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Okay. I'm up. Today I head out with friends on the drive to Chicagoland and Midwest Furfest! I've got all my crap packed, and aside from a few dishes in the sink I'm essentially ready to go. I'm looking forward to this- I definitely need a vacation.

In the previous three weeks ending last Thursday, I want through one of the longer bouts of insomnia I've had. I think it was longer than usual because there were multiple things contributing to it- stress (of course), a need for a change, bedding overdue for a change, allergies and I really need a new mattress.

Other than that, things have been mostly quiet... Mostly. Two weeks ago while coming home from work I had the tie rods on the front right wheel snap whilst on the ramp from 35W Northbound to New Brighton Boulevard. For those that don't know, the tie rods are what hold the wheel in place and allow it to turn. Well, they snapped and that wheel no longer turned!

After a three hour wait and a tow to my folks place, I got home using my mom's car. a few days later it was fixed, and its back running fine.

That pretty much sums up recent events. I'll post again from the con.
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Okay. Yesterday was my birthday, and a bunch of people were nice enough to throw me a nice little party. We had sirloin steak on the grill, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli for the meal, and I got some beer for myself because dammit, its my birthday and I wanted a beer or two. :)

[livejournal.com profile] joshuwain was the prime mover behind the party, with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] phineus and our friend Todd supplying food and labor. [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn were also in attendance. Thanks to you all!

A few more details about my campaign were hammered out, and the creation of characters has begun. Some of the players and I will be getting together on Friday, and whomever is left I'll work with on (probably) Monday to get things squared. Mostly it will be me approving builds and back-stories. Once I have all that information, I'll go back into the adventure and tailor some of the bits, and I'll also distribute the goodies to the characters- additional cash and the ever-popular magic items.

As once again I didn't sleep well yesterday, I've taken a couple of cold-caps to make certain I get at least some sleep today. I'll finish covering my windows later this week, when I can get together with the folks and get the black foamboard and brads (teeny nails) to put it up with. The lack of light will definitely help. I'm also stripping my bed and remaking it before I crash this morning with fresh bedding and such. That sometimes helps as well.
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First, I still think the best Charlie Daniel's Band song is 'Uneasy Rider'. ;)

On to other things. Tomorrow we return to the Horror Campaign, and the terrors and travails of Our Heroes. I'm WAY behind on writeups, but at least I'm only back one for Horror. I'll be loaning my Dresden Files gamebooks to Scotty so he can look 'em over, and I suspect that we might get a game-shift out of this- time will tell.

As to my OWN game, work continues. I've gotten the basics down for the adventure, and all of the city NPC's that I needed roughed out. I should have a vague map of the city, but I can fake that. In the adventure I've started the sorting out of what monsters are where and what they all have, as well as getting the experience listings set. I need a printer badly, soon.

Other than that, life continues. I cheated today for sleep, taking a couple of cold caps- I DID sleep, but I dislike the aftereffects- muzziness and waking even slower than I usually do. But I did sleep. Woot!

Now all that remains is actually finding my way to Scotty's new place in Eagan. ;)
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Still having trouble sleeping when I should unfortunately. I couldn't sleep today during the day, and ended up sleeping in the afternoon and evening uneasily. I did get a bit more campaign work done- I have a timeline of events from -25,000 years back to the starting point of the game! I'll probably post it as a .doc on my FA site, and link it here as I'll lose the tabs that give it the Date/Event format.

More and more I miss being able to type at work. It would help if I could get a printout of the stuff I've done so far, because then I could still build on things... O well. Maybe this week I'll see what I can do about new ink cartridges for the printer.

That's about it. I get to get ready to go to work shortly.
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This was both an eventful and uneventful period. I probably should have posted a few times in there, but one of the things I'll mention here really ruined my desire to do so. The 21st was a Monday, and marked the start of a bit of drama with a friend. That's been totally worked out to my knowledge, and the matter is settled. However, Monday the 21st was ALSO the start of my latest bout of insomnia. It was one of my longer bouts, and it finally 'broke' yesterday. 14 days of getting 2 to 4 hours of fitful sleep really, really sucks.

