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This past Saturday was our regular gaming run, currently Pathfinder, and the story is 'Rise of the Runelords'. As was the first run of this campaign, it was a lot of fun... Aside from my damn near falling asleep during it. I was beat, not having slept well beforehand. I wasn't alone though, two other players were ALSO falling-down tired apparently. Regardless, I'm having a good time with Arath, my barbarian catfolk, and really look forward to what comes next!

We were down one player, Dave, who is our regular GM- Rise of the Runelords is 'filler' while he gets his next campaign set to run. Its giving him the opportunity to actually PLAY in a game, rather than having to run.

Our Story Continues! )
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Here's the latest episode from the Traveller game, which is the third run of the current set. Read on behind the cut!

Traveller D20- Favored Entanglements )
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Okay, here's the last installment of the latest set of the Buffy Horror campaign; it took me a bit, but its finished. I've yet to complete the first writeup of the current Traveller run, but I've got a good start on that- with luck, it'll be done and live Sunday morning. It'll depend on how fried I am at work. :)

Buffy Horror Season Finale- Resolved Revelations )
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Okay, I've rewritten the whole damned thing after having lost it the other night. I've added a bit to it, and I think its actually a bit better this time around. Enjoy!

Our cast for this episode:

Player Characters

Jackie Tall- The only remaining female in the group, Jackie is a midget and a developing psychic, Jackie has made unusual associations in the campaign, that her companions don't necessarily approve of... Currently contemplating a change of majors to quantum physics.

Bill Vicklin- Unabashed comic-collector, scrounger extraordinaire and would-be vampire hunter, majoring in psychology and parapsychology; while he's right that there ARE vampires and monsters, he likely IS a bit crazy.

Michael O'Connor- A devout Roman Catholic, Michael in many ways is the moral center of the group... Not that he gets listened to as often as he should. Lacrosse player and possessor of the Cross of St. Peter, a powerful relic of the Roman Catholic Church.

Greg Poulte- A biker, and lifetime resident of the Arkham area, he has always been aware of the supernatural in the world, like Bill; unlike Bill, he's probably sane. but then, he's a lifetime resident of Arkham... A student of the Martial Arts as well. He has reopened his father's motorcycle repair shop recently, with Bill as an employee.

Gabriel- A new character in the story, not a lot is known of him other than he is a returning student to Arkham, and is quite aware ot the bizarre nature of the area. Sanity is questionable, given he IS returning to Arkham willingly...


Eva Marie Saintly- A seminary student and Michael's study partner; also his girlfriend. An expert in the study of Catholic relics. She has lived in Arkham for several years, with her mother being an archaeologist and her father a former priest.

Dr. Howard Beck- A professor of quantum physics, Dr. Beck has offered to teach Jackie some of the more esoteric things that he has discovered in his researches... Like how to teleport... Currently there are more than one, and they are calling themselves 'Artemis Love'.

Carl the Janitor- Once a professor at the University, Carl's researches into alchemy and certain other areas of the occult ended up driving him partly insane and rendering him connected in a bizarre way to the University; he can die, but he comes back, over and over. He has used his alchemical abilities to concoct a number of mixtures that he uses both in his janitorial duties and to defend the grounds against supernatural threats. Most of the time, he seems absentminded, harmless and a little slow; but there are moments when his former brilliance shines through.

Gene Simmons- NOT the KISS bandmember, but a major fan who also is a world-class psychic, specifically a telepath. Gene is also an assassin-for-hire, previously having worked to the US government and the Cabal, led by Frau Schodt. Right now, he isn't exactly in the good graces of either of those groups... He was briefly Jackie's teacher in psychic ability, which her teammates were very upset about. He also drove their former roommate insane and tried to kill them...

Joe Oracle- Jackie's teacher in psychic abilities, Joe runs a psychic call-in show on the local radio station, giving his predictions using songs. Joe has associations with the US government's psychic espionage division, the same group who were connected to Gene Simmons.

The Intern- A pimply-faced young man whose voice is cracking due to puberty (maybe), he works at the station with Joe oracle. Nobody actually knows his name, and nobody has bothered to ask, either.

Blue- An Imaginary Friend. Blue is the mascot and apparent caretaker of the dormhouse at which Our Heroes dwell. He has unknown capabilities, is well acquainted with most of the bizarre phenomena of the area, and is well connected as well. A source of information as well; however, Blue is easily offended.

Chaos Theory )
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Finally! I've not caught up on the three campaign-runs that I needed to write up- two of the Werewolf runs and the most recent Buffy Horror run. On this post I'm putting up the two Werewolf runs, and on the next post I'll have the Buffy run. Now, all I have to catch up on is the posts for the Vanguard campaign yesterday, and the 'What I did on my 5 Day Vacation' post... Which is almost a month late at this point. :P

Anyway, here are the Werewolf runs, behind cuts (of course!)

Werewolf- Fools Errands )

The Good With the Bad )
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And I finally got the silly thing typed in. I've been less-than-enthused about typing over the last week due to lingering illness and general fatigue. But I've finally gotten to it- I started early Saturday morning, and just finished the edit-pass about 5 minutes ago. :)

Crisis of Decisions )


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