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Wow. I've been SLACK here. A lot has happened since my last post, good and bad, plus a big decision was made... One that I really never wanted to make. Checking, my last post was... November. Huh. At least it was shorter than the break before that!

Anyway... For Chrismas, I sold most of my comics for the money for gifts. This isn't a bad thing at all- I wasn't reading them, and they were just taking up space in the closet. So, they're gone. I've been culling my possessions slowly but surely in general too, for more space and less clutter. Christmas this year, despite being the lowest-budget one so far for me was really good. The gathering with family was on Christmas Day, and the friend's party was on January 6th. I got some VERY cool stuff- Big Band music, a set of 50 Martial Arts and bad '70's flicks, the restored Metropolis (Fritz Lang's version- I have the anime), and the Lacakdaisy collection of online strips, Volume 1 were the prizes- bit ALL of what I got was cool!

Now... To the other stuff. I've for the last year been wrestling with finances. Not anyone's fault but my own, but there you go. Thus... In November I finally decided. I'm selling the house this year. I'm not sure exactly when, but the current aim is probably early Summer. I'll be cleaning and painting inside, and continuing the disposal of crap that I no longer want or need. I've already donated some furniture and stuff to Savers.

The work inside the house isn't TOO bad, but its daunting for someone who slacks like I do, and more daunting as I'm likely to have to do it all myself. The goal is to get a good price- which in this market could be dicey. I should be able to get enough to kill the mortgage and the credit card, which will be good enough.

I'm actually planning on getting a double-wide trailer in a park to live in. This SOUNDS bad, but the newer trailers are effing palaces. I've run the numbers, and I CAN afford a nice, if not new one for a total monthly payout of $950. That includes EVERYTHING billwise, excluding groceries, gas for the car, and the insurance on the car. I won't be living high-on-the-hog, but I'll be able to afford it MYSELF. Which is the goal.

So, that's where things are now. I'll try to start keeping this updated again, so people know what's up at Plague House.

Oh! Spaz and Lady are just fine, and are pretty much as they always are.


Dec. 30th, 2010 03:50 pm
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I missed yesterday's daily! O well, it was an uneventful one anyway.

Today though... It started drizzling while I was at work. Being as this adds to the problem of ice and snow on the roof (and oddly also helps with that situation), I went up there this morning and dug a trench in the snow and much around the periphery of the flat roof, then salted the hell out of that area. Hopefully, the roof will drain better now, and the section where the flat roof abuts the peak won't flood, freeze and get inside. By the time I was done my back was screaming- shoveling wet snow sucks.

Before next Friday I need to clean the house some- nothing real hard, just a general picking-up-of-things and the usual sweeping and vacuuming. The party approacheth! I'll be going out today and ordering the subs from Cousins in a bit- four of them. There will be a LOT of food, and more than likely a lot of leftovers! I definitely don't mind that. As usual I'm gonna recruit people to help get the munchies (chips, pop, cheese and such), and I should make those calls tonight too.

Lastly, in an odd twist of fate I'm back on City of Heroes- Going Rogue was on sale on Steam for $10, and given that the price includes a month of play, I couldn't pass on it. I'm having fun in Pretoria with my new Energy Melee / Willpower Brute. :)

Oh- the New Years plans aren't fixed as of yet, but I should know whats up tonight, and we may be gaming in the Sunday Group this weekend. Woot!


Dec. 22nd, 2010 07:39 pm
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Okay. [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain stopped by after he got done with work and wanted to go out for food. We ended up going to Stanleys, a small bar/restaurant south of me on University Avenue. It used to be Stasius, and was relatively famous in the area as a local hangout. Well, Stanleys has been open for about two months, and while its a nice place, its obvious that they've only been around for a short time. I think they'll get better with time. In other news, I shipped my one 'off-site' gift this morning, and during the day the FINAL gift arrived in the mail. Its now wrapped and under the tree. :)

Its been otherwise a quiet day, though I could have slept better.
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I found out that the last gift is currently somewhere in Illinois, and will supposedly be arriving tomorrow. Woot! Also, the one gift I'm mailing out this year is ready for the post office tomorrow- it'll get where its going late, but that's better than never. I'm now done with everything (but the shipping of one and the wrapping of one other). Friday is the get together at the folks, and then on Monday I get to order the subs for the party on the seventh.

Also- one good thing about all the snow, other than the White Christmas thing and the fact things look nice... I get to park in the garage tonight and tomorrow at work. :)
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Recently I've been thinking about Christmas. Yeah, Duh, its the season, but I mean I've been thinking about the meaning of the season- what it means to me, that is. Traditionally, Christmas-the-Christian-Holiday means for most people of the faith the celebration of the birth of Christ and His teachings. Its meant to be a season of joy and love, a moment in the year where we all try to be giving in one way or another.