The 27th was supposed to be the next Sunday Group meeting, but one of the players was sick so we elected to skip rather than spread the plague.

On the 1st, my dad went into the hospital. He had an intestinal blockage, and was having some pretty severe pain. They checked him out thoroughly, and he went into surgery on the third. It went very well, and while it had been scheduled to last three to four hours he was out in less than one. As it turns out, the blockage was a sort-of skin flap- damage left from when he had a burst appendix as a little kid. So this problem has been around for more than sixty years, and just finally became dangerous.

However, despite the surgery itself going well, the recovery was NOT so good. He had a fairly severe reaction to some of the drugs used, and was disoriented and hallucinating to the point of violence. Now my dad is in his late seventies, but he's STILL a big guy- it took multiple orderlies to restrain him. To make it worse, he couldn't wear his C-Pap machine, so he basically wasn't sleeping for days on end. Fortunately, by Saturday the 5th he was fine, though wobbly. He actually looks better than he has for some time. I expect he'll be released in the next few days.

Saturday was the second run of the Dresden game, and that went well. I think it'll be a fun game, even though I have to agree that the rules at times are overwritten and are badly organized. His comment was that 'they read like stereo instructions!' For the food, I made from-scratch pancakes which were actually pretty good, other than the fact that I made easily twice as much batter as I needed. I think I still have one meal's worth left.

Sunday I saw Dad again in the morning, and other than getting REAL sick of the hospital he was fine. The insomnia finally broke, and I slept pretty well after I got home. Of course, it was also the anniversary of my losing Luna; never a good day for me.

I've got a bunch of writing for the various games to do- two Old West runs and the Horror run for the Sunday Group, and I'm going to try and turn my notes from the Dresden game into something readable as well. On top of that I've started a new series of short stories called 'The Believers'. They're urban fantasy effectively, and I think I might have something publishable in these. :)

That's about it for recent events.
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Today I return, likely temporarily, to the Saturday Gaming Group. The game will be a short-run of the Dresden Files RPG, with an indefinite number of actual meets. I'm both looking forward to this and feeling some trepidation, if not paranoia. I'm hoping that I've changed enough for things to work out, but I'm afraid that I'm going to be treated differently than everyone else. I expect added scrutiny, but part of me worries that it'll be an 'if I blink I'll fail' kind of thing. Most of this is paranoia. I hope. But time will tell. It doesn't help that I couldn't sleep worth crap.

On a happier note, I watched the entire first season of True Blood over the last few days- I like it enough that I want my own copy of the season collection, and I want to watch the second and successive seasons. It is NOT exactly like the original, which is disappointing, but its STILL a very good series. I definitely question some of the changes (Tara being black and an almost rabidly outspoken 'wild girl'), some of the alterations to what the vampires are like (they're being portrayed as more evil and nasty overall culturally which IS a problem), and a few other little problems. I LOVE the casting of Sookie, Bill and Jason. Lafayette was PERFECT (tho they made changes to him that I dislike), and both Sam and Eric were VERY close to what I was hoping for. I'm definitely looking forward to the further episodes.

Less happy is my monetary situation. I'm VERY tight right now. I'm probably going to stoop to talking to the folks for some petty cash and help with some medical stuff (pay a small bill and get a new inhaler- it might be months before I can afford it, depending). I hate doing it, but I've little recourse. Fortunately, I'm not in any kind of danger financially, its just uncomfortable. And I'll be flat broke til my next paycheck, and immediately after too. And my debts don't rise to the level of being terrifying, just really, really annoying.

I think that's enough rambling. I don't really feel comfortable posting all this, but I'm thinking that by actually doing so some of the stress might be lessened.
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In an attempt to address every possible reason why I might not be sleeping well, I remade my bed with clean sheets, coverlet and quilts, and put clean, doubled and de-linted cases on the pillows. Hopefully it'll help, but it leaves me with a stack of laundry that I have to go to a laundromat with. Bleah.

