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And another screwball night terror. I was woken up today about noon by building maintenance coming to fix and outlet in the roomie's room. I'd called it in, so that wasn't a big deal, but I couldn't get back to sleep after. So I got up for a while, watched an art stream that had to abort due to a pet-emergency, and played some Diablo III. With food and a beer, I finally felt like I could sleep at about 3 pm, and crashed.

I slept til about 9 PM, so that was good.

What was NOT good was waking up screaming. I really, really hate that, especially since as soon as I was awake, the fear was utterly, totally gone, replaced with annoyance and a mild headache.

The was particularly odd in that it guest-starred an artist friend of mine (Haligren/Teknicolortiger) and her character in the Silver & Bonr RP group, Hayden. It also guest starred, in a bizarre side-plot, a hockey team that looked suspiciously like the old Minnesota North Stars.

In the dream, she and I were talking about Hayden wanting to kill himself for whatever reason, and for some reason I proposed Vasily (my beefy Russian ex-Vory werewolf) helping. When the agreement was in-character struck, Vas didn't give him a chance to think, and shot 'em in the head with a silver bullet, then decapitated him.

THAT wasn't the scary part.

The scary part (and all of this was weirdly mixed in with some kind of heroic 'last miracle shot' hockey story), was for some reason I was at my folks, sleeping, and something horrible was crawling up my sleeping body, and it was /hungry/.

I have fucking weird dreams. I have no idea where the stu[id hockey subplot came from, and I still can't really sort if I was the 'hero' in that bit, or if for some screwy reason it was Hayden.

Hayden, fyi, is a serial-killer werewolf, an NPC Elder of one of the clans, and the LEAST likely person I can imagine getting into a hockey game. :P


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