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I got home from Midwest Furfest yesterday around 4 PM or so in generally good order. No item that I'm aware of has gone missing, and I had a pretty good time. We had the Pizza Shootout on Saturday around 12:30 PM, but we're waiting on one person's vote to determine who won. As we'll have one person abstaining, and it's currently tied with two people's remaining votes (including theirs) I think it should be considered a tie!

I only got two pieces of art this year- one from DarkNatasha (a badge) and one from Cara Mitten (of my character Arath in our Pathfinder game, which resumes a week from Saturday). As predicted, I spent more than I wanted to and most of that on food.

I met up with varied people, some who I knew and many I didn't, and I was able to sleep EVERY NIGHT OF THE CON. Woot! I slept well last night as well, and now I have to change back to my usual vampire pattern. I'm looking forward for next year. :)

Definitely next year I request a NON-TOWER room; bloody things are teeny.
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Okay... We still have to wait on some things, but effectively THE HOUSE IS SOLD! Closing will be mid-next month, so it's finally over. :) We didn't get as much as I'd hoped for, but we got enough to kill debts and get furniture and stuff. Woo!

Just waiting on an inspection, then we go into the Labyrinth of Paperwork and Money. I should have the check in my greedily waiting hands at closing.


Hokay Den!

Apr. 11th, 2011 02:25 pm
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Well, now that the funds fully cleared into my bank account I've made the monster payment to Discover, which was just under a grand. Ouch. Regardless, I needed to do it. I've indulged myself with some books and such as well, and I've got a goodly chunk of cash set aside for my trip to MFF in November- part of that gets here in August I think, with the property tax return. I'm still waiting on whether or not I have the right stop for Amtrak or not- if they don't get back to me tonight I'll send a couple more emails out and recheck the site. I vaguely recall last year they had the info posted.

This Friday is payday, and of course more bills. The mortgage payment goes out then, as well as the electric bill and cable- I'm essentially all caught up. Woot!

Thursday, in other news, I'm doing required training for work- as a security guard I have to get at least 6 hours of training every year (Oh so onerous, I know!) I just wish it wouldn't fark up my schedule. Training is dayside, of course, and they won't let me work the night before anymore- which is stupid, cos I'll be up anyway to try and keep my sleep schedule at least partly straight. I hate stupid people.

Saturday will likely be the last run of the temporary Dresden game. Whether it is or not things are set up that if [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain wants to continue he can, as can any other player that decides to run the city we came up with. I really hope the world continues on either way- its a blast. :)

Today and the next few days I plan to try and get caught up on the damned game writeups. First up will be the two Dresden runs, then the most recent Buffy Horror for the Sunday Group (even though the next run is a month from now- Easter intervenes), and finally the two Western Campaign runs. Somewhere in there I'll also finish the stories I wrote for the Dresden game and also try to work on the other short stories I've started. Agh!

And that's about it, I think. Now all I need is a lottery win!


Apr. 7th, 2011 02:59 pm
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Okay- I got the hotel room locked down for MFF for Wednesday to Monday. I have 2 beds arranged, so woot. Now to confirm person #2, and to determine if anyone else will be in there with me beyond that. In other news, I got my state tax return on Tuesday, which is the fastest I've ever gotten it- I only filed on the 1st! Now I just have to figger out how I'll be getting there. I've heard that if I do the overnight run on Megabus its both low-ridership and cheap as dirt, so I'll be looking at that as well as the train, and maybe going by car as the last option.

This should be a good con- I'll have a bit more money than last year, especially if I try to sock a bit away in addition to the funds I'll have from the tax return. Woot!

Oh, and as a totally unrelated note to the roommates- I may have a bunch of 60 watt bulbs shortly, via the folks membership with on of the big warehouse stores- I can't recall if its Sams or the other one. I'll also have the long florescent bulbs. Not sure when, but likely before midweek next week.


Apr. 1st, 2011 12:49 pm
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Taxes- Done! I'll be getting about $1500 Federal, $500 State and $500 property tax rebate- that last would have been $1700, but I have renters and the percentage of the house that they use whacks that down- O well, I'd rather be able to pay monthly bills. About a grand will go into the credit card, and the rest is my trip in November to Midwest Furfest. Woot!

Also done, groceries. I was within $4.00 of my guesstimate of the cost, so I'm getting better- unfortunately, no coupons. ANOTHER thing I need to get better on!