The secular Christmas has an odd double nature- on one hand its supposed to be a time where family comes together and celebrates, whether or not its for a Christian reason or not. Gifts are exchanged, and you see friends and family that you generally don't see during the rest of the year. It also has a much heavier focus on children.

On the other hand, it can be a crass, commercial endeavour where the market and media try to convince you to buy as much as possible for as many as possible as happiness somehow is oddly linked to materialism.

Each of these is valid in their own way, of course, although the latter portion of the secular definition is kinda disturbing and dark-ish. But... My definition is a little different.

My Christmas is a time when I can try a bit harder to make people happy. I make a little sacrifice of time and money, and I get to gather all the people I care about together for a nice evening and an exchange of gifts. Its not the getting that's really important, its the giving. Whether its the time or just the getting together, being able to get people to smile and feel good, even for a little while is what Christmas is to me.

So I guess this is my Christmas letter to people; its not fantastic, but it is what it is. I hope you all have a wonderful season, finding time to be with those you care about and finding happiness.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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FOUR left. Two I know what to get, two I don't. Aagh. I'll pick the two I can get tomorrow after work, and cogitate on the possibilities for the other two. And consider a baseball bat or crowbar to pry loose some suggestions!

I woke after two hours again today, but I'm not real sure why. I might be just restless. Or all this shopping has my head spinning. ;)

I've decided something about the editing- I'm keeping a copy of the first draft untouched; that way, if I totally eff it up, I have something to fall back to and restart. I've this terror that I'll over-write it... Not in the write-over-the-file-and-lose-it sense, but in the overdo it sense. Bleh. But I do have to learn how to do this.

And seeing as the gifts are starting to pile up, I think I'll start wrapping tomorrow. In the evening, or during the day if I wake up early again. It'll be nice to get stuff under the tree. Even if the tree looks kinda evil.

Maybe I should kinda plan the tree for next year early- get the lights right after Xmas when they're cheap, and the new decorations I want too. I've got a lot, but some of the ornaments I have are starting to look kinda scrungy. And GOD I want a tree-star that lights, that DOESN'T look like cheesy crap. :P


Dec. 1st, 2010 08:17 pm
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Well, I've made a serious dent in the Xmas shopping. But... Its like for every gift I get, two more appear that I still need to get! I know that there aren't spontaneously-appearing people on my list, but it FEELS that way! O well. I've my brother, one for my dad, the nieces, and a few friends left to go. Of course, of these I've NO idea what to get them. :P

I'll at least get the family stuff done (easily) by Xmas- the rest just has to be done by the Xmas party in January, which gives me a bit more time... Not that my obsessive brain will let me wait that long.
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I think that I'm gonna make an eye appointment relatively soon. The fact that I couldn't read the teeny print on the bank website, and the trouble I've had since I got my current glasses kinda convinces me that something's up. I DON'T want bifocals, but... Fuck if I wouldn't rather be able to see properly! Also, while I was fine through the con other than the coughing from my stupid asthma, it might now be turning into something else. I was going to go in to the allergist anyway, but this means I'll try to get in tomorrow rather than just getting an appointment when I can. I'm betting its just an opportunistic cold developing cos the asthma has been kicking my ass since the illness I had three weeks before the con. I have to say I'm gettin' pretty tired of getting sick. :P

Other than that, I spent a bit of my remaining con money (Yes, even with the bank stupidity I still had money allocated left for fun stuff) and got the Pathfinder book. With my discount and the sale I got at $35 new, free shipping. It retails at $50. Woot. :)

Saturday I'm considering starting my Xmas shopping. Friday is a NO EFFING WAY day for me and shopping- I hate stores to start with without rabid bargain-hunting swarms. I'm aiming for about $10 per gift, maybe a bit more for the family ones. Anyone who's on my list (you know who you are!) lemme know what you want! For me... All I want is LOTS of Barnes & Noble gift cards.

This being the first day home, not much is going on. I'll go back to work at midnight, work two days and its Thanksgiving. I'll be at my folks Thursday evening, and that's about all that's going on.

A Record!

Jan. 13th, 2010 04:26 pm
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The Xmas tree is down and packed away, as are all the decorations. For me, this IS a record, I think. The disassembly was precipitated by Spaz not only re-flattening the lower branches facing the kitchen to the floor AGAIN, but when I made sure he couldn't get in there, he did it to the ones in the back! He got caught and spent an hour in the gulag (cat carrier) for that.

