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In September of 1994 I moved into the house I'd bought at 722 36 1/2 Ave. NE in Minneapolis. For 18 years it was my home, as well as the home of a number of my friends. Today... It is no longer mine. The closing was quick and painless, and the check is in the bank. All that's left is paying off the debts, which happens next week about Wednesday. I want to wait til the check is definitely cleared.

I'm going to miss it, and I already miss the people I'd lived with. Dave, Dan, Angela, George, Sean, Ed, Margaret, Mike (not me, the FAKE one), Joe, Anna, James, Chris (who's still here in the apartment with me) and Max. I think that was everyone. To you all, thank you for the times, good, bad and average. Time for a new start in the new apartment, debt free. :)
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Okay... We still have to wait on some things, but effectively THE HOUSE IS SOLD! Closing will be mid-next month, so it's finally over. :) We didn't get as much as I'd hoped for, but we got enough to kill debts and get furniture and stuff. Woo!

Just waiting on an inspection, then we go into the Labyrinth of Paperwork and Money. I should have the check in my greedily waiting hands at closing.

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I'm about to head to bed. It's almost 4, and what's going to be pre-moved into the garage is moved. I don't think the move is going to be too bad, but I won't know 'til we get going. The plan is that my folks will get here around 9 or 9:30. We'll head to the apartment and pay the first months rent (half a month) and the second month, and get the keys. Then we'll come back and start moving stuff, starting with the furniture. I think that after that's all moved, I may just do the rest with the car, but I don't know. I think we'll get the furniture (beds and dressers at least) set up, then bring the cats over when they have places to hide.

After that, it'll be everything else. I'm betting with the van-and-trailer, it'll be 2 trips and some stuff in my car.

After we're done, I'll be steam-cleaning the rug downstairs and doing any remaining cleaning that's left, plus doing a walk through to find anything I might have forgotten. With luck we'll be all done with the phone/cable/internet online by 4 PM- I have to take the old set-top box back in, and get the new box from the cable store; Hennepin and Ramsey counties are using different gear, despite it being the same company. Silly, but what can you do. Wish us luck! I'll get the new phone number and stuff to people ASAP.

I... LIVE!

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:15 pm
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Yes, I'm still here. Yup, I'll still post. I've just been kinda less than enthusiastic with updating given all the stuff going on. Not necessarily bad stuff, mind you, just... Too much.

However, this is decent news. FINALLY the house is officially on the market and for sale! This is a GOOD thing, much as I really don't want to sell it. We also had the first showing today, which was from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. I have no idea what the result of it was, and I won't til the realtor notifies me. I quite doubt we'll get a sale that fast, but it would truly be cool if we did. :)
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Right, then! We are on the market with the house on Monday! We met with the realtor today, and the price has been set at $165,000. There is a bunch of little fiddly things left to do, with one or two things left that could be considered 'big': moving my possessions to a storage facility, and painting the garage. Other than that, it's just about done.

The realtor is VERY optimistic that the place will sell within a month, and as there's nothing for sale within a quarter-mile and NOTHING equivalent to the bargain that this monster represents (5 beds, 1 3/4 baths with 4 off-street parking spots and TONS of updates), I have a lot of hope too. :)

Just about done.
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WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! It's at Hillside East Apartments, off of Old Highway 8 about 3/4 mile north of County Road D / 37th Avenue. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, second floor with 900 square feet and a small balcony. Its a REAL nice area, and we (Me and Chris) move in on July 18. Woohoo!

This is the layout: http://tinyurl.com/6o8kx9j

The work on the house approaches the finish line- the carpet will go in next week, probably Wednesday, and mostly what's left is little fiddly things. We'll be on the market the first week of June, I think.

I can't wait til all this is DONE.
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The upstairs of the house is getting pretty empty. Most of my things are boxed and down in the garage now, or in what was once Max and Khir's room; I get to paint in there tonight, and in the pantry closet off the stairs. I patched the nail and screw holes in both, and I'll be finished with painting after this and the back closet ceiling... I think. We may be painting the downstairs bathroom, but I'm not sure. What's left? Carpet- back room, my old bedroom and Anna's room, new shelving in the pantry closet, staining (finally) the doors on the kitchen closet downstairs, more packing (of course) and some work on the deck. I really think we should replace it, but it IS repairable. The house may be on the market as soon as next week, late.

