere. Worst case, its an excuse to work on my dialog-writing skills. ;)

Oh- and I should have the Traveller writeup done tonight at work.


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