I have three presents to get left- one is the re-do of the card and gift-card that got lost inside another gift, and two I simply have no idea what to get. I'll try to get ideas from both people tonight, as I REALLY wanna be done with the shopping before the end of the 10th. All the stuff that's here at this point is wrapped and under the tree, and as soon as the rest arrives it'll be done too. Woot.

So later today and probably tomorrow morning early will be laundry and general cleaning about the house. The quilts and such are the morning job. Once that's done, who knows- I might even work on getting my room excavated! It really needs it.

Also on the agenda for tonight is working some on the novel. I need to determine just what area the Great Desert covers- I'm thinking it actually covers all of Israel, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and merges with the other deserts of the area. I also think that the seas are still there, WAY down under the sands and locked away from mankind. I think an inkling of a future story could be there. :)

Oh, and lastly, the menu for the party- Several party subs from cousins- Italian, Turkey, Beef and one other will be the main course, with some kind of chicken soup from [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and maybe my chili as sides. Of course the usual munchies will be there as well, and if people wanna volunteer to bring stuff like the pop, chips, cheeses and such that would be VERY cool, And [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn is bringing cookies. There may be other cookies as well! Once again, the date is Friday, January 7, 2011 for the party. Until then, Happy Holidays!
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FOUR left. Two I know what to get, two I don't. Aagh. I'll pick the two I can get tomorrow after work, and cogitate on the possibilities for the other two. And consider a baseball bat or crowbar to pry loose some suggestions!

I woke after two hours again today, but I'm not real sure why. I might be just restless. Or all this shopping has my head spinning. ;)

I've decided something about the editing- I'm keeping a copy of the first draft untouched; that way, if I totally eff it up, I have something to fall back to and restart. I've this terror that I'll over-write it... Not in the write-over-the-file-and-lose-it sense, but in the overdo it sense. Bleh. But I do have to learn how to do this.

And seeing as the gifts are starting to pile up, I think I'll start wrapping tomorrow. In the evening, or during the day if I wake up early again. It'll be nice to get stuff under the tree. Even if the tree looks kinda evil.

Maybe I should kinda plan the tree for next year early- get the lights right after Xmas when they're cheap, and the new decorations I want too. I've got a lot, but some of the ornaments I have are starting to look kinda scrungy. And GOD I want a tree-star that lights, that DOESN'T look like cheesy crap. :P
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Bleah. I got about 2 hours and woke up. Oh well. In any case, all my orders have started showing up, and I kinda feel sorry for the mailman, who is gonna have a TON of books to get to me this coming week. My brother FINALLY got me a thin-and-pathetic list, but it'll help me with him and Sam- she wants a tea strainer for loose tea, so I'm gonna get her that, and a teapot, and a selection of loose teas. Hah! For Maggie I'll get the one thing he listed for her, and bug the hell out of him til he gives me more so I can keep the gifts even- they're sisters after all.

With those three dealt with, I have four left. One is a stop tomorrow and quick, and the other three... Yeesh. I've no idea really. I'll figure it out though. I hope.

As I think I mentioned before, the Xmas party is going to be on the 7th of January. I'm currently thinking some sub sandwiches from Cousins as the food- prolly a beef, italian combo and turkey for the selection. I may bother someone to bring soup, and I may also make chili to round things out. Of course the usual snackage will be available, and [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn has offered cookies. Who am I to refuse? ;)

In other matters, I've seriously started on the editing process of the novel. Simply put, this is gonna be a pain, and I'm going to have to do some pride-swallowing (like sword-swallowing, but it hurts more), to get things right. I have a final target of 100,000 words or more, and I'm currently at 67,400. A ways to go, I know. Especially since there's one entire chapter that has to be rewritten.