So, its put away, the branches hopefully bent back so that they'll not need a lot of fiddling next year. I may add some kind of support then, especially if it blocks the little idiot from getting in there. :P
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Okay. Thursday was part one of the massive cleaning for the party, and I got a lot done- the front and back rooms, washing the rugs and the covers for furniture (so that those with allergies will have places to sit) and general other sundry things. What was left for Friday was the bathroom and the kitchen, both of which were more daunting in my head than they turned out to be. Late Thursday night I picked up [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] breisleach from the Amtrak station- they were an hour late due to various delays. As it turns out the train was STOPPED here, as the weather further west was too cold(!!) for the train to continue. Thus those people who were on the train with Ata and Breis were able to avoid the 'fun' that others in my friends list went through.

Friday arrived, and I once again didn't sleep well. I got up early and made the most of it, getting all the remaining cleaning done. Yay! The party prep went smoothly aside from my own worry and a few glitches (I ran out of both consomme AND cream of mushroom soup!), With the first people arriving right about at 5. The meatballs were enjoyed and as far as I can tell a good time was had by all.

Saturday was a Saturday, fairly quiet for the most part. The household sans Ata went to the game at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain's house, while she spent the day with her guest. I mostly slept and played Champions Online, and did some of the cleanup. That night of course was back to work.

Sunday was the 7th Sea game, and I slept decently before; not quite as long as I wanted though. The game went well, and the plot has moved forward a fair bit; I'll have the writeup posted relatively soon I think. Monday had Breis going home before I got home from work, and me being (still) kinda tired. Which brings us to now. I'm home from work, and I'm having pizza with Hawaiian Punch for breakfast. Whee!
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Aaigh. All the stuff but for one and some minigifts that I had here are wrapped and under the tree. Three to get yet (Two after tomorrow morning), one partial to get to complete one I have here, and the rest are on their way in the mail. I'll wrap those as soon as I've got 'em.

MY back and neck hurt and I'm bloody tired. BUT. It's essentially DONE!
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Well. The last two weeks have been decent, with minimal stresses other than Spaz mucking up the new Xmas tree, as mentioned before. Last weekend I took a couple days off, mostly because I had the time to do it. Before this though... I early had that vacation time taken away because of co-worker interactive brilliance.

What happened is this- On Wednesday of last week, I hauled out of the office, with her still there. Apparently soon after my exit (I am SO glad I was gone) One of the owners of the complex came in to tell that there was a problem with one of the card readers on the exterior doors. I do NOT know for certain what exactly happened, but it sounds like she got into his face pretty thoroughly. What I know for certain is that the next day she was GONE. Poof. With the account manager having to go to the central office for a meeting on the matter.

I lucked out and the hours were covered, but holy SHIT how can you be so stupid? A BIG part of our job is dealing with people on a polite, professional level. Yeesh.

Anyway, now we have two spots open at the account again. Good side though, we have two people who seem sensible coming in. Finally. One is a longtime employee escaping an account he wasn't happy at, the other is a new hire. here's to good luck with them.

On to the NEXT subject: XHanuKwaanTwelfthRamaMas! I've got just three gifts left to get now, having did my one BIG shopping run yesterday. Almost four hours and a collapse from fatigue when I got home til 1:30 AM later, and finished. Three more were gotten online, and will amazingly arrive by the 24th, though I only need them by the 8th of January. Three remain- I hope to get those today sometime. I have to swap cars so dad can see what the hell broke in my rear passenger door- the window is off the power-opener mountings or something, and won't close. It's currently kinda taped shut mostly to keep snow out. :P

SO anyway, today is swapping cars, last purchases and the start of wrapping, along with fixing the damn tree. Whee!
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I can't say how glad I am that 2008 is OVER. Of all my 43 years I think this was the worst of the bunch. But, its done, so I'm looking forward to 2009 and positive things. There were good things last year, its just the bad kinda outweighed it.

A Few Good Things
Spaz and Lady
Friends who helped when I was hurting
Learning some new recipes
A new(er) car! (despite its problems!)
The house was painted

I won't go into the bad; those who know me know the worst of that. But here's hoping for better times. Tomorrow I'll be getting the party supplies, and more than likely my new La-Z-Boy; I'm kinda hoping that Slumberland turns out to have a New Year's Sale with a 2-for-1 deal. ;)

Friday, again, is the Holiday Party. People can start showing up at 5, although early isn't a big deal. There is a chance I might not be up if its before 3 tho! The food should be ready by 7, I hope- its a LOT of chicken! Several people, [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn, [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan especially are helping out with party components- so it'll be as huge a feast as in previous years.