I'm looking forward to this being done, but... I don't really want to sell. Even if I get miracle-money though I think I still will. I think I kinda need to move on in a way.

I've been real lax at posting here, and at other things as well- I've been bloody tired of late; partly stress and partly insomnia and partly all the work going on. But things should be less nuts soon.
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I can't recall if I posted this at all here before, so I'll say it again just in case- Plague House is going to be sold, and I and all the people currently here will be moving on. There is a lot going on right now, some of which I'm not at liberty to discuss. But, of the stuff I CAN talk about, there is the progress on fixing the place up for sale.

Tomorrow, the bathroom will be done other than fiddly bits (cleaning, maybe new towel racks and such), as will the front room. We're just gonna remove the carpet there and clean the floor, as the wood is in good shape. The kitchen ceiling has been mudded, and will be sanded and likely primed tomorrow. So, there's a lot of progress!

Also, we talked to a realtor from ReMax yesterday. Looks like I should be able to get a decent price for the place, but unless I get the midrange to high amounts she provided as estimates I'll either have to short dad and my brother a bit on payback, or not pay off the whole credit card. However, no matter what things will be better than they are now.

The fix-up stuff that remains includes the new carpet in the back room and my bedroom, carpet in [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae's room, and removing the carpet from [livejournal.com profile] ataramos's room- that won't happen til people have moved out. Obviously, there'll still be a lot of cleaning to do, as well as disposing of all the crap I'm not taking with me. Oh- As suggested by the realtor, we're likely going to have to replace the furnace and central air- like as not it won't pass the city inspection, and replacing them will provide a better selling price. We'll be fixing the parking pad in back as well, but that's not nearly as much of an issue as the furnace and such.

Part of me is looking forward to all this being done, another part is terrified- this is a MAJOR change, and part of the price is effectively losing contact with several people I consider friends. Its also a terrible disruption to their lives as well, and I'm not happy about that, either- but it's really not much of a choice for me anymore.

In the end, I'll have the memories of the place, and a new home to call my own. here's hoping for relatively smooth sailing in the getting there.
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Wow. I've been SLACK here. A lot has happened since my last post, good and bad, plus a big decision was made... One that I really never wanted to make. Checking, my last post was... November. Huh. At least it was shorter than the break before that!

Anyway... For Chrismas, I sold most of my comics for the money for gifts. This isn't a bad thing at all- I wasn't reading them, and they were just taking up space in the closet. So, they're gone. I've been culling my possessions slowly but surely in general too, for more space and less clutter. Christmas this year, despite being the lowest-budget one so far for me was really good. The gathering with family was on Christmas Day, and the friend's party was on January 6th. I got some VERY cool stuff- Big Band music, a set of 50 Martial Arts and bad '70's flicks, the restored Metropolis (Fritz Lang's version- I have the anime), and the Lacakdaisy collection of online strips, Volume 1 were the prizes- bit ALL of what I got was cool!

Now... To the other stuff. I've for the last year been wrestling with finances. Not anyone's fault but my own, but there you go. Thus... In November I finally decided. I'm selling the house this year. I'm not sure exactly when, but the current aim is probably early Summer. I'll be cleaning and painting inside, and continuing the disposal of crap that I no longer want or need. I've already donated some furniture and stuff to Savers.

The work inside the house isn't TOO bad, but its daunting for someone who slacks like I do, and more daunting as I'm likely to have to do it all myself. The goal is to get a good price- which in this market could be dicey. I should be able to get enough to kill the mortgage and the credit card, which will be good enough.

I'm actually planning on getting a double-wide trailer in a park to live in. This SOUNDS bad, but the newer trailers are effing palaces. I've run the numbers, and I CAN afford a nice, if not new one for a total monthly payout of $950. That includes EVERYTHING billwise, excluding groceries, gas for the car, and the insurance on the car. I won't be living high-on-the-hog, but I'll be able to afford it MYSELF. Which is the goal.

So, that's where things are now. I'll try to start keeping this updated again, so people know what's up at Plague House.

Oh! Spaz and Lady are just fine, and are pretty much as they always are.


Oct. 27th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Just about time for work, and I feel pretty blah. Its the dregs of the stupid cold, I know, but its getting annoying. I haven't heard from the insurance guy yet about the lost shingles, but I expect that in the next few days- there were a LOT of claims from the wind, I expect.