What's left is a crapload of cleaning, a bunch of boxes to break down for recycling (and for declutterization purposes), the rest of my laundry and general other stuff. My brother is coming over today and we're gonna see what we need to do to fix the door into the garage- the screws are stripping out. He thinks he has a (scary) permanent solution, but we'll see.

Bills are also due, but that's maybe 10 minutes on the net and phone.
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Today I return, likely temporarily, to the Saturday Gaming Group. The game will be a short-run of the Dresden Files RPG, with an indefinite number of actual meets. I'm both looking forward to this and feeling some trepidation, if not paranoia. I'm hoping that I've changed enough for things to work out, but I'm afraid that I'm going to be treated differently than everyone else. I expect added scrutiny, but part of me worries that it'll be an 'if I blink I'll fail' kind of thing. Most of this is paranoia. I hope. But time will tell. It doesn't help that I couldn't sleep worth crap.

On a happier note, I watched the entire first season of True Blood over the last few days- I like it enough that I want my own copy of the season collection, and I want to watch the second and successive seasons. It is NOT exactly like the original, which is disappointing, but its STILL a very good series. I definitely question some of the changes (Tara being black and an almost rabidly outspoken 'wild girl'), some of the alterations to what the vampires are like (they're being portrayed as more evil and nasty overall culturally which IS a problem), and a few other little problems. I LOVE the casting of Sookie, Bill and Jason. Lafayette was PERFECT (tho they made changes to him that I dislike), and both Sam and Eric were VERY close to what I was hoping for. I'm definitely looking forward to the further episodes.

Less happy is my monetary situation. I'm VERY tight right now. I'm probably going to stoop to talking to the folks for some petty cash and help with some medical stuff (pay a small bill and get a new inhaler- it might be months before I can afford it, depending). I hate doing it, but I've little recourse. Fortunately, I'm not in any kind of danger financially, its just uncomfortable. And I'll be flat broke til my next paycheck, and immediately after too. And my debts don't rise to the level of being terrifying, just really, really annoying.

I think that's enough rambling. I don't really feel comfortable posting all this, but I'm thinking that by actually doing so some of the stress might be lessened.
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Well, me and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain got back into town about 1:30 or a bit after- we left at 6:55 AM, so we made slightly better time than the trip out. Initially, the plan was to head out at 9 AM, but I was feeling antsy and REALLY wanted to go home. Also, I'd found a goof in my bank balance and needed to get to TCF to straighten it out. As it turns out it was caused by the teeny print on the TCF website being misread by my crappy myopic eyes on Wednesday when I paid the Discover card- I thought it was at 284, when it was at 204... Oops. No real damage though, I beat the posting of the thing that would have nuked me, and got cash in. Whew! I'll note that I would have been screwed if we'd waited. Thanks for being willing to bail early, Dave!

In general the con was a lot of fun. However, I didn't get my sleep schedule switched around, so I was getting tired and sleeping at really inconvenient times. Also, I didn't really get crap don on my writing- 700 words before we left today plus chapter 19 was it. Under 2000 all told. I have a LOT of catch-up to do!

I got three sketches- One from Shauntae Howard of Rabbit/Phooka, one from DarkNatasha of Savannah, and one of Sorien/lamia. I'll try to get them scanned and posted on FA soon. And that was MFF for this year- its good to be home!
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Well, I didn't have any miracle $10,000 coins or anything. O well. But I DID get $57 out of the deal, the lions share were the three 1921 silver dollars, the 1894 silver dollar and the Mercury dimes. Woot. Better than nuthin!

I think I'll go on Ebay sometime and buy more coin grab-bags for shits and giggles; that's where the silver dollars came from anyway. :)
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Last bit of news- at some point I'm going to have to take Lady to a specialist. She's apparently got a heart problem referred to as a 'galloping rhythm', which means two of her heart chambers aren't pumping quite right, resulting in a 'sloshing' effect in the chambers. She's in no immediate danger, and likely won't be for years, if ever. But it IS something that needs to be looked into. BUT. Right now, I can't. Its $600 or more to have the tests done. I'll be keeping an eye on her though, and I'll be getting the recommended 'fountain' style waterbowls for both of my fuzzballs, to hopefully deal with the dehydration they found in Lady. Thanks for the recommendation, Karen. :)
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Once again I had a financial disaster. This time though it's totally my fault. While paying bills about a month back I managed to somehow not write down two REAL big payments... And between that and the fees I far more than wiped out my buffer. So I'm in the hole. BUT. With no help from anyone, I've solved it- It'll involve using the credit card, but I'll repay that in two months (thank ghod for that!). In addition, to prevent this from ever happening again I'm (finally, my fault totally for not doing it earlier) getting overdraft protection on my bank account; it wouldn't have prevented the mistake, but it WOULD have saved me the fees- which ended up surpassing the amounts I failed to write down.

