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Back from the vet- Lady has lost weight (I kinda suspected that she had) and she got a blood workup to check her kidney function and such- at 14, she's not a young cat. I'll get the results of that on Monday. She seems healthy though, so I'm not concerned. Like as not she'll be going on a senior diet, which means so will Spaz, as he eats everything.

Speaking of Spaz, he got X-rays and was NOT HAPPY at the Vet. Usually it's lady that's losing it. This time, he was really hissing and fighting. Well, until they dosed him for the X-rays. Then he was (and still is) really mellow. He's in my room, still in the carrier, being zonked. He got some painkillers as well, so he's gonna be relaxing a while.

The total bill was pretty hefty- Over $600. If people want to help, I won't say no to it- my paypal is shaggy (at) visi (dot) com. Don't feel obligated, but any help I'd be grateful for.


May. 24th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I now have two cats. Well, one cat and one kitten. Lady is an 8 year old female (duh) who was named 'Mittens' before... Like fifty bazillion OTHER cats... So she's Lady now. She' currently hiding under the bed. She was one of those cats that hides- I knew she needed someone, so I picked her. The other one is a 6 week old black kitten now named Spaz. It fits- Critter has a rocket up his ass or something, I swear. I was actually going to look at another other than him, then he 'MEW'd' at me, tearing my still-beating heart from my chest. So I picked him. Spaz was the first of the pair, really. And Lady was the only other cat we looked at that tolerated his kitten-ness.

[livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan actually footed the bill. THANKS again! Sometime in the next two weeks they go for a vet visit, and right now they're in my room acclimating. Spaz is loving the exploration, and I think Lady is happy to be out of the shelter, but is still real... I think 'isolated' is a good word for it. At least she no longer looks terrified.

Also with us on the catting-expedition was [livejournal.com profile] ataramos. Right now she's napping. I can hear Spaz thumping about in my room as I type.

It was harder to be at the shelter than I expected. I nearly lost it a few times, but... I'm glad we went. I'll miss Luna, but its nice to have cats around again.

I'll put up pictures when A) Lady comes out from under the bad, and B) Spaz holds still long enough to get more than a blur. O.o


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