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Apr. 22nd, 2017 06:57 am
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Today is the usual run for our biweekly campaign, currently Sylvan's Skylands campaign.What's unusual is that instead of starting at noon, we're starting around 5 PM. It'll thus be a 'short' run, but I get to get some sleep beforehand! Woo! Also, we're having tacos for dinner, so I'm bringing the lettuce, diced tomatoes and sour cream. As snacky-stuff, I'm bringing canteloupe (cut into bites) and watermelon.

Looking forward to it, and now to bed. :)
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And I just deleted my Livejournal account. I have 60 days to go back if I want, but... Not likely. Their Anti-LGBT attitudes and rules, and the fact that Russia likely sucks whatever data it can out of the journals for their own use and analysis leave me little desire to return. I'll try to let people know where I've gone, one way or another.


Apr. 11th, 2017 08:52 am
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Not that I'll be likely to be posting more here than I was there, I'm newly arrived from Livejournal, which I'm dropping like a hot piece of Krypronite due to their bullshit anti-LGBT attitudes and disturbing ownership. I'll be here from now on, and my livejournal will be deleted as soon as everything has finished transferring across.

So hello and all that!
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Well, next week is my birthday, and to celebrate I took the week off. So I get to loaf and be generally useless for nine days/nights. Woot. The only plans I have (so far) are to see Civil War and to game on Saturday and Sunday.

Other than that, we're close to the end of our time in the apartment. Chris is moving to just outside Green Bay, WI to live with our former roomie from the house, Anna, and I'll be moving with ANOTHER former roomie, Dave, in his house. The dates for our respective moves are slightly in the air, but he'll be mopving sometime in June, while I may be here through July and (if shit goes wrong) August.

I hate moving, but at the same time I hate paying way more than I should for what I'm getting. Especially since me alone in a two-bedroom apartment would just be too much. Other than that, life is life.
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Happy-joy, another night terror. THey’re pretty passe to me these days, and I can usually go right back to sleep. Usually after muttering ‘Oh, goddamn it...’

Anyway, this one stood out because a) I remembered it, and b) it was a pretty traditional ‘abduction’ night terror, which I used to have as a kid but never have now.

I was in my car, driving at night. The roads were long and curving, the scenery was farm fields and light wooded areas. As I was driving, I think I heard a radio playing some kind of news station, but it was indistinct.

I caught a glimpse of two figures on the side of the road, who looked to be talking. In the dream I dismissed it- two guys talking isn’t weird. But I distinctly recall that they seemed to be lit by their own light (i.e. they were glowing).

As I continued to drive, I continued to see glowing humanoids, usually at the side of the road, always singular. They drew my attention so much I was swerving, and I had to fight to keep on the road.

Finally, one of them was RIGHT IN THE ROAD, and I hit him. I distinctly recall the sound of the impact (a dull thud and the sound of the body going over the car), and I woke up. I could have gone back to sleep, but I think the headache I also had developed helped wake me. Besides, it was close to the usual time I get up.

The figures, by the way, looked like a cross between tall humans and the traditional ‘grey’ aliens famed in abduction scenerios. If you think you’ve been abducted, it is usually ‘just’ a night terror of this type. The appearance of the Greys is a construct of the brain based on how the brain sorts sensory input, hence slender body, prominent head, eyes and hands.

Really kinda getting sick of these.
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Welp, finally watched Man of Steel all the way through. I had some misconceptions about the film, and I was surprised- I kinda liked it. However, I thought the tone was WAY too dark for Superman, and the redesign of the Kryptonians in a lot of ways really bothered me. It took some of the elements that John Byrne introduced back in the eighties and merged it with a sort-of militaristic, mechanistic look that I found to be extremely off-putting. Not to mention the whole 'birth of Kal-El' sequence was utterly unnecessary.

For a 'first of franchise' film, it is very gritty, dark and depressing. Far more fitting for the Batman than for Superman. I think the director, Zack Snyder, likes flashy explosions and pointlessly ornate and violent conflict scenes more than he likes solid storytelling. There were plot-holes too; big ones that I'll not go into here in case people haven't seen it.

Overall, it's a good superhero flick. It is just wrong for Superman and his story structure. Superman is one of those characters who is supposed to be about hope and trust- but here, he isn't trusted. Not really, and obviously that distrust leads into Batman vs. Superman.

I think that WB and DC need to reevaluate how they do superhero properties- they seem to have it in their heads that superheroes have to be dark, gritty and poorly lit, with grim backstories and equally grim threats that can never survive the immediate film. Maybe they ought to get some of their television and comic writers involved more in the filmwork- it seems to have worked damned well for Marvel.