I'm getting Quicken when I can afford it (this weekend), and setting it up synched with my online banking. I've also revised my bank record so that it's better arranged- I plan to keep using it as an additional record of transactions.

On top of that... While I won't have the $500 I wanted stashed away, this weekend I should be able to sock away $100-$200. When it comes, I'll add the Property Tax Rebate money to that, and I'll be adding cash til its at the level (or above) that I want.

Yes, I learn slow. But t least I can survive it.

Also... I'm not upset or mad at this point. I've gotten over it, and learning that it WAS my fault and not someone using my cash card is actually somewhat of a relief.

So there it is. Hopefully I'll get stuff straightened quickly.
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Not a lot up, I go back to work tonight as my weekend is now almost over. The new laptop is real nice, and I'm using it a lot- pretty much like I did the old one, which is now fully charged once again. I know there's still a problem, but heck, as long as it runs I'm keeping it. :)

On Friday I deposited my Federal return check. $500 goes 'invisible' for emergencies, $1000 is set aside for the trip in November to Midwest Furfest, and the remaining bit goes to pay for the laptop. As of that, all but $200 is paid for, and part of that is the printer. :) $100 of THAT goes when the printer rebate arrives, and the last of it goes when the property tax rebate arrives. Yay!

I'm now watching ebay off and on for a copy of Adobe PS. I've stripped the copy of Photoshop 7 I had on this and the old laptop, as it seems well and truly fried. My pricerange for the new version is about $100 or so- WAY below the new cost, I know, but I've seen PS 2 and 3 in that range before.

Other than that, I paid bills, got groceries and picked up comics on Friday. That's sums up the unendurably exciting life I lead. Oh- Last week I put in for my birthday off as paid vacation- dunno what I'll do, but even just NOT BEING AT WORK will be nice.

Buh. nearly forgot- I picked up the soundtrack to Watchmen and the DVD of Desperaux too.

And THAT'S it. Really.

O well...

Apr. 11th, 2009 12:22 pm
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No chance on the new laptop from extra cash from previous year's returns. My old preparer apparently left such a cluster-fuck that my new preparer considers it a challenge to try and figure out exactly WHAT he did. O.o

So, unless the property refund gets me something for last year, what I've got is what I get. No biggie. At least next year'll be better.

On other topics, I've screwed up my sleep schedule, so I'm going to have to try and get straightened out again. Its partly my fault this time, and partly just circumstance- I had to stay up late for the tax-preparation, then stayed up later playing City of Heroes while I waited for him to give me a call. Once again, no biggie. This isn't insomnia, as I AM sleeping- just not when I SHOULD.

Today I got groceries, and I may get some people together for home-made malts here this evening. I have chocolate syrup and strawberries, so I'd need someone to bring vanilla ice cream and maybe malt powder... And any other flavorings/toppings needed. :)


Apr. 9th, 2009 11:32 am
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$1700 back from Federal, $455 back from State, $170 back from ptoperty tax, and that'll arrive in June! Yippee!

I've got 'em going over last year's return now, and from the signs I'll likely see another $500+ from that! If I do... I'll take the two years before THAT in!


MFF is paid for. So is (likely) a new printer, and what little I owe on the credit card... And maybe even a new laptop. Rockin'. :)
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(Sigh) And once again, I've been hit with $105 in overdraft fees. I could try to go to the bank and work through it (and I DID do so over the phone, and now have an accurate balance at least), but given the scale of the mining operation that would involve, I'd be charged more to go back through the records than the damned fees themselves. They can charge $5 per statement they have to call up, and that's 24 or more statements... They can ALSO charge an hourly fee for the service. So, I get to suck up the charges. At least I DID get $26 back from said fees.

What's even weirder is that going back through the records I found a check that they say was never written! It was to Cub, using my check card... But it seems to not exist at all! So that should have been in my benefit, and it wasn't. :P

I know I'm not the best at tracking my finances, but geez... Every goddamn time I think I've gotten everything stable, something else comes along to sink me. At least financially. This means that I get to use the credit card to pay for the tax service too. Bleah. That, at least, I can pay off when I get the tax-return money.

