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Mar. 1st, 2016 09:23 pm
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Yup, still alive. I don't pop in here as much as I used to (mostly on Google+ and Teleghram chat and such), but I'm still here and still writing. Well, TRYING to write. I managed to finish two of the bugaboo stories, but I'm still hung up on how to get to my desired ending in 'Faces', and I need to get back to working on 'Wolf's Clothing' so I can start constructing the novel from it.

Yep, planning to try writing a novel! My last attempt was a noir-horror thing starring my old detective character Michael Woodstock, and that faceplanted REAL HARD in the last NaNoWrimo I participated in. I may ressurect that someday, as I think some of the ideas are usable.

The longest thing I've ever written story-wise was about 57,000 words. It was 'Bear False Witness' during the FIRST NaNoWrimo I participated in. I may use stuff from it in the future, but it was pretty terrible in my opinion.

I think I may really have something with 'Wolf's Clothing' though, and hopefully I'll follow through. My New Year's resolution was to get stories in the pipe to be published- i.e. submitted for publication this year. I WILL do this!
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Me being productive in writing, that's what's new. With input from several people (In particular Virginia Nelson (can't get the stupid thing to cite properly)) I think I've gotten 'An Unbearable Situation' to where I'm happy with it. The link will be a the bottom of this post. I'm still working on 'Hot Nights', which needs a TON of editing still. Those two stories are for the Silver & Bone writing and art group on DeviantArt, and like as not won't see pay-publication.

However, this isn't to say I'm not working on stuff to get published! I have at least 10 stories that I think are ready to go, and As my New Years resolution I WILL be submitting them to various publishers! If even one gets into print, I'll be happy. They all need to get final edit-passes and be put into proper font-and-format for that, however.

On that topic, I'm working on a story that is really close to ready. The original title was 'Lost Cabin', but I think it's final title will be 'Kiree' after the main character. Sort-of a fantasy/old west tale, it properly belongs in my 'Trickster's Universe' story-cycle. I've been poking at it with a print-copy.

Other stories I mean to finish, like the horror piece titled 'Faces' and a few other stories. So, productive!

I have one more that I've not started- it'll sort-of be a werewolf story. Sort of. It's based on a folk tale I read a LONG time ago, or rather it's inspired by such.

So glad the long-ago disaster with Hot Nights (I lost over 2000 words in a miskey-disaster) hasn't stopped me. :)

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I've started my research on getting short stories published. I've discovered a few things that are important, and which will be disheartening to some of my friends who also write, the most important of which is that putting a manuscript of any kind on the web in a public format constitutes publication in the eyes of most publishers.

What this means is that in general if a story has appeared on a personal website or on a publicly accessible website, that story HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. Most will not take such a manuscript for publication.

There ARE still options to get the tale into print. Self-publication is one avenue, and publishers MAY still consider your work even if previously published online. But it becomes an uphill battle. I've about 20 or so short stories that are now essentially invalid for publication, which is annoying but hardly the end of the world.

I suspect that if a work is sufficiently changed from a previously-published version on the web, that it MIGHT be applicable for consideration; if your manuscript is not in final form, you may still have a shot.

I have three stories I'm considering for publication. One of them, titled 'Monsters' is in the 'really, really iffy' category. I CAN submit it for publication in a different format, so I can still offer it to a podcast (audio format) or a visual format such as an illustrated comic. I'm going to have to look into things more- there may be publishers who WILL take such 'published' works regardless, considering the limited audience the tales have so far reached.

To my writer friends- this is NOT the end of the world. Your works are still able to be gotten into dead-tree format. You just have altered avenues, and will have to do your research.

For my part, any fiction I plan to publish will no longer appear on FurAffinity, DeviantArt or any of the other 'public' venues that I've put things up on in the past. I seriously do wish to be a writer, so I have to keep these considerations in mind.

Oh, last thing. I'd hoped to offer a story I'm currently working on, 'The Old House', to Reader's Digest. Weirdly enough, they really don't solicit for or accept original fiction! O well. There are lots of places who do. :)
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Ah, another update!

This last week the prep for selling the house started to seriously get into gear. I've been sealing stains on the ceilings in preparation for painting, chipping bubbled paint in the kitchen and doing plasterwork to fix some damage (nail-holes, etc.) in the front room. Today we'll be doing the actual painting of the front and back rooms, the front hall and my bedroom. Once that's done, I'll be continue to cull possessions and such, and during the next few weeks I'll be painting the walls. There's a lot of prepwork to do, still, but once the painting is done we'll have a realtor over to see what we'll get as a price, and whether or not doing the carpet and kitchen floor will be worth it.