Be EXCELLENT To One Another, and PARTY ON, DUDES!!
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'Tis the holiday season and a day before the actual thing, so I figured I'd make a little post. I'm currently at work, and I'll be working XMas morning as well. I don't mind- its time-and-a-half plus a full added shift's pay! Today in the late afternoon I'll be going to mom and dad's for the family gathering, and tomorrow? I ain't doin' nuthin. ;)

At least I've no PLANS to. Who knows? I might do something. Not worrying about it. My brother Paul dropped off the gift for mom today, and dragged the snow blower back home so Dad can take a look at it. It IS a fuel issue, its just a matter of figuring out what kind. After work today though I'm swinging by the stores to pick up a pair of 'gimme' gifts for my nieces (I have their gifts, but my stupid head says what I got isn't enough), and another gimme-gift for one of the friends. Not saying who! Beyond that, the shopping and wrapping is done and all I have to do is sort out the family gifts from under the tree.

Other than that, I'm so far not having a bad season. As mentioned in previous posts I've had some minor stupid stuff happen, but its just annoying. Nothing I can't cope with.

Have a good holiday all- I may list loot tomorrow night. Won't be a lot- I got my gift early this year- money to let me go to MFF!
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The meatballs are approaching final assembly with the sauce, and I've got most everything else arranged- I need to pick up paper plates and plastic utensils and plastic cups and apple cider yet, which will happen in the morning, and I still have the last of the cleaning to do, which will ALSO be tomorrow morning. I'll get the vacuuming out front done prolly about 5 minutes before people start to show up. O.o

[livejournal.com profile] joshuwain is making an Italian appetizer plate, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan is supplying the cheeses, Mr. L. is bringing dinner rolls (Ciabatta!), [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn is bringing cookies. My contributions are a massive batch of swedish meatballs to be served with egg noodles, and 12# of beef roast with veggies. Not to mention the munchies like chips, raw veggies, pickles and crackers. :)

Parties are a pain, but its worth it.
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Its now the day before the day before Xmas, and this year we DEFINITELY have a white Xmas! [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn are off at their respective familial locales, while I, [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii are still around here. I have the get-together with the folks, brother and nieces tomorrow, and the Xmas Party at Plague House will be here on the 5th of January. :)

Right now I'm just sitting about chatting on FurryMUCK, considering either a nap or some City of Heroes, and wishing the Vikings hadn't fucking choked so bad in the game that I changed channels. :P

Other than that, I got all my shopping done early and fast, all the wrapping is done, and that's about it. :)

Merry Xmas!

O well...

Dec. 26th, 2006 12:35 pm
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Just a little bit of annoyance, but nothing severe. The nifty water cooler I got for Xmas? It has a plastic reservoir-tank. No big deal, you'd think. However, Sunbeam in their infinite wisdom decided to use a kind of plastic that taints the water with a nasty, plastic flavor and a strong odor. I've actually encountered the plastic before- I don't know what its called, but the smell and taste NEVER goes away. Feh.

So, I just talked to dad. I'll be taking the damned thing back to where he got it, and we'll get a different one. [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae Noted that at his work they had a nice model with both hot and cold dispensers that was nice- we might look at that. I'll prolly look at a GE model that I've seen out there too.

I think I'll be emailing Sunbeam, too; The point of a water cooler is better water. WTF were they thinking? They can't have saved more than pennies. :P
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Yesterday (Sunday) we did the family gathering for Xmas- Me, my parents, brother and his two daughters. It was a fairly quiet affair, with dinner and the gift-exchange. Not a bad night!

What did I get?


2 pairs of sweat pants

1 pair of work shoes

3 DVDs: The Stargate Ultimate Edition, The Aladdin Special Edition and the Die Hard 2: Die Harder Special edition.

A dead shark in a jar of blue preservative (!!! Why me? O.o)

And... A new water cooler! I no longer have to rent the one I've had for all this time! Yay!

So it was pretty good, I think. The water cooler is WAY cool. :) The shark, however, is fucked up.

Merry XHanuKwaanYuleRamaMas!
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I have TWO gifts left to get. TWO. Bob W. and [livejournal.com profile] danshrugs are the last- and I have NO ideas for either! Aaigh!

I hope they get me lists or something- Though the distribution of loot won't happen til the 6th, I AM running out of time. :P

So, I'll wrap the remaining few I've got to wrap in the morning, after I pick up a card and some other stuff from the store. Tonight I might do some game-writing, but it'll depend on my mood.


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