Its looking, by the way, like the tax-stuff will go to the tax-guy Monday or Tuesday next week. Closer than I'd like, but nothing to sweat about at least.


Nov. 15th, 2008 08:09 am
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Well, I PLANNED to get started on the cookies last night... But during the Silver Mantis Strike Force I started not feeling too hot- mostly a relentless headache. I know what it was from- being low on sleep for two days! So I ended up crashing at about midnight or so... I woke at 7:30 AM today. O well, at least I'm feeling better!

Today is the Vanguard campaign, and tonight is day one of the last three before the con. I might not get as many cookies done as I wanted, as they have to be done and with [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain before I leave Wednesday morning, But I'll at least have some. :)

Oh I got a little more good news- due to how the new mortgage was calculated, I didn't have to pay November's payment either! So a lil extra cash in the bank.

Tomorrow is the next Buffy run, so its a busy weekend.
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Is 1:00 PM Friday. I'll get up around 10:30, and head out an hour later, thus giving me an hour to get lost and then locate the place. ;)

Actually, it should be easy. But better safe than sorry.

Then, LATE Friday night, after the Strike Force, I'll be baking cookies. Somewhere after the closing I'll get groceries, make the last payment of the current mortgage, and maybe sell my class ring.

Oh! Earlier tonight (Thursday) I went out to eat with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn as a sort-of mini-celebration of the retirement of debt. :)
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Apparently he got caught at a closing. So, 9:30 tomorrow we try again. If he's not there or he's significantly late, I'm calling Countrywide's home offices and raising some SERIOUS hell.
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First, I've figured out how much money I'll be taking out- it'll be $12,000. That'll cover all the credit-debt and give me a bit to work with to catch up on regular bills. One month's payment is added as well to the mortgage, giving me a 'free' month where I won't have to make a mortgage payment, plus the associated fees. They're waiving the value-assessment of the house due to my 'account-in-good-standing' and kickass credit rating (despite the troubles I was never a month late on ANYTHING so I never got nailed in the credit reports), and in a last bit of news the rates apparently dropped so I'll be getting a lower interest rate. Yay!

So it goes down today at 9:30 AM. I should get the cash within two weeks, although there IS a chance I could get it today. I doubt that, however.

God, this is gonna take some stress away...
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I may have found where things went wrong. There's a $6.00 payment that I apparently didn't write down. In combination with me mistaking another amount, this MIGHT have been the trigger for the NSF's. I'll talk to the bank later when I get home.

I'll also talk with the boss at Baker and Payroll to sort out the missing 24 hours of pay as well- hopefully I'll get that back before the end of the week. I'll ask Dad to pay half of the car insurance to get that dealt with, and pay him back later this week after I've settled as much of this as I can.

I get to talk to:

The bank (to clear some of the NSF charges and find out what that $6.00 was for, and confirm what another of the NSF-affected charges was)

Work (Payroll and my boss at Baker for the 24 hours of missing pay)

Discover Card (To tell them that there will be a delay in my paying them

Dad (for the insurance payment)

Countrywide Mortgage (To get some numbers on a Refi)

Roomies (several things)

No I'm NOT selling the house. Not yet at least. I figure that I'll have it at least another 18 months. I think it'll be at least that long before the housing market is truly stable... But I think I can get some of this resolved asap. At least I hope so.
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Yesterday I did the bills and started the Xhanuqwannsramamas season. I got the tree upstairs to assemble, and started the shopping- I've gotten about as much of a start as I figured, getting some of the harder to shop for people out of the way right off- this is REAL unusual for me.

This year, My budget is a little tighter, and I can't use the credit cards at all. So, I'm spacing the shopping out over the weeks before the holiday- I should have enough to do bills and the holiday shopping without being squeezed too hard. I'll try to get the tree up and the lights on today at least.

Also yesterday, I made another shot at the halfass stirfry- I think it needed more flavor, and I put the bean sprouts in too soon, and cooked the peppers too long. But, it was okay. And FLinthoof on FM did a pic for me! Is rare for me to get free art, so its real nice when it happens. The pic is here: http://tinyurl.com/yhdwaf

Thanks, Flinters, and I love TinyURL. :)


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