I've already got about 3 or 4 new paragraphs for the first chapter, so woot there. Later today I have gaming, and as far as I know its the Desert World AD&D game- Of course, given that what I got done for the writeups was for the Western game, and even THAT isn't done. It'll be a fun night either way.
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I DID get rid of the headache, finally. All it took was more Ibuprofin, food and about 8 cups of strong tea. The incredible steak sandwich I had certainly didn't hurt! In the sports bar they have here, called 'Red', they have a small menu but what's on it... OhmyfuckingGod is it good. The steak sandwich was easily worth the $16. Oh- While the service was slow to get to me (there was a mixed mob of Furries and businesspeople almost to standing-room-only), once they DID get the order it got to me fast. The kitchen area is just off to the side, and if you wanted to you could watch the prep. The bar is well-stocked, and I'm highly tempted to try a few less common things... At least less common to me, like various mixed drinks.

While I feel fine now, I didn't sleep worth a damn. I did get SOME sleep, just... Fitful. Not too-much-caffeine fitful, but brain-won't-shut-up fitful. I think I'll be writing today at some point. :)

Right now I'm waiting on [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, whom I'm splitting the room with ([livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn is here too), and we'll probably get breakfast.
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Well, I think I'm through the insomnia for the most part. I'm still not sleeping quite as long as I'd like, but at least I'm sleeping. Other than that, things have been quiet for the most part both here in Plague House and at work. I've been working on my short story, 'Thief of Luck', but its still not finished- and by finished I've not gotten the first draft done. I'm REAL close. I thought I'd have it done last night, but stuff went on that slowed me down. I think I have three or four chapters or so left to go. The climax of the tale will be in two chapters- One leadup, then the climax. There there will be one of two more after that. I've still not decided the fate of one of the characters, though at this point I think he'll live to reappear in the second or third novel, where he'll probably be pivotal.

Speaking of the novel, due to several conversations the world has changed drastically, and I may rethink exactly what I'm doing. I'm having second thoughts about the whole prison thing (don't worry if you don't know what I mean here), and might scrap the idea as potentially unwieldy. I'm liking the conspiratorial angle that's developing. As it looks now I have a month to work up the rough outline, and then I'll be writing it on NaNoWriMo in November. It's gonna be tough- while I CAN write 2-3 thousand words at a sitting pretty easily, if I hit blocks like I have with the short it'll get dicey as to whether I can finish in the allotted time of a month. We'll see though. I'll keep plugging at it.

I've also expanded my diet a little. I'm going to start keeping lettuce on hand for use in sandwiches- breaded chicken breast on toast with lettuce and mayo is really good, and I'm going to pick up some summer sausage sandwich meat for more sandwich options. Who knows- Maybe I'll actually be able to pretend that I'm eating healthier. :P

And that's about it. I'll post the short story here and on my FA site when I get the first draft done. Hopefully tomorrow, but... We;ll see.


Sep. 18th, 2010 01:15 am
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I'm still screwed up sleepwise. I AM sleeping, but generally not more than three hours at a shot. I'm not totally sure why, which is a touch frustrating. I don't want advice; this is more just a 'this is what's up' post so people understand why I'm asleep when I'm awake and such. I suspect I'm coming to the end of this bout of insomnia though... The headaches (tension, from my neck) seem to be a hint when the end of the sleeplessness is near.

I hope to get more stuff uploaded to the FA site soon, the bulk of which is the various photos I've got up there. I don't plan on fixing the LJ posts that just have City of Heroes/Villains character images- I don't play anymore and I can get better versions from Lou than from the costumer in the game.

Oddly enough, I HAVE been a little productive writing-wise. I got the Buffy Horror writeup done, and I should get the next Desert World done in the next few days at work.

Other than that, not a lot is going on- I made a beef roast for dinner, with plenty left over for sandwiches, and I got a six pach of New Belgium (a brewery in Colorado, the same one that makes Fat Tire) IPA along with my usual Heineken. Good stuff.

