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Right, then! We are on the market with the house on Monday! We met with the realtor today, and the price has been set at $165,000. There is a bunch of little fiddly things left to do, with one or two things left that could be considered 'big': moving my possessions to a storage facility, and painting the garage. Other than that, it's just about done.

The realtor is VERY optimistic that the place will sell within a month, and as there's nothing for sale within a quarter-mile and NOTHING equivalent to the bargain that this monster represents (5 beds, 1 3/4 baths with 4 off-street parking spots and TONS of updates), I have a lot of hope too. :)

Just about done.
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WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! It's at Hillside East Apartments, off of Old Highway 8 about 3/4 mile north of County Road D / 37th Avenue. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, second floor with 900 square feet and a small balcony. Its a REAL nice area, and we (Me and Chris) move in on July 18. Woohoo!

This is the layout: http://tinyurl.com/6o8kx9j

The work on the house approaches the finish line- the carpet will go in next week, probably Wednesday, and mostly what's left is little fiddly things. We'll be on the market the first week of June, I think.

I can't wait til all this is DONE.
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The upstairs of the house is getting pretty empty. Most of my things are boxed and down in the garage now, or in what was once Max and Khir's room; I get to paint in there tonight, and in the pantry closet off the stairs. I patched the nail and screw holes in both, and I'll be finished with painting after this and the back closet ceiling... I think. We may be painting the downstairs bathroom, but I'm not sure. What's left? Carpet- back room, my old bedroom and Anna's room, new shelving in the pantry closet, staining (finally) the doors on the kitchen closet downstairs, more packing (of course) and some work on the deck. I really think we should replace it, but it IS repairable. The house may be on the market as soon as next week, late.

I'm looking forward to this being done, but... I don't really want to sell. Even if I get miracle-money though I think I still will. I think I kinda need to move on in a way.

I've been real lax at posting here, and at other things as well- I've been bloody tired of late; partly stress and partly insomnia and partly all the work going on. But things should be less nuts soon.
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Ah, another update!

This last week the prep for selling the house started to seriously get into gear. I've been sealing stains on the ceilings in preparation for painting, chipping bubbled paint in the kitchen and doing plasterwork to fix some damage (nail-holes, etc.) in the front room. Today we'll be doing the actual painting of the front and back rooms, the front hall and my bedroom. Once that's done, I'll be continue to cull possessions and such, and during the next few weeks I'll be painting the walls. There's a lot of prepwork to do, still, but once the painting is done we'll have a realtor over to see what we'll get as a price, and whether or not doing the carpet and kitchen floor will be worth it.

Other than all that, work continues to be work, with little new on that front. In the remaining news, I've gotten new (and REAL OLD) art up on my FA (FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sorien/) site, and a new book- Frostbite. Well, I'm still waiting for it to get here, actually. More new books will be coming over the next few months, and I'm looking forward. I've also gotten a bunch more movies, all from Half Price Books or Pawn America- Captain America and Iron Man 2 being two of them. :)

And that's about it. I'm going to try to get the most recent Horror run typed up sometime today, and maybe try to get the as-yet unfinished writeups for Traveller and the Western Campaign done. Also, watch this space for future writeups for the Vanguard game that is upcoming!


Jul. 29th, 2010 08:47 pm
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The door is up! Woot! Well, mostly. I should put one more screw in the upper track, but it works fine now. I'm going to add a strap to the basement side so it can be opened and closed more easily from the basement side.
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Later I'll go down to either decide that the doors are done, or that they need a third coat. If the latter (which I expect), I'll sand and get the first side done, and finish things tomorrow morning. That means I should have the damned things hung by tomorrow evening. Finally!

In other things, One of my ordered books got here. I got 'A Chill in the Blood' By P. N. Elrod for about $15 used from Barnes & Noble- Terrifyingly, the price for a copy of this book can run into the hundreds of dollars! People are bloody insane. One more might show up at the door via UPS, and I'll run to Barnes & Noble to pick up 'Frost Bitten' by Kelley Armstrong. With that, I'm probably done getting more books for a while... Unless I find yet another author that grabs my interest.

Sunday, though an off week for us, we are scheduled to start a 'dungeon hack' campaign for the summer. I've a character in mind, and I believe Scott does too- From what may be coming this could be a bizarre game! Its either going to be a relatively standard AD&D 2nd Edition (Yes, SECOND) campaign, or a steam-punkish world. I'm interested in both, though the Steampunk sounds more interesting.