Mar. 1st, 2016 09:23 pm
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Yup, still alive. I don't pop in here as much as I used to (mostly on Google+ and Teleghram chat and such), but I'm still here and still writing. Well, TRYING to write. I managed to finish two of the bugaboo stories, but I'm still hung up on how to get to my desired ending in 'Faces', and I need to get back to working on 'Wolf's Clothing' so I can start constructing the novel from it.

Yep, planning to try writing a novel! My last attempt was a noir-horror thing starring my old detective character Michael Woodstock, and that faceplanted REAL HARD in the last NaNoWrimo I participated in. I may ressurect that someday, as I think some of the ideas are usable.

The longest thing I've ever written story-wise was about 57,000 words. It was 'Bear False Witness' during the FIRST NaNoWrimo I participated in. I may use stuff from it in the future, but it was pretty terrible in my opinion.

I think I may really have something with 'Wolf's Clothing' though, and hopefully I'll follow through. My New Year's resolution was to get stories in the pipe to be published- i.e. submitted for publication this year. I WILL do this!
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Me being productive in writing, that's what's new. With input from several people (In particular Virginia Nelson (can't get the stupid thing to cite properly)) I think I've gotten 'An Unbearable Situation' to where I'm happy with it. The link will be a the bottom of this post. I'm still working on 'Hot Nights', which needs a TON of editing still. Those two stories are for the Silver & Bone writing and art group on DeviantArt, and like as not won't see pay-publication.

However, this isn't to say I'm not working on stuff to get published! I have at least 10 stories that I think are ready to go, and As my New Years resolution I WILL be submitting them to various publishers! If even one gets into print, I'll be happy. They all need to get final edit-passes and be put into proper font-and-format for that, however.

On that topic, I'm working on a story that is really close to ready. The original title was 'Lost Cabin', but I think it's final title will be 'Kiree' after the main character. Sort-of a fantasy/old west tale, it properly belongs in my 'Trickster's Universe' story-cycle. I've been poking at it with a print-copy.

Other stories I mean to finish, like the horror piece titled 'Faces' and a few other stories. So, productive!

I have one more that I've not started- it'll sort-of be a werewolf story. Sort of. It's based on a folk tale I read a LONG time ago, or rather it's inspired by such.

So glad the long-ago disaster with Hot Nights (I lost over 2000 words in a miskey-disaster) hasn't stopped me. :)

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And another screwball night terror. I was woken up today about noon by building maintenance coming to fix and outlet in the roomie's room. I'd called it in, so that wasn't a big deal, but I couldn't get back to sleep after. So I got up for a while, watched an art stream that had to abort due to a pet-emergency, and played some Diablo III. With food and a beer, I finally felt like I could sleep at about 3 pm, and crashed.

I slept til about 9 PM, so that was good.

What was NOT good was waking up screaming. I really, really hate that, especially since as soon as I was awake, the fear was utterly, totally gone, replaced with annoyance and a mild headache.

The was particularly odd in that it guest-starred an artist friend of mine (Haligren/Teknicolortiger) and her character in the Silver & Bonr RP group, Hayden. It also guest starred, in a bizarre side-plot, a hockey team that looked suspiciously like the old Minnesota North Stars.

In the dream, she and I were talking about Hayden wanting to kill himself for whatever reason, and for some reason I proposed Vasily (my beefy Russian ex-Vory werewolf) helping. When the agreement was in-character struck, Vas didn't give him a chance to think, and shot 'em in the head with a silver bullet, then decapitated him.

THAT wasn't the scary part.

The scary part (and all of this was weirdly mixed in with some kind of heroic 'last miracle shot' hockey story), was for some reason I was at my folks, sleeping, and something horrible was crawling up my sleeping body, and it was /hungry/.

I have fucking weird dreams. I have no idea where the stu[id hockey subplot came from, and I still can't really sort if I was the 'hero' in that bit, or if for some screwy reason it was Hayden.

Hayden, fyi, is a serial-killer werewolf, an NPC Elder of one of the clans, and the LEAST likely person I can imagine getting into a hockey game. :P

Hi all!

Jul. 19th, 2014 12:11 pm
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I'm still around, I've just been very spotty on updating on pretty much everything. I've been writing a lot (the stuff people can see is on my DeviantArt site ( http://sorien.deviantart.com/ )- The other stuff I have some hope of submitting for publication maybeIhopekindawithluck...

But we'll see. :)

Spaz and Lady are for the most part fine, though Spaz has gotten brattier- I think it's because the apartment is smaller than the house was.