I plan to start the next Ravah short story this week too; this one should help me seriously nail down her personality- It'll be the tale of how and when she was Marked.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 12:13 pm
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Insomnia sucks. I can't sleep right now, so I'm up and typing this. However, something DID come out of it this time- I did sleep for an hour or two, and in that time I had a weird little dream that'll become a story. Its science fiction/fantasy, taking place on an almost-earth, but I'm not saying more about it til I get going on it. I plan to post it up here, either as I go or when its done. I also looked into NaNoWriMo, the monthly writing contest thingie in November- If I have an idea, I MIGHT participate. People best not nag though; I'm not that confident in my ability to write and I've never written anything over six-to-eight thousand words. To 'win' on NaNoWriMo is FIFTY THOUSAND words! O.o

However, I can do about five thousand in about 8 hours if I have an idea to work with, so I might be able to pull it off. For those who don't know what it is, look here: http://www.nanowrimo.org/

This new idea is not what I'll use for the contest. You're sposed to start fresh and just start writing, so that's what I'll try to do.

And again- see my last post and PLEASE read and comment on the stories I've posted! I want any input I can get- I'll note that the game-run writeups I'm less concerned with critiques on- they just exist as records for the game worlds. :)
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I'll be back. Really. I've just been... Just not in the mood for MUCKing. Its not Champions Online- I MUCKed and played City of Heroes easily enough, I've just felt out of place and out of sorts on the MUCKs recently. I honestly think that a lot of this stems from my completely SCREWED sleep schedule. I don't seem to be able to top four restless hours asleep currently. It'll eventually pass (I hope), and I'll be back. I have all of next week off, so I have a shot at getting straightened out, and on top of that a lot of MUCKing time available. See you all soon!
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Not much is going on right now, really. I've had a touch of insomnia the last few days, probably due to me trying to figure out what causes it- Caffeine may or may not have a part in it, but the bed definitely might be part of the problem. So, someone (I can't recall who) mentioned that queen-sized mattress pads of that memory foam stuff were on sale, so I'll maybe look into getting one. Now THAT'S exciting. ;)

On other matters, I've finally gotten around to working on an update for my website. Its gonna be a LOT different, and a lot bigger too- hopefully I'll be able to keep it on visi, but if the storage costs are too much I'll look at going to google, who have a hosting thingie.

Dad has decided for the painting of the house that we're hiring someone to do it. Yay! He's paying, but when the house finally does go on the market, I get to pay him back. This won't be for a year at the earliest as far as I can tell... The selling that is. The painting may happen as soon as next week!

And finally, I'm about to start work on the next 7th Sea writeup. Scotty G. at last was able to join us, but as his character doesn't share a language with ANY of us, we don't know his name! For that matter, its been 'amusing' trying to communicate... Someone has to learn someone else's language, methinks. Or several of us. ;)
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I have to work tonight, Midnight to 6 AM (or 6:30) and tomorrow from 4 PM to Midnight. So naturally, I can't sleep. Tonight is at Whitney Mills, like it was supposed to be LAST night- I found out that the guard that was supposed to be there for me to relieve DIDN'T go to another account- he just LEFT. Oy. So tonight and two days this weekend I'll be pulling that shift. Tomorrow and Wednesday is at Baker Center for training. I don't think I wanna be there though, so Thursday I'm going to go into the office and put some bids in at other accounts- something I should have done weeks ago, but only found out that I COULD two weeks back.

As it stands now, my hours at Baker will be Midnight-8AM, Monday-Friday. Or Sunday-Thursday, I'm not sure. And the Whitney Mills thing is also slightly uncertain- either Friday and Saturday 12-8 or Saturday and Sunday, same hours. I'll call and confirm it Thursday, or talk to Brandy when I'm in the office to put in the bids.

The next two days (nights?) are going to SUCK.
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Okay, I'm doing two days again this week at the Holiday Inn East. Last night and this coming night. Friday I have off (DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND ON COH! RAR!), But Sunday from 12 AM to 12 PM I'm doing a sit-on-your-butt shift downtown. Monday morning will be another, but that will be only 6 hours, also downtown. Next week, unless they CHANGE SHIT AROUND AGAIN I'll be at Baker Center... Supposedly.