Oh! One more thing. I now have a Blu-Ray player thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae! He had no use for it (he has another), so I've benefited! Woot and thanks Mirr!
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I've started varnishing the new bifold doors for the basement. Yuck. I REALLY suck at this- I can't tell if its on too thick or too thin, it blobs in corners and valleys on the doors... Bleah. Well, the first coat of one side is done. I took the two sides apart to make it easier, and I should get the reverse done later tonight. Tomorrow is the first sanding and the second coat, and given how light it looks I may need to do a second sanding and third coat. O well.

In other news, I'm off to a movie shortly- we (Me, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn, [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn and his guest, and [livejournal.com profile] iatro are headed to see Despicable Me at the Rosedale theater. The latter three will meet us there.

And that's about all that's up now.
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I'm pretty much recovered I think. Still the residual cruds from the cold to hack out, but I've finished the meds and I feel pretty much okay, if a bit wiped out. I did have one side effect of powerful antibiotics show up Sunday evening... Which I won't go further into... But I think I'm lucky it didn't hit til after the last pill was taken.

Currently I'm at work, day two of my workweek. Not a lot is happening, other than the usual stuff. Parking is even worse than usual, as now I can't park on the meters around the damn building because they've bagged the damn meters- they're working on the building facade. Fooey. I hope this crap is done before first snow, or this is gonna really suck.

In City of Heroes, I've set myself a goal of getting my recent Villain on Pinnacle, Endure (Claws/Willpower Stalker) to level 50 so I can play with the VEATs (Villain Elite ArcheTypes) finally. At the moment she's halfway to level 46, so if things go right (and I play WAAAY too much this week) I could possibly do it by Friday. :)

In terms of my actual 'to do' list, I still need to finish the damn garage doors and clean/vacuum the back room and my bedroom, and get the last 7th Sea for the set written up. Next Sunday we start back into the Buffy Horror campaign, with all the requisite anticipation and dread that entails. ;)

On Saturday we continue the Vanguard Campaign's wind-down to the end, though thats a few runs to come I suspect. I REALLY want a denouement on the campaign when we get that far! Goblin is a character that I'd like to revisit at some point- not as a character, but as the character in this game.

And that's pretty much what's going on right now. Right on the edge, I am.
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Okay. I'm at work right now and I've mostly finished the work-related duty I was putting all month. I've also gotten a start on the 7th Sea writeup, and I'll definitely have it done by the weekend, likely by Thursday. Projectwise, here's what's left:

Clean, vacuum and organize my bedroom and the back room.

Paint the garage doors.

Prime and paint the windowframes (delayed til I know what the hell we're doing exactly).

Clean the kitchen, sweep and mop the floor and organize things a bit better.

Mow the lawn and deal with the yardwaste (cut branches and such that need to be bagged for the city to take 'em).

Anything else that pops up.

Once I get going on them the garage doors will only be a few hours work at most. The windows will be a bit more, but only because we'll have to mask around the areas to be painted. The kitchen will probably be the last thing on the list done, and I will probably do the mowing and yardwork this week sometime, I just don't know when. This could change if the ambition burns out again.

As to the car... It turns out that the back brakes had a problem, and the front tie-rods were shot- the tie rods are fixed, and the brakes may also be done by now. If they are I'll have my car back tomorrow. If not, Wednesday or later in the week.

This evening I'll be making fried chicken thighs and mashed potatoes. [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain? I don't need you to get chicken or buttermilk (I'll be getting those in the morning), but if you could pick up a couple packets of knorr chicken gravy and some french or italian bread that would be cool, if you and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn are planning to be over for the food. I know that [livejournal.com profile] foeclan won't be there, and [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae will also be absent for his martial arts class. Maybe see you then!
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I've been utterly unambitious of late, and I've gotten very little of the things I need to do around the house and otherwise done. I need to paint the garage doors, prime and paint the windowframes (can't do it til we determine what we need in terms of primer and such), vacuum the front and back rooms and my bedroom, rearrange the furniture in the front room, and a bunch of other general chores. I also need to get the synopsis for the Sunday game done, and I have something I need to do at work as well that I've been putting off.

Its not depression or anything, I just haven't DONE it. I've been feeling kinda blah, and I think it has two roots- my lousy sleep of late and the fact my allergies have been driving me crazy. Regardless, I'm going to get it ALL done this week.

... My addiction to City of Heroes hasn't exactly helped either. :P

Other than this, I've looked into fares on the Megabus to Chicago. Migod, it's cheaper than the taxi fare from Union Station to the hotel! $40.50 ROUND TRIP!! Wow. Guess how I'll be going to the con! Now all I have to do is get the money for the convention together...

Finally, I plan to make fried chicken thighs and mashed potatoes this week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday- I need to get buttermilk tho.