Other than that, things really haven't changed a whole lot. I'll try to post here more, but no promises!
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Back from the vet- Lady has lost weight (I kinda suspected that she had) and she got a blood workup to check her kidney function and such- at 14, she's not a young cat. I'll get the results of that on Monday. She seems healthy though, so I'm not concerned. Like as not she'll be going on a senior diet, which means so will Spaz, as he eats everything.

Speaking of Spaz, he got X-rays and was NOT HAPPY at the Vet. Usually it's lady that's losing it. This time, he was really hissing and fighting. Well, until they dosed him for the X-rays. Then he was (and still is) really mellow. He's in my room, still in the carrier, being zonked. He got some painkillers as well, so he's gonna be relaxing a while.

The total bill was pretty hefty- Over $600. If people want to help, I won't say no to it- my paypal is shaggy (at) visi (dot) com. Don't feel obligated, but any help I'd be grateful for.
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I'm taking Spaz and Lady to the vet today. I noticed that this morning Spaz was limping. He wasn't last night, so I don't know what the heck happened. I was able to get them both in at 2 PM today- they both need their shots anyway, so.

I suspect he hurt himself flinging himself about like a maniac as he is wont to do. Hopefully they'll say 'oh, he pulled a muscle' or similar, rather than telling me something like 'he has hip dysplasia'.

I'm not sure what I'd do there. I'm not really worried- it's not a fatal condition, it just means I have to be more careful with him and monitor his behavior more closely. One thing that kinda convinces me that he's not that bad off is that he's still playing and still eating like a starving wolf... And in similar quantities. :P
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I've started my research on getting short stories published. I've discovered a few things that are important, and which will be disheartening to some of my friends who also write, the most important of which is that putting a manuscript of any kind on the web in a public format constitutes publication in the eyes of most publishers.

What this means is that in general if a story has appeared on a personal website or on a publicly accessible website, that story HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. Most will not take such a manuscript for publication.

There ARE still options to get the tale into print. Self-publication is one avenue, and publishers MAY still consider your work even if previously published online. But it becomes an uphill battle. I've about 20 or so short stories that are now essentially invalid for publication, which is annoying but hardly the end of the world.

I suspect that if a work is sufficiently changed from a previously-published version on the web, that it MIGHT be applicable for consideration; if your manuscript is not in final form, you may still have a shot.

I have three stories I'm considering for publication. One of them, titled 'Monsters' is in the 'really, really iffy' category. I CAN submit it for publication in a different format, so I can still offer it to a podcast (audio format) or a visual format such as an illustrated comic. I'm going to have to look into things more- there may be publishers who WILL take such 'published' works regardless, considering the limited audience the tales have so far reached.

To my writer friends- this is NOT the end of the world. Your works are still able to be gotten into dead-tree format. You just have altered avenues, and will have to do your research.

For my part, any fiction I plan to publish will no longer appear on FurAffinity, DeviantArt or any of the other 'public' venues that I've put things up on in the past. I seriously do wish to be a writer, so I have to keep these considerations in mind.

Oh, last thing. I'd hoped to offer a story I'm currently working on, 'The Old House', to Reader's Digest. Weirdly enough, they really don't solicit for or accept original fiction! O well. There are lots of places who do. :)
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I got home from Midwest Furfest yesterday around 4 PM or so in generally good order. No item that I'm aware of has gone missing, and I had a pretty good time. We had the Pizza Shootout on Saturday around 12:30 PM, but we're waiting on one person's vote to determine who won. As we'll have one person abstaining, and it's currently tied with two people's remaining votes (including theirs) I think it should be considered a tie!

I only got two pieces of art this year- one from DarkNatasha (a badge) and one from Cara Mitten (of my character Arath in our Pathfinder game, which resumes a week from Saturday). As predicted, I spent more than I wanted to and most of that on food.

I met up with varied people, some who I knew and many I didn't, and I was able to sleep EVERY NIGHT OF THE CON. Woot! I slept well last night as well, and now I have to change back to my usual vampire pattern. I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Definitely next year I request a NON-TOWER room; bloody things are teeny.
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Okay. I'm up. Today I head out with friends on the drive to Chicagoland and Midwest Furfest! I've got all my crap packed, and aside from a few dishes in the sink I'm essentially ready to go. I'm looking forward to this- I definitely need a vacation.

In the previous three weeks ending last Thursday, I want through one of the longer bouts of insomnia I've had. I think it was longer than usual because there were multiple things contributing to it- stress (of course), a need for a change, bedding overdue for a change, allergies and I really need a new mattress.

