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This is the first in about four posts I'm putting up this morning, three of which are about writing. This first one however, is a bit of an announcement. Many of you who know me on FurryMUCK or Altered Realities may have heard this already. This year at Midwest Furfest I will NOT be holding a Tea Party. The reason is simple: I had two years of single-digit attendance, and with numbers that low I can't afford to drop $50-odd dollars and 30+ hours to set it up. And those costs are just considering the cookies!

I'll still have tea and cookies, just not as many, and no formal party. I'll be at the hotel as of the Wednesday before the con, so I'll see people there! I just put in my time off request, and as soon as I'm done futzing with LiveJournal, I'll be getting my train tickets.

In other news, the Halloween party that I throw every is once again on for the 31st of October, aka Halloween night. Turkey and much food will be had as usual, and if you were here last year you're prolly welcome this year. I'll get emails out to people soonish. :)


Nov. 15th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Well, tonight was the Tea Party. I had a few people show up, but not many; without the signage there just isn't a real way to draw people to the event, despite it being a regular thing since (I think) first MFF. O well. I took a bunch of cookies and wandered til they were gone- people DO appreciate the cookies, its just the signage that slows people up. I'll throw a second make-up party on Sunday, and distribute cookies to whomever wants them. I'll be put some in the Charity Auction as well.

Right now I'm thinking food, so I'll see about what to get in that department. NOT cookies!
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... Because I have a celphone now. Its a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go thing, and the phone is a cheap LG Aloha, but at least it works. I decided to get one because of the fucking hoops I was gonna have to go through to just make a few fucking calls... Anyway, the number is 763-464-8614 if people need to reach me.


See people there. :)
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It always seems to be that I wake early on Thursday at a convention with a neck tension/dehydration headache. Bleh. This is a tradition I can do without! So I'm awake, but I think that I'll try to get a few more hours sleep in a bit.

Once again tho, THE TEA PARTY IS IN ROOM 5225 FROM 5 TO 10 TODAY!

Hope to see people there!
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Rar! I have my room reserved for Midwest FurFest! I'll arrive at the Con on Wednesday November 14th, and I'll head home on Monday the 19th- I'll either have a nonsmoking room with 2 beds, or Room #1230, which I had two years ago. Whee!

So... That means I hace the money arranged and the room, and the Con membership. All that's left is the transport. That will either be flying or Amtrak on the Empire Builder. :)

And yes, there WILL be a Tea Party on Thursday evening as usual. COOKIES!
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Well ,the Tea Party went well for the most part, with about 20 or so people cruising through. There was less mess than in past years, too. I've got a TON of cookies left, so there'll prolly be a Sunday party to get rid of 'em. Good thing: The DVD player that I wasn't able to use at AC was able to be used with the TV here in the room. Yay! Bad thing: While I did have an actual 'tip and donations' jar out, I got a dollar. Bleah.

Earlier in the day I spent a fair amount of time with [livejournal.com profile] nemetfox, until [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn and [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae arrived with the cookies and I had to kinda start the setup of the party. As usual, I had no problems with the hotel over my signs, and only one went missing this year- the one in the lobby of my floor! Go figure. Oh, and I got my registration packet, so I miss the 'pleasure' of the lines today.

As to today... The convention officially starts. I am awake way too friggin' early once again, and relatively soon I'll head down for breakfast; prolly after a shower. I have two donations for the Charity Auction- a bag of cookies (6 of each type served at the Tea Party; that number may now increase...) and a motorized Skrat (The squirrel-rat thing from Ice Age).

And thats about it for now. :)

Hokay Den!

Nov. 14th, 2006 04:44 am
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As of about 2 minutes ago the last of the peanut butter cookies came out of the oven. Yay! FurryMUCK seems to still be down, but that's okay. I'm likely to crash soon regardless. So the cookies are done and packed, most of the dishes and such are cleaned, and all I have left is the following:

Laundromat to wash blankets, pillows and the sleeping bag.

Tea Source for a few more teas.

Print out the additional signs I need, refurbish the few signs I have left from Anthrocon for use at FurFest.

Print out the recipes for the cookies so people can see what they're eating, plus one copy for the cookies going to the Charity Auction.

Print out the feeding schedule for Luna (my cat)

Figure out what I'll need to pick up in Chicago other than the teapot (Cups, plates, plasticware, etc.)

Go to kinkos and get two signs laminated and hole-punched so I can affix them to the room door without any risk of harm. Get string from somewhere.

Get the laundry (clothes) up and pack.

Take out the trash and recycling.

Stop panicking that something will go wrong. Both the hotel and the airfare are confirmed and on the right dates. ;)

Its not really all that much, it just LOOKS like it is.
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As seems to be my wont at con I woke at about 3:30 AM and spent the next few hours staring at ths ceiling; I gave up on this about 5:30, and wandered out to do the previous post, then later showered and caught breakfast with [livejournal.com profile] derechodragon. The hotel buffet is on the pricy side ($17.50), but with my appetite that price isn't too bad, really. And the food was good. :)

I'll note at this point that my memory is a little hazy today, before I go further.