I'll be calling an ASC supervisor named Brandy tonight to get the details, after 5 PM. Then we'll find out if things are still screwy. Also, at Baker I may not be able to have my laptop, which will lessen my game-writeup speed a lot. O well. I'll still get it done, I think.

As to other things, I've been dealing with insomnia for the last four days; however, I'm REAL tired now, so hopefully after I get home and eat I'll be able to get some decent rest.

They did get me the missing vacation pay too, rather quickly.

On non-work-related stuff, I've been re-reading the Avengers issues from the late-1990's, the Perez/Buisek run- While tending to be a bit more cosmic than I like... THIS is how comics should be. :) I miss stuff like this, the Avengers Forever maxi-series, and the Byrne-Austin-Clairemont run on X-Men. I am SO sick and tired of dark, nasty, who-dies-this-week writing.

I STILL want to burn Joe Quaesada in effigy. And the fella who started the whole 'destroy the X-Men/destroy the Avengers' lines... I wanna burn HIM. Grr. Snarl. ;)
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Well, on Wednesday I talked to the folks on the phone and was informed that dad and my brother were coming out today (Friday the 4th) to work on my garage doors. I hadn't expected this, and while I DO appreciate the volunteered labor I don't like them just working on stuff for me. Between my work-hours and being tired a lot, and frankly being lazy, I don't get nearly enough done around the house as I should... And I feel bad enough about it without them coming and doing it for me. So, I kinda resolved to be up when they got here to at least pull some of the load.

Of course, I slept like crap. They got here at the crack of 9 AM, which was about 2 1/2 hours after I crashed. I'd been figuring noon or later! Anyway, as I'd not really been asleep anyway I heard their arrival and went down to help. We got both doors stripped of the old paint, vacuumed up the dust, swept out the garage, tossed out a TON of crap from the garage and made a lot of progress.

Now... As I'd totally spaced warning [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn about this, and I didn't do anything myself about it before we got started, Mirr's car and Khir's motorcycle got dusty. REAL dusty in the case of Mirr's car. I put the cover over the motorcycle before it got as bad as the car. With pretty much everything else done, I'll be hosing it down later today to get the worst of the dust off, and I'll give each of them $10 or so for the trouble; it WAS my fault that I didnt' warn them, after all.

And now, its almost 3 PM. I'll paint tonight sometime, either before or after fireworks. Its a quiet job, so I can do it when I damn well please. :) The tentative plan is for me and [livejournal.com profile] ataramos to head to Keegan's Pub, hang out there for a while then walk to the Stone Arch Bridge for the fireworks, then head home after. Possibly we'll catch a midnight show of 'Hancock' but that's in the air.

The garage is (compared to the way it USUALLY is) SCARY clean. I also got my brother his birthday gift, and dad took my car home to look at whatever is making the horrible grinding sound. Likely its bad bearings.

The trash bin is FULL, too... This is bad, cos we still have trash upstairs. I'll try to mash it down later.
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Ugh. It is now just past noon and I can't sleep, and my stomach is communicating a less-than-pleased state. To make this the PERFECT day, I get to go into work at 3 PM for a double. Peachy. O well, I've done it before and I'll survive it... I just ain't gonna LIKE it. Feh.

So much for getting together online for City of Heroes tonight. Have fun, guys.
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Ah, sleep. Be nice to have some again soon... I couldn't sleep again today, tossing fitfully for about 3 hours til I gave up and got out of bed. Hopefully this bout will break soon. For people who're interested as to what its like, watch 'Fight Club'- the early portion of the film where the lead describes what insomnia is like is fairly accurate, although its nowhere NEAR as massive an experience.

In any event, I got together in the evening with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain for our vaguely-weekly dinner-thing; I was aiming to do a pan stew, but as fried as I was I begged off and we did a simple chicken stir-fry instead. He did most of the work, and it was pretty good. There was enough that [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn had some too.

And now, I'm at work. I will hopefully stay awake all night, and I may hit the laundromat with my bedding in the morning- It depends how messed up I am.


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