In other things I got the front room mostly cleaned out, and what's left is vacuuming, steam cleaning (Friday for that) and rearranging the furniture. With the TV gone from there I needs to be sorted into more of a sitting room configuration.

I've also gotten a line on a much smaller desk for up there, but I'll not know if Its mine til next week. I really need new furniture. :P

Tomorrow I'll get the front room vacuumed and rearranged, and get going on the kitchen and back rooms. The bathroom actually will be one of the quicker jobs this time- mostly just the tiolet and the countertop.

Thursday night I'll probably go see 'How to Train Your Dragon' over at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan's place in the evening.

That's it for now. Time to get ready for the nightly grind.
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Well, I got home from work and discovered that all that lovely wind managed to remove a mess of shingles from the west side of the roof. Sigh. Well, I'll call dad and the insurance guy in a bit, and see what I can get in motion. I sure as hell am NOT going up there to fix it- I don't know what I'm doing, and its a patch job which makes it harder.

I dunno why they decided to come loose now though- we've had wind like this in the past with no problems. :P

Other than that, the Halloween party and Turkey Feed is Sunday. I pick up the bird on Friday, plunk it into the brine on Saturday, and sometime between now and Sunday I get to clean the house. Whoopie. ;)
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Not a lot has been going on since I last posted, really. Life has gone on and things are pretty much as they usually are. I'm still blasting through books, and I'll be getting a few more tomorrow. However, something ELSE happens tomorrow too- the cats go for their yearly vet-visit. Its a bit early, but I've a reason- they've both been sneezing! Spaz more than Lady. Today I got another reason too- Lady pissed on the rug again by the TV stand. I replaced the litter in the box, but It might have some kind of territorial-thing with Spaz going on that's triggering her to to it. Regardless, to the vet they go. This'll prolly nuke the plan to get the Ipod, but I've got the laptop at work again, so its not that big a deal.

Its going to be about $200 between the two of them for the visit. Ouch. So I am DEFINITELY looking into pet insurance for them- that'll make for 'free' annual visits and shots, and the monthly cost will be easier to handle than the $200 once-a-year charge. In addition it'll help with emergency stuff, may I never need to use that!

In other things, I took a couple of days off as sanity-days this weekend. Four days away from work, woot! I plan to do very little, though it has been insinuated that we're gaming on Sunday, playing in a 'Dungeon Hack' in AD&D 2nd Edition. Yes, I said SECOND. The GM doesn't like 3rd or 3.5 for whatever reason.

Oh! Right, I nearly forgot. The (hideous, pain-in-the-ass) bifold door that leads into the basement broke this week. So I went out with [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae to Home Depot and got a new one. It needs to be finished, and I got a can of 'one step' varnish and stain to get that accomplished. I'll either do it myself or pay my brother $20 to do it- I HATE working with stain. I'm just bad at it, regardless how simple it actually is. This one lacks the dust-and-grease-collecting louvers that the old one had, and generally just looks better. I may get a second one to replace the door to the stairwell pantry too, and it'd look better and the hinges on the current door there are flat-out shot. Rather, the screws are pulled loose and hard to repair, and the bifold would be a MUCH easier solution than screwing around with the old door.

Lastly, the chance that we'll be getting new carpet seems stronger- the folks want to 'talk' about it, which is code for 'we need to figure out cost and color'. Woot! I think I'll repaint the front room before it goes in though- it needs it. Besides, with [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn having moved the WII downstairs the room badly needs to be rearranged. All in all it ought to look pretty nice when its done.

Currently I'm thinking a nice light green or something for my room and the family room, and a 'neutral' tan or light blue or such for the front and hall- something that ISN'T the hideous off-orangish-brown that I currently have. As to the paint color up front, I've no idea. I'll talk to the folks (and friends) for ideas- If you have suggestions, keep it simple- I don't want real dark colors or fancy textural work. :)
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Today I went out to eat at Keys Cafe with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn. It was a nice meal, and I for once ordered a bit more than I wanted. Oh well. Discussions were had about a movie party, with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain wanting to start immediately, and myself wanting to wait til later so that I could grab a nap and see if [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii, who were asleep, would want to come.

So, Mirr and Khir dropped me off at home, while they and the rest went over to the other house to start. They're watching Hellboy 2 first, which I've seen and own. When I finally get over there they'll be putting in Hancock and any of a number of other choices (Wall-E, the most recent Hulk film, and the most recent Jackie Chan flick that at the moment I can't recall the title of).

