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I really, really hate night terrors sometimes. Or maybe given my sleep habits they're 'day terrors'? I don't know. All I know is that I've had them since I was a little kid, and they are a Pain In The Ass.

That's why I'm awake now. I had a doozy. Not that fear is keeping me awake- instead I can't stop giggling about it.

Anyway, it apparently took place in the Heinsohn farmhouse; as usual, everything was kinda jumbled and garbled, and a lot of facts were wrong- like the house in Real Life(tm) is on Rural Route 1 outside of Le Seuer, Minnesota, and in the dream it was in Minneapolis. I'm not totally sure what was happening, but as far as I can tell, I was living in the place, and was trying to sell it for $500,000. This is NOT an unreasonable price- the place is HUGE.

In the dream, when I started screaming in the waking world, I was in bed with some kind of NASTY presence looming over me. Some of the jumbled bits I recall were leading someone through the house (on a showing, I suppose), and oddly changed details like there being a cobweb-strewn wooden archway on the stairs leading to the basement. In the real house, its brightly lit, never cobwebbed and done in linoleum.

Usually, I can get right back to sleep. Rarely this creepy-as-hell sensation remains, and I can't. This time, I start giggling every time I think of the screams I was giving out with. Gah!

Gettin' really, really tired of this.
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In September of 1994 I moved into the house I'd bought at 722 36 1/2 Ave. NE in Minneapolis. For 18 years it was my home, as well as the home of a number of my friends. Today... It is no longer mine. The closing was quick and painless, and the check is in the bank. All that's left is paying off the debts, which happens next week about Wednesday. I want to wait til the check is definitely cleared.

I'm going to miss it, and I already miss the people I'd lived with. Dave, Dan, Angela, George, Sean, Ed, Margaret, Mike (not me, the FAKE one), Joe, Anna, James, Chris (who's still here in the apartment with me) and Max. I think that was everyone. To you all, thank you for the times, good, bad and average. Time for a new start in the new apartment, debt free. :)

I... LIVE!

Jul. 2nd, 2012 10:15 pm
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Yes, I'm still here. Yup, I'll still post. I've just been kinda less than enthusiastic with updating given all the stuff going on. Not necessarily bad stuff, mind you, just... Too much.

However, this is decent news. FINALLY the house is officially on the market and for sale! This is a GOOD thing, much as I really don't want to sell it. We also had the first showing today, which was from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. I have no idea what the result of it was, and I won't til the realtor notifies me. I quite doubt we'll get a sale that fast, but it would truly be cool if we did. :)
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I can't recall if I posted this at all here before, so I'll say it again just in case- Plague House is going to be sold, and I and all the people currently here will be moving on. There is a lot going on right now, some of which I'm not at liberty to discuss. But, of the stuff I CAN talk about, there is the progress on fixing the place up for sale.

Tomorrow, the bathroom will be done other than fiddly bits (cleaning, maybe new towel racks and such), as will the front room. We're just gonna remove the carpet there and clean the floor, as the wood is in good shape. The kitchen ceiling has been mudded, and will be sanded and likely primed tomorrow. So, there's a lot of progress!

Also, we talked to a realtor from ReMax yesterday. Looks like I should be able to get a decent price for the place, but unless I get the midrange to high amounts she provided as estimates I'll either have to short dad and my brother a bit on payback, or not pay off the whole credit card. However, no matter what things will be better than they are now.

The fix-up stuff that remains includes the new carpet in the back room and my bedroom, carpet in [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae's room, and removing the carpet from [livejournal.com profile] ataramos's room- that won't happen til people have moved out. Obviously, there'll still be a lot of cleaning to do, as well as disposing of all the crap I'm not taking with me. Oh- As suggested by the realtor, we're likely going to have to replace the furnace and central air- like as not it won't pass the city inspection, and replacing them will provide a better selling price. We'll be fixing the parking pad in back as well, but that's not nearly as much of an issue as the furnace and such.

Part of me is looking forward to all this being done, another part is terrified- this is a MAJOR change, and part of the price is effectively losing contact with several people I consider friends. Its also a terrible disruption to their lives as well, and I'm not happy about that, either- but it's really not much of a choice for me anymore.

In the end, I'll have the memories of the place, and a new home to call my own. here's hoping for relatively smooth sailing in the getting there.


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