Last rambly bit- my car is having issues again. The antilock brakes have some kind of problem, so Dad his it to work on and I have his til its fixed. Its safe to drive, but the brakes are standard with the problem rather than antilock. O well.
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Not a lot going on right now, really. I'm looking forward (not really) to painting the windowframes of the house and finishing the garage doors, and mowing the lawn after picking up all the crap that was trimmed from the bushes when the painting was done. The house looks a lot better now! Inside, I have to vacuum and move furniture (still), and do some other general cleaning. Adventure! Excitement!

Not really.

In CoH news I got my villain on Pinnacle to 35 tonight, the goal being to get her to L50 before Halloween. I should be able to do that, especially if I get in some good teams. :)

In terms of the Sunday Game writeup, I've not been in the mood to write of late, but I will have it done before the next run, which is a week from Sunday.

Other than that, life continues in its path... Oh. Thats right. I also have two birthday gifts to arrange... And I'm a wee bit scant financially. So, they'll be late. One is ALREADY late. Bleh. But I'll get 'em!
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Whoa. The painting isn't done, but the front of the house is finished but for the trim, the new porch light and street numbers... And what a difference! It looks like a different house! Te remaining parts of the house will be finished tomorrow, and the trim will likely get done Friday. Woot!

I need to get a new light for the back porch-steps area and a new pair of spots for above the garage, but its coming along nicely. :)
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Okay, the house is being painted this week. Yay! It's going from a hideous baby-shit brown to a nice soft grey. Today they started stripping off the old loose paint with a pressure-washer, and that process will continue today with more primitive methods like scrapers, sanders and such. It should be done by the weekend, I hope. I'll get the new house numbers on either Thursday or Friday, making them actually readable! I'm prolly going to install new porch lights as well. I should finally get the painting done on the garage doors as well.

Other things going on- cleaning. I've gotten the old white recliner out for the trashmen to pick up with help from [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae, as well as the unusable computer stand I got back when I was working at Riverplace, the dead UPS unit and my old, now-dead space heater. The old brown rocker-recliner is now in [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii's room, and sometime tomorrow I'll vacuum the front and back rooms and rearrange the furniture up front to finally get the new couch in a usable position.

Also on the agenda is more cleaning in my own room, which is still a pit. I have too much crap! O.o

In other news, I get to go to the laundromat after work- I've a ton of blankets and bedding piled up for washing, as well as my general laundry. The bedding is too bulky for my washer, and my dryer is still FUBAR'd.

So, laundromat. And that's about all of what's up. Gaming is off for both games this coming weekend- Half the Vanguard players will be unavailable or out of town, and we'll be down at least one in the 7th Sea game Sunday. So I have a weekend of nothing planned. Most likely it'll be a lot of City of Heroes and more cleaning.

Lastly, I should get going on the latest 7th sea writeup. That may happen tomorrow night.
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Not much is going on right now, really. I've had a touch of insomnia the last few days, probably due to me trying to figure out what causes it- Caffeine may or may not have a part in it, but the bed definitely might be part of the problem. So, someone (I can't recall who) mentioned that queen-sized mattress pads of that memory foam stuff were on sale, so I'll maybe look into getting one. Now THAT'S exciting. ;)

On other matters, I've finally gotten around to working on an update for my website. Its gonna be a LOT different, and a lot bigger too- hopefully I'll be able to keep it on visi, but if the storage costs are too much I'll look at going to google, who have a hosting thingie.

Dad has decided for the painting of the house that we're hiring someone to do it. Yay! He's paying, but when the house finally does go on the market, I get to pay him back. This won't be for a year at the earliest as far as I can tell... The selling that is. The painting may happen as soon as next week!

And finally, I'm about to start work on the next 7th Sea writeup. Scotty G. at last was able to join us, but as his character doesn't share a language with ANY of us, we don't know his name! For that matter, its been 'amusing' trying to communicate... Someone has to learn someone else's language, methinks. Or several of us. ;)
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A quiet night at work, followed by me getting the primer-coat done on the garage doors. Yay! Next for today is waffles, then bed. The AC is on too- bloody humidity is killing me. :P

Oh- and I HATE working with oil-based paints. The cleanup is miserable.
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I get to work today, parking as usual on the second floor of the ramp. As I'm driving in, I see a flashing light off in the corner. I parked and took a look, and its FIRE! An electrical fire caused by a shorting wire, actually. Not real major all in all, but for the next hour I got to deal with the security in the connected apartment and condo complex, firefighters and engineers. Whee. Anyway, that was my fun for the evening. The power is shut off for that run, so I think things are cool.