Now for the roller coaster bit. As people who've followed my LJ know, I refinanced the house just before Midwest Furfest to consolidate debt and improve my financial situation. Part of this was that they would be paying off my debts. They INSISTED on having control of this. That's fine. For the last week I've been getting calls from Discover, asking for a payment. They've not received a dime yet. I've checked- the right amount went to my checking account (Just over $2400), and all the other credit debts were paid, save for small amounts which I dealt with today.

So where is the payment to Discover? I've no idea. I ended up paying the minimum amount to Discover to shut them the hell up and stop then from calling, and called Countrywide and the title company. They're both out of the office for the holiday.


So I get to raise hell Monday to get this shit resolved. And as a real capper, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW my paycheck was shorted. I fully expect the NEXT to be shorted too. I get to bitch at people about THAT on Monday too.

I want off the fucking ride. I'm getting sick. :P

So much for a nap, too.
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Is 1:00 PM Friday. I'll get up around 10:30, and head out an hour later, thus giving me an hour to get lost and then locate the place. ;)

Actually, it should be easy. But better safe than sorry.

Then, LATE Friday night, after the Strike Force, I'll be baking cookies. Somewhere after the closing I'll get groceries, make the last payment of the current mortgage, and maybe sell my class ring.

Oh! Earlier tonight (Thursday) I went out to eat with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn as a sort-of mini-celebration of the retirement of debt. :)
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Today I'll learn when and where the closing will take place. It'll be Friday for the day, what's unsure is the time and location. I know the title company, and so far I know it's on 2nd Ave. South, downtown... I think. That could easily change if an office is decided on in another location.

I have to write closure letters for Citicard and the computer loan (and get them printed out), and I'm debating closing the Chase/Amazon Visa as well... But on that I'm waffling. If they want me to close it, its gone. Otherwise I'll put it away and not use it, just to have the record of it existing on the credit score. I also need to get the most recent credit card/loan statements together. Not really a big deal.

The remaining cash after the cards and loan are paid gets direct-deposited into the account after the 3 day right of recission... Meaning it'll hit my account Wednesday. :)

So its about done. I can't wait. :)

In other news Saturday is the Vanguard game, and SUnday is the next run of the Buffy Horror campaign- I'm looking forward to, and dreading, both. ;) Friday night will be a Strike Force with the Mana Dragons/Kyn Empire City of Heroes group.
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Good news- The house appraisal came back at $185,000! That IS a drop from the last time ($195,000), but less than 5%. Which means... The refinance is approved! I'm now waiting for her to call back and we'll set up the day to close. Thursday or Friday likely. If its Thursday, I'll get the check by Tuesday. Otherwise it'll be mailed out and I'll have someone here deposit it for me, and I'll pay the remaining bills by phone or internet.

Yes, this means I'm going.

I think I need it.

MFF, here I come. :)

Edit- I pay the mortgage as usual for this month, but December won't have a payment. The NEW mortgage payments start January 1. I'm still awake waiting for the call to set up the closing. And more good news- the cash left after the credit cards are killed will be direct-deposited into my account three days after closing. So If I close Friday (likely), the Cash will be in the account Thursday next week. It is going to be so nice to be out of debt and stable!


Nov. 12th, 2008 01:41 am
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Not much happened today, either. I called Countrywide about the refinance, and found out that my rep won't get the valuation information til Wednesday (today). So, doom-or-redemption is postponed for a day. As is my decision about MFF. Bleh.
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Well, today wasn't too productive. I didn't wake up til about 6:30 PM, then was an utter zombie for several hours. The sum total of accomplishment was getting the cat boxes cleaned out, replacing the little box in my room with a MUCH larger one, and taking out the recycling. Its just one of those lethargic, no-ambition nights.

As to Tuesday, the CURRENT today, its the day that I should find out whether I'm saved or doomed: I should find out if the assessment of the house was high enough for final approval. Wish me luck! When I hear that, one way or the other, I'll make the decision on MFF. Obviously, if its not approved I won't be going.

Oh, and as for Arnold Schwartzenegger: Republican. SURE you are. (giggle)
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The appraiser was just at the house, and now I get to wait and hope that he comes up with a valuation that will lead to final approval of the refinancing. It has to be at least $178,000 for it to be approved. I'm a touch worried, but that's just butterflies I think- the last valuation was $195,000.

I go to bed now. :P


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