Other than that, things have been mostly quiet... Mostly. Two weeks ago while coming home from work I had the tie rods on the front right wheel snap whilst on the ramp from 35W Northbound to New Brighton Boulevard. For those that don't know, the tie rods are what hold the wheel in place and allow it to turn. Well, they snapped and that wheel no longer turned!

After a three hour wait and a tow to my folks place, I got home using my mom's car. a few days later it was fixed, and its back running fine.

That pretty much sums up recent events. I'll post again from the con.
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This past Saturday was our regular gaming run, currently Pathfinder, and the story is 'Rise of the Runelords'. As was the first run of this campaign, it was a lot of fun... Aside from my damn near falling asleep during it. I was beat, not having slept well beforehand. I wasn't alone though, two other players were ALSO falling-down tired apparently. Regardless, I'm having a good time with Arath, my barbarian catfolk, and really look forward to what comes next!

We were down one player, Dave, who is our regular GM- Rise of the Runelords is 'filler' while he gets his next campaign set to run. Its giving him the opportunity to actually PLAY in a game, rather than having to run.

Our Story Continues! )
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I really, really hate night terrors sometimes. Or maybe given my sleep habits they're 'day terrors'? I don't know. All I know is that I've had them since I was a little kid, and they are a Pain In The Ass.

That's why I'm awake now. I had a doozy. Not that fear is keeping me awake- instead I can't stop giggling about it.

Anyway, it apparently took place in the Heinsohn farmhouse; as usual, everything was kinda jumbled and garbled, and a lot of facts were wrong- like the house in Real Life(tm) is on Rural Route 1 outside of Le Seuer, Minnesota, and in the dream it was in Minneapolis. I'm not totally sure what was happening, but as far as I can tell, I was living in the place, and was trying to sell it for $500,000. This is NOT an unreasonable price- the place is HUGE.

In the dream, when I started screaming in the waking world, I was in bed with some kind of NASTY presence looming over me. Some of the jumbled bits I recall were leading someone through the house (on a showing, I suppose), and oddly changed details like there being a cobweb-strewn wooden archway on the stairs leading to the basement. In the real house, its brightly lit, never cobwebbed and done in linoleum.

Usually, I can get right back to sleep. Rarely this creepy-as-hell sensation remains, and I can't. This time, I start giggling every time I think of the screams I was giving out with. Gah!

Gettin' really, really tired of this.
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And another post- less than a month between! I've been peeking in here more frequently, and I'll try to do so even more often. Nothing bad has happened in the interim, though going to MFF is still vaguely iffy. I have most the money needed, but I need to get registered and get the train tickets still... And another person in the room! I can do this. I had one person ask about it, but that was like... Pre-April, and I've not heard a word since.

Worst case I get floor-flop space, which would certainly be a cheaper option! Either way I plan to be there if it is at all possible.

Things proceed apace with Chris' attempts to get support benefits from the State and Feds, and I really can't judge the progress at this point- He did get the modern equivalent of food stamps, but I dunno how long that program lasts.

Other than that, the cats are fine. Well, other than Spaz being brain-damaged. So that's it for now!
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... Since I last posted here. Me and Chris are doing decently, living in our apartment here in New Brighton. A lot has changed, but a lot really hasn't- life goes on with the routines continuing as usual... Just with fewer people around and less space!

Changes that have taken place include [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain's Vanguard game of a year's length coming to an end, The Sunday Gaming Group going on an extended hiatus (we pick up again sometime in September from the looks of things), And my having eliminated a TON of accumulated crap from my life. 18 years in a house allows a LOT of accumulation!

Still, I miss the place. I had more space, and a lot more privacy- I can't play loud music here, for example, because of neighbors above, below and beside. I liked having my OWN washer and dryer, too.

The apartment does have SOME advantages- lower overall bills, INCREDIBLE water pressure and far less drama. Anyway, those are the highlights- I'll maybe try to post more often, but no promises. :)
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In September of 1994 I moved into the house I'd bought at 722 36 1/2 Ave. NE in Minneapolis. For 18 years it was my home, as well as the home of a number of my friends. Today... It is no longer mine. The closing was quick and painless, and the check is in the bank. All that's left is paying off the debts, which happens next week about Wednesday. I want to wait til the check is definitely cleared.

I'm going to miss it, and I already miss the people I'd lived with. Dave, Dan, Angela, George, Sean, Ed, Margaret, Mike (not me, the FAKE one), Joe, Anna, James, Chris (who's still here in the apartment with me) and Max. I think that was everyone. To you all, thank you for the times, good, bad and average. Time for a new start in the new apartment, debt free. :)


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