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I got home from Midwest Furfest yesterday around 4 PM or so in generally good order. No item that I'm aware of has gone missing, and I had a pretty good time. We had the Pizza Shootout on Saturday around 12:30 PM, but we're waiting on one person's vote to determine who won. As we'll have one person abstaining, and it's currently tied with two people's remaining votes (including theirs) I think it should be considered a tie!

I only got two pieces of art this year- one from DarkNatasha (a badge) and one from Cara Mitten (of my character Arath in our Pathfinder game, which resumes a week from Saturday). As predicted, I spent more than I wanted to and most of that on food.

I met up with varied people, some who I knew and many I didn't, and I was able to sleep EVERY NIGHT OF THE CON. Woot! I slept well last night as well, and now I have to change back to my usual vampire pattern. I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Definitely next year I request a NON-TOWER room; bloody things are teeny.
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Yay! No 5 minute walk! The Tea Party will now be in MY room! (Thank you for the offer, guys, but seeing as I'm now in the primary hotel, you get to avoid the weirdness of my Tea Party, save as attendees. :)

This SO rocks. I'll be calling to confirm the reservation EVERY WEEK til the con. :)


Nov. 17th, 2004 03:33 pm
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Upon the continuing adventure to Chicago...

The flight left MSP international right on time, and got into Chicago O'Hare about 5 minutes early. I bailed from the plane, got my luggage, called the limo service I'd arranged (Cheap! Cool! Neat! My Chauffer is the company, they have a NICE <$20 deal from O'hare!), and got to the Hotel. No problems... Yet.

I had to wait to check in- no problem. I was hungry anyway, so I checked my luggage and noshed on the beef sandwich in the hotel resturant. Good, and huge. :) I then ran to the art shop across the way and picked up stuff for the signage for the Tea Party- When they found out MFF was coming, they gave me a 20% discount for letting them know, and gave me a mess of coupons and flyers for the flyer table. Whee!

I got back to the hotel, and it was about 1:30 PM. I checked, and a room was ready! I was expecting to wait til 3 PM! No problems... once again, Yet.

I drag my crap to the room, and unpack. I had decided to check the duffel with the tea-party hardware, on the off chance it'd be a problem at security. This was a BAD choice. A lot of minor things were a little squished, but the hotpot for the teawater had a 1-inch hole punched THROUGH it. Oy.

SO, I grumbled a bit, wrote it off and tried to get online using the nifty wi-fi in the room- Wrong. They don't take Discover, and my Visa is at home, and in a weird limbo cos of something stupid they talked me into. GRR.

Moving on, I ran over to the Woodfield mall J.C. Pennys, and replaced the hotpot with a Mr. Coffee, and picked up new slippers. THAT helped. So did the beer I had when I got back to the Hotel. I'm now in the 'High Piracy' Business office at the hotel, typing in thios little missive for all to see.

Anyway, the trevails are over (I hope!), and I'm safely at the hotel. See whomever is gonna be there at the Tea Party on Thursday!

Oh- for those that need to know- there will be signs up, but the room # is 4118.


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