In other events, I start my vacation at 7 AM this morning. Yay! I'll be away from work til Tuesday at 11 next week; I'm gonna hopefully clean the house, run the new wiring for the house ethernet, and play a LOT of City of Heroes. :)

[livejournal.com profile] danshrugs, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] feezlekhan, [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain... If any or all of you are interested, I'd like to do a few of the Task Force missions this weekend, starting maybe tonight- Positron and Synapse, and maybe the Terra Volta Respec Trial. Also, I want to get the 'Beautiful' badge from the Valentines Events (and do all the missions for Goblinn too), and maybe kill a a$$load of redcaps. ;) Lemme know if any of you are interested- I think for the first two TFs we need at least 4 people in the team.

In other other events, there has been something else that has happened... Not a good thing. If asked I'll let people know what, but otherwise I'm letting the person involved decide for themselves who and what to say about it for the most part.

And thats pretty much it for this entry.


Dec. 30th, 2005 11:34 am
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My basement is carpeted! The cat is terrified of the sounds of carpet installation! I have the groceries for the party! Why the hell am I awake!!

Exclaimation points!!



Donedonedone! Lookin' at a drop ceiling and new lighting for the kitchen down there now- that'll mostly be dad, and his idea, too. :)

Vacuuming once a week preferred, O basement dwellers. It'll help the carpet stay nice longer.
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My brother came out and gave a hand today whilst I slept, and the basement painting is done! All that's really left is the carpetting, which goes in Friday. I saved myself $119 by tearing out the old crap myself, even though I'm feelin' it now...

Late last night, just before work I also cleared the clog in the upstairs bathroom sink. EEEEEYEEEWWWW....

So, I'm down to cleaning the upstairs, moving some boxes and party prep. Yay!
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Well, that was interesting. Over the last two days things have accellerated almost to the uncontrolled point in terms if the improvement projects. During the day dad decided to finish fixing the drop ceiling that had been partly removed to allow us to put in the egress window, put the kitchen closet bifold doors on and put the baseboards in. He didn't wake me til he started cutting with a powersaw... I kinda wish he had, so I could have helped.

Last night, I decided to fix the kitchen faucet. Not a big deal- easy job. Til I discovered one of the connector hoses was too short. And that the drainpiping was leaking and essentially shot. So, off to Maynerds (Menards) I went, picking up the stuff I needed plus the replacement ceiling tiles needed for [livejournal.com profile] ataramos's old room. It was a pretty fast fix from there on.

Today, dad stopped out to repair an outside faucet that we'd installed. It had decided not to work, and we now know why- It had frozen and burst, despite the guarantee that the design prevented that from happening. O well.

While he did that I cleaned out the last of the stuff in Ata's room, moving her chair and the DESK FROM HELL to the garage, the last with the help of [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, who stopped over briefly. He also kindly picked up teflon plumbers tape for dad when he ran to the store. :)

I then got a burr in my saddle about the old carpet. And decided to tear it out myself. UGH.
Hell of a job, that. But I'll now save over $100 cos they don't' need to yank the carpet now. Oh, that's right- the carpet arrives FRIDAY! Yay!

So, here's what's left- painting Ata's old room for [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn, fixing the ceiling tiles, doing the drop ceiling in the downstairs kitchen (no hurry there, thankfully), stain and seal the closet doors, paint the trim on the stairs, clean the upstairs, pack the remaining things of Ata's into her current room, (die of exhaustion), And prep for the party, which is basically a lot of cooking.


... I'm tired, I ache, and I'm having a pizza, dammit. :P
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The work in the basement approaches completion! I've started priming the new wallboard, and I should have it all painted by the end of the week. I have to put a bit more dirt in the bottom of the egress window and slope the bottom away from the house. After the kitchen is finally painted, there's only the shelves in the closet, the cabinet and microwave cabinet to install, the closet doors and the countertop on the new cabinet. All that's left in [livejournal.com profile] ataramos' old room is priming, painting and (hopefully) new carpet. I get to pay for that myself, yay. :P

That last comment is due to my parents deciding that they wanted to help me by recarpeting the upstairs instead of downstairs... I'd kinda prefer the reverse, but damn, I sure don't mind the upstairs getting done!

In other news- the day before Halloween (roughly), the washing machine began to act up, in that the spin cycle stopped working, thus leaving the clothes sopping wet. On Monday (the 7th) the serviceman came by and confirmed what I thought- it was toast. the driveshaft snapped, letting the normal wash cycles to work, but NOT the spin. So, I now have a new washing machine- a really nice, large capacity beast that my folks picked up for $350. It was originally priced at $750. Yay!

So things are going fairly well, for the most part. I go back to the allergist today, and will prolly be on a theraputic inhaler kindasorta permanently. O well. Not like I've not been in this position before.

Next week, on Wednesday I head to Midwest FurFest. Next Sunday, after the game I play in every other week, I'll start baking the cookies for the Tea Party. Woo! To all who are attending, see you there! (Tea Party- Thursday starting at 5 PM if all goes well- look for signs!)


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