Other than all that, work continues to be work, with little new on that front. In the remaining news, I've gotten new (and REAL OLD) art up on my FA (FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sorien/) site, and a new book- Frostbite. Well, I'm still waiting for it to get here, actually. More new books will be coming over the next few months, and I'm looking forward. I've also gotten a bunch more movies, all from Half Price Books or Pawn America- Captain America and Iron Man 2 being two of them. :)

And that's about it. I'm going to try to get the most recent Horror run typed up sometime today, and maybe try to get the as-yet unfinished writeups for Traveller and the Western Campaign done. Also, watch this space for future writeups for the Vanguard game that is upcoming!
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I've not been able to write at work, and probably won't in the future, so my writing up of the adventures is sort of at a standstill. I do have the notes for a few Traveller runs to type in, but the notes I had on the last Horror run... Were scant. At best. They were SO scant that the GM was winging it more than usual! Worse, given that my laptop has a bad lead between the screen and the body, I'm not bringing it to games- at least not til its fixed. (If you close the laptop, the screen won't relight til you get JUST the right position- thus, bad connection)

So. this is a somewhat quick summary of what happened to Our Heroes last time. Ben, who plays Roy, was unable to attend, to he got fiat-ed to his 'employers at MIB. Our other heroes are:

Bill Vicklin- Up and coming monster hunter. Bill is a little crazy, and getting worse as things go darker and darker for him and his friends. He has a longcoat with an enchanted pocket that he can store disturbing amounts of ordinance within, and the uncanny ability to use ANY form of firearm.

Jackie Tall- A woman with dwarfism, Jackie has gained the ability to raise the dead, in additiuon to her other telepathic abilities. This is eroding HER sanity and self control, and she may eventually become the 'Evil Queen' in truth rather than just fantasy.

Greg Poulte- A motorcycle wrencher and biker, Greg is an on-again, off-again Buddist and full-time martial artist. He currently has the spirit of Doctor Beck within him, and the good doctor is showing him how to manipulate reality to a limited extent- Doctor Beck is so skilled at this he can teleport himself and likely even move through time. However- Greg's mind isn't attuned to this, and the stresses could kill him.

- Are we seeing a trend here?

Lastly, the absent member- Roy Smith. Roy is a junior member of MIB. Yes, the thing from the movie, but real. He was trapped in the Abyss for many years, until he sort of just wandered out when the others were trying to seal a portal they'd inadvertently opened! Since then he's reconnected with his employers, but his loyalties are terribly torn- help his friends, or do his job? Both choices have a price.

Bad Timing )


Nov. 7th, 2011 10:56 pm
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I DID get more writing done. About 2000 words, actually. But I haven't gotten it typed into the laptop yet. I HATE having to write it longhand then bang it into the laptop. I really, really do. It makes it into far more of a chore than it should be. :P
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Well, not a bad day. Here's the latest section!

Bare Bones 4 )
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And still more progress. Most of this segment was written longhand at work, and typed in just now. I'll try to get at least another thousand words down later today.

Bare Bones 3 )


Nov. 4th, 2011 04:33 pm
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First day I've written, and I've hit 3018 official wordcount. :)

Bare Bones 2 )
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But... I'm trying another novel on NaNoWriMo. Here's what I've got so far.

Bare Bones )
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First, I still think the best Charlie Daniel's Band song is 'Uneasy Rider'. ;)

On to other things. Tomorrow we return to the Horror Campaign, and the terrors and travails of Our Heroes. I'm WAY behind on writeups, but at least I'm only back one for Horror. I'll be loaning my Dresden Files gamebooks to Scotty so he can look 'em over, and I suspect that we might get a game-shift out of this- time will tell.

As to my OWN game, work continues. I've gotten the basics down for the adventure, and all of the city NPC's that I needed roughed out. I should have a vague map of the city, but I can fake that. In the adventure I've started the sorting out of what monsters are where and what they all have, as well as getting the experience listings set. I need a printer badly, soon.

Other than that, life continues. I cheated today for sleep, taking a couple of cold caps- I DID sleep, but I dislike the aftereffects- muzziness and waking even slower than I usually do. But I did sleep. Woot!

Now all that remains is actually finding my way to Scotty's new place in Eagan. ;)
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I realized sometime yesterday that I had a HUGE flaw in my first adventure- why the frak is this crap happening in the first place? There has to be a reason, after all, and 'just because' ain't gonna cut it. So last night at work I sat down and tried to puzzle it out, and viola, I kan haz backstory! I know what happened why and where, who to and what came out of it now, and I also know more about exactly what my PC's will be facing. Woot!

I've also thought a bit more on magic and treasure- I think I know how I'll deal with the initial magic the PC's will have (starting out at 3rd level they WILL have some stuff), and I think I know who three of my PC's are for sure. I have to get answers from some others, but we'll see what comes of my plan for a mixed Saturday Group / Sunday Group party.

