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Happy-joy, another night terror. THey’re pretty passe to me these days, and I can usually go right back to sleep. Usually after muttering ‘Oh, goddamn it...’

Anyway, this one stood out because a) I remembered it, and b) it was a pretty traditional ‘abduction’ night terror, which I used to have as a kid but never have now.

I was in my car, driving at night. The roads were long and curving, the scenery was farm fields and light wooded areas. As I was driving, I think I heard a radio playing some kind of news station, but it was indistinct.

I caught a glimpse of two figures on the side of the road, who looked to be talking. In the dream I dismissed it- two guys talking isn’t weird. But I distinctly recall that they seemed to be lit by their own light (i.e. they were glowing).

As I continued to drive, I continued to see glowing humanoids, usually at the side of the road, always singular. They drew my attention so much I was swerving, and I had to fight to keep on the road.

Finally, one of them was RIGHT IN THE ROAD, and I hit him. I distinctly recall the sound of the impact (a dull thud and the sound of the body going over the car), and I woke up. I could have gone back to sleep, but I think the headache I also had developed helped wake me. Besides, it was close to the usual time I get up.

The figures, by the way, looked like a cross between tall humans and the traditional ‘grey’ aliens famed in abduction scenerios. If you think you’ve been abducted, it is usually ‘just’ a night terror of this type. The appearance of the Greys is a construct of the brain based on how the brain sorts sensory input, hence slender body, prominent head, eyes and hands.

Really kinda getting sick of these.


Sep. 1st, 2007 03:43 am
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Its 2:40 or so in the morning as I type this. I can't seem to sleep. [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain is snoring some despite the C-PAP thingie he uses, but thats not whats keeping me awake- that, in fact, is hardly bothering me at all. Instead, I've been feeling kinda twitchy and paranoid, like someone's watching me... And no, not like someone is in the room or a 'ghost' or any shit like that. The room is fine. Its me, and I'm more annoyed than anything else.

I did kinda sleep, but I was starting awake every 15 minutes or so, turning over, starting again, and I finally kinda gave up about 20 minutes or so ago and took a walk. I don't feel as twitchy now, but I KNOW I won't sleep yet.

I'll take some melatonin and see if that helps some, and try to sleep in an hour or so.


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