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Okay, here it is: the latest episode of the Traveller Campaign! The next run is the 7th Sea campaign. Oh Mr. GM Guy? I can't recall what Grandfather Droyne told us to tell his grandson when we were about to kill 'em- lemme know please and I'll add it in. Deyn has it recorded even if my notes and brain don't. :)

Traveller 21: Grandfather Clause )
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I got the latest two writeups finished last night at work, and here they are. #19 is 'Going Away' and #20 is 'Into Shadow'. Enjoy!

Traveller #19: Going Away )

Traveller 20: Into Shadow )


Nov. 28th, 2009 03:51 pm
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Okay, I just haven't been in the mood at all to get this silly thing written up. Hopefully I'll get it done tonight, but in case I don't here are my raw notes. For varied reasons last run was a lil short, but I'm sure that'll be made up for tomorrow! If I get the writeup done I'll post it in the morning.

Traveller #19 notes )
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Fairly fast turnaround on this one. :)

Traveller 18: Homecoming )
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Well, we've returned to the Traveller campaign at long last. This coming Sunday is the next episode, and here is the writeup of the last run.

Traveller 17: Knowledge And Loss )
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Even vaguely earlier than usual too! Behold, the latest Traveller writeup!

Traveller 15- Recollections Connected )
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Here's a short story concerning what happened AFTER the last Traveller run, specifically to my character Deyn. Its not incredibly long, and its basically a 'what happened next'. I doubt its all that exciting, but it replaces the original events I described for the origin of his cybernetic eye and arm. So enjoy, and let me know what you all think. Oh- the writeup of the run itself will be done shortly- this kinda wanted to be written first. :)

Aftermath Reconciled )
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And the laptop is effectively dead. The power supply isn't charging, and its likely a connection inside the laptop casing itself that's the problem. Which means it IS repairable... IF I'm willing to dump another $300 into it. And I'm not. I'm going to try to get it repaired anyway, via friends, but this pretty much means I'm getting a new laptop.

Honestly... I don't want to. I LIKE the one i have, despite its problems. At 5 years old, it did everything I wanted it to do other than gaming... And I really didn't need to have it for games. But, 5 years plus is OLD for a laptop.

So I'm in the market, and I think I may be getting it before the weekend. (sigh) I know I was considering it before, but its necessary now. I do ALL my writing and such on the laptop. Everything. So I kinda need it. I'm hoping [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain's machine can charge my battery so I can at least strip the beast.

With luck, the folks might kick in some, but I can't hope for that- they got hit hard by the financial disasters.

What sucks more is that I just started writing a short story with my Traveller character Deyn, and was 9 pages in. :P
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Okay, here's the latest!

Traveller 15- Imperial Remains )
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And here we go again, the latest episode in the Traveller Campaign!

T14- Legacies Found )
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Okay, here it is, once again finished the day before the next run. As things stand, this is likely going to be the pattern for some time... At least til I can use the computer at work again. Anyways, enjoy. :)

T13- Upon Shattered Shards )
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And here it is, the 12th Traveller writeup. Enjoy!

T12- Acts of War )
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Okay, I made a few minor changes to the last writeup, and I'm going to try to get the latest one done today- The previous one is at http://sorien.livejournal.com/166922.html so take a look if you want. The next one will be the twelfth Traveller writeup, and I've not got a title yet. Click on one of the search tags to find all the writeups- RPG, Gaming, Writing and Tabletop are prolly the best to use, though if you're just looking for the Traveller writeups, using D20, D20 System or Traveller would be best.
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Wow. I got it done! I know this isn't my best work, but my notes were scantier in places than usual. I also know that some of the players got shorted on quotes and actions, and I do apologize for that- I'll add stuff if you all let me know what I missed! Anyway, here it is. :)

Traveller 11: In Plain Sight )


Jan. 25th, 2009 01:41 am
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Not a lot went on, though I got Shadowmatch (Dark/Dark Scrapper) to level 48 (She started at L42) between Friday evening and the play today, and also got Coalesced (Archery/Psychic Blaster) up a level as well. I also did a bit more work in the base. Yeah, lots of City of Heroes on double-exp. weekend. ;)

Other than that, I've started the process of upgrading and fixing the Ibook up to make it last as long as I can. I've now got it running Mac OX X 10.5.4, which works nice, and allows me to once again install .dmg files, which the older version couldn't read due to a more recent format-change. Bad thing, I may have to replace or at least reload my copy of Photoshop. Oh well, its old anyway and I can find a copy of CS on ebay for a tolerable price.

Next up will be upping the memory stick from 512 mb to a gig- that'll be about $20 to $40. After that its a new hard drive, which is probably the most expensive given I may have it installed at the Apple store. After that its a new keyboard and fixing the damaged USB port and power cord connection port- both have finicky connection issues. Lastly, A new battery and maybe a new power supply, but those can wait.

Also today I picked up the WALL-E soundtrack, and a replacement copy of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits- my old copy had a bad gouge across a few tracks from being carried in a cheap CD player. :P

Other than a nap before work, that was the day. I'm now at work, and looking forward to the Traveller campaign tonight!
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Well, the game went well tonight, and I'll get to writing it up relatively soon. However... I didn't sleep well today, getting about two hours. I knew I was going to be fried at work, so I decided to take along the 'Mana Potion' energy drink that [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn gave me for Xmas. I waited til just before I left the game, and glugged it down.

At first, it was okay, not the worst thing I've ever drank, really. Then, moments later the aftertaste hit. I can only describe it as 'fresh vomit flavor'. NOT happy. Even worse, the taste INTENSIFIED for the next 20 seconds or so! Eurgh. Also unfortunately, it didn't help me feel more awake.

And just to make it weirder, Scotty is now intrigued and wants to try it himself! So I get to pick up a few lil bottles of the Blue Death for the Sunday Group. Oboy.

Oh- Khir? Despite the negative review of the taste it WAS a neat gift. :) Besides, I'll get my revenge when Scott has it.

In two weeks we return to the Traveller campaign for 5 runs, then it'll be onto 7th Sea!
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Got it done last night. Here it is!

Traveller 10: A Military Bent )
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I might have a story idea. Might. Just laying out what I was thinking about ran three pages, but the real trick is writing the story to go with the background I've laid. I've three main characters, and what I think is a workable world-structure. I'm gonna think about it and likely do some debugging so that its more internally consistent, but we'll see what comes of it. If nothing, O well. At the moment, its titled 'Found In Paradise' and is (I think) A variant on the dystopian future idea. I definitely think its not the kind of story people would expect from me. I'll post more here if it goes anywhere. Worst case, its an excuse to work on my dialog-writing skills. ;)

Oh- and I should have the Traveller writeup done tonight at work.
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I didn't actually expect to get it done tonight! Especially not this soon! Yay! Anyway, here it is, the latest episode of the Traveller Campaign!

Traveller 9: Cosmetic Effects )
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Wow. A relatively fast turnaround on the writeup this time- It helped a LOT that my co-worker gets to plop his ass elsewhere in the buildings for the time being, leaving me free to type without feeling self-conscious. :) Anyway, here's the latest chapter in the Traveller D20 campaign!

Funerary Rites )


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