In other news, I made spaghetti and meatballs for me and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain yesterday, and I have a snack-level amount left for later today. We yakked about the game some, and that is partly what got me thinking on some of this stuff.

Also, I'm getting a shift of overtime this week, which will appear on my next check (next Friday), which will help finish off some bills. I also got my birthday gift from the folks- my train fare to Midwest Furfest is paid, so I'll get the tickets later today. They're also covering the taxi fare from and to Union Station.

I may also get more overtime next week- there's a hole in the schedule that needs filling.

What's left for the game? finishing the roughs for the encounters, getting the monsters charted out, doing the same for the loot and experience, and some polish work on the world and city. Oh, and I suppose I really ought to stat out the major NPC's as well
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Still having trouble sleeping when I should unfortunately. I couldn't sleep today during the day, and ended up sleeping in the afternoon and evening uneasily. I did get a bit more campaign work done- I have a timeline of events from -25,000 years back to the starting point of the game! I'll probably post it as a .doc on my FA site, and link it here as I'll lose the tabs that give it the Date/Event format.

More and more I miss being able to type at work. It would help if I could get a printout of the stuff I've done so far, because then I could still build on things... O well. Maybe this week I'll see what I can do about new ink cartridges for the printer.

That's about it. I get to get ready to go to work shortly.


May. 13th, 2011 10:28 pm
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Despite my sleep schedule being utterly borked, I've made progress on the Anuris campaign. I've gotten most of the city NPC's that I'll absolutely need written up as far as I need them (personality and appearance, ballpark level and alignment, etc), and I've got a growing idea what the area is like geographically. Its on a western coastline, and the city itself was built next to a large bay. Over time, the bay was partially closed with stone fill and cement to make a defensible safe harbor, and significant piers and anchorages were built. The settlement is more than 200 years old, and has had a succession of rulers. The current leader is Baron Carti, who has ruled for the last decade.

Choras is an important place, being a port city and is defended as such. Impressive shoreside defenses include strong city walls and other fortifications, while to the seaside the harbor is defended with massive watchtowers and a dwarven-forged chain gate that can be raised across the harbor inlet, right at keel-tearing depth.

Also, I've gotten the first 10 pages of the starting adventure written. Woot! At this pace I should be ready to start right about when I want, at the end of the month. Maybe earlier!


May. 13th, 2011 09:03 am
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I'm up to 9 pages of NPC's, and this is just for the city. I have about a paragraph for each, as well as their alignment, class(es) and level(s). Ugh. I still have a bunch to go, then I can get into trying to map the city, harbor and local area, and really get going on the adventure itself. Ugh.

It'll be nice once the city is done. Its probably the hardest part of starting a game, making the 'home city' area. Oh- the city is called Choras (pronounced Kore-Az), and is a moderate-sized city with a large harbor; centuries back this harbor was created artificially with stony fill to partly close the originally much-wider mouth of the bay. Two huge towers rise on either side of the entrance, and massive chains can be winched into place, just under the water to close off the passage if invaders approach. It is a trade city, and a destination for merchant caravans wishing to move their wares across the sea.

I think I'm done for the morning. I'll do more tonight.
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Here is the basic rules for character generation for the Anuris campaign, as well as the divinities of the Civilized Races. Obviously, there will be more to come. :)

Edit: Added the clerical Domains to the Deities section.

Character Generation Rules )

Gods And Religions of Anuris )


May. 10th, 2011 09:53 pm
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Check the previous entry out- I added a lot of detail and fixed a few things.

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Okay, here's a goodly chunk of character creation. PLEASE give comments- I don't think these are overpowered in any particular way, but I might miss things and comments are always useful. Edit- I added some more details and fixed a few things on 05/10/11!

Anuris: History and Races )
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I'm seriously thinking about running a Pathfinder campaign. I had an idea last night, and I jotted a bunch of things down already. I'm thinking 4 or 5 players, and I know who I wanna ask initially already. It'll start with everyone being 3rd level, and it's going to be a fairly cinematic game... I hope.

Twenty thousand years is how long Civilization has held sway upon Anuris; twenty thousand years where Men and Others strove against each other and the darkness within and without. Heroes lived and died, and the common folk led their lives with the hope that they would never see the adventures of such beings.

In those long eons, civilizations of many races rose and fell; Civilization as a concept though lasted throughout. And now... After so very long a time, there is the sense that change is coming- whether the End Times of the world are upon us, or simply a new Age, is unknown. But the Seers are uneasy, and the rulers of the Five Races have no calm rest.

Now is the time for heroes once again, and we watch and wait for what shall come...

That there is the intro. Not quite the Hyperborean Chronicles, but good enough. :)
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Okay, here's the second run. Finally! I don't think it's my best work, but at least its done.

Dresden Riles 02- Ancient Histironics )


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