Anyway, several things took place- first, with [livejournal.com profile] jalendragon's and other's help (can't remember names- sorry guys) I got the Tea Party supplies that were needed from a local chain-drugstore, plus some gatorade. Thereafter, I did something I've not done for on the order of 10 years- I volunteered at a Con.

I started with running an errand to the Art Show, and later assisted with Registration setup; from 2:30 til 4 PM I actually worked ON Reg, which was kinda fun, other than being blinded by devil-devil holograms on various drivers licences.

And after that, of course, was the Tea Party. :)

I had a pretty good crowd this year, with on the order of 30-50 people stopping by through the evening, including [livejournal.com profile] prismo, [livejournal.com profile] susandeer, [livejournal.com profile] greenreaper, Roustabout, Ghostwolf, Valent, Felder, and many others whose names are dodging me at the moment- guys, leave a comment here and I'm sorry I couldn't remember!

I shut things down around 8:30 when things got pretty quiet, partly for that and partly because A) I was exhausted, and B) I was STARVING. So several of us popped over to the (crowded) Pizza Parma, got foodage and returned to the room; on the way I picked up a Heineken from the hotel bar. Mmm, pizza and beer. :) Shortly thereafter I crashed, ending a pretty good day. :)

I think I'll do more volunteering and get the free T-Shirt. I should check if its the conshirt or something special.
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Well, Anthrocon is next week- I'll be arriving at the Westin at about noonish on Wednesday. For you all out there looking to attend the Tea Party, I'll post my room number here and on various bulletin boards on FurryMUCK, just in case I can't put out signage. It'll be from 5 to 10 (or whenever) on Thursday, as usual. Hope to see a lot of you there!
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The tea party went well, with [livejournal.com profile] nemetfox supplying the use of his laptop and media cables so that we could watch Godzilla: Final Wars, Kung Fu Hustle and other things. Many people swung by, including Gatomo, [livejournal.com profile] hunterdpanther, Farin, Pat, and many others. :) The cookies are GONE.

I've got most everything packed up, and Gatomo is going to get me to the airport tomorrow- Thus I avoid a taxi fare! And so, the con endeth- I still await my sketchbook from DC Rabbit, but he'll get it to me before I bail, I'm sure.

I don't wanna go, but I do wanna go home.
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As is usual for me at con, I woke early. I managed at least 6 hours of sleep, and felt pretty good- despite the cookie-snafu, the Tea Party went well, and since the cookies ARE here now, I'll put some in the charity auction, and the rest will be doled out at the Sunday leftover party. :)

I tried to get on the net right off (after tea, of course), but couldn't. Not via my airport card, nor via the ethernet bridge I've been using due to there being a lot of intereference messing with the airport. I futzed with everything I knew (admittedly, not a lot there), then went to the front desk to contact the hotel's tech support (to let the roomies sleep).

25 minutes later, nothing. I gave up and returned to the room to shower. I went back to the lobby, questing for food- I was approached by the hotel rep, who let me know that it WASN'T me, and as I had suspected it was the system in the hotel. I commenced to stuff my face, and now I'm back in the room, the net's working, and all is well with the world. :)

Oh- I mentioned that I sliced myself pretty bad with an Xacto knife while cutting the bcking board for the signs- its all sealed up, no longer bleeding or hurting, and while ugly, I don't think its something to be concerned about.

Today the con officially starts, and I expect to have a very good time!
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It's 5:26 and [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae isn't here. Nor, obviously, are the cookies. He and Foxfeather got a late start. Bleah. Hopefully, they'll be here by the revised start time for the Tea Party, at 6 PM.

On other things, I sliced myself open with an Xacto knife when I was cutting the foamboard for the party signs... Ouch. But, its okay I think. Its bleeding/oozing whenever I take off the bandage, but given as nasty as it was, its not surprising. But, I'll be okay.

So, We wait for the start of the party, one way or another. :)
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It's 4:30 AM, and once again I'm awake early at a con. I really ought to try to stay awake later... [livejournal.com profile] nemetfox is in the second bed, snoring- he didn't wake me, and its not a bad snore anyway- Generally, as long as I get solidly asleep BEFORE someone starts snoring, I'll not wake up. If they snore like my dad, shaking the foundations of the house and rattling the windows, that's another story. (He really DID snore so loud it felt like an earthquake!)

In any event, I'll sit and futz on the computer for a bit yet, then eventually shower and head for foodage. I've a lot of stuff to get from the grocery store and the Dick Blick art store before the tea party today!

Here's hoping Murphy doesn't strike and delay the arrival of [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and the cookies!
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Well, its Monday morning and Anthrocon '05 is officially over. I had a total blast, with nary a spot of bummed-ness to be had on my part. During the day, I wandered the con, getting a few last sketches from various artists including DarkNatasha, Caribou, Heather Bruton and Lou, of which the DarkNatasha pic is my prize of the con- I'm gonna get a painting of it, and its already arranged but for the money and details (yah, I can afford it.) :)

Last night I threw another Tea Party, with the primary goal of getting rid of the leftover cookies, chocolate and bottled water- This was a success. :) I had a faor number of folks show up, both that I knew and that I didn't, and a good time (as far as I know) was had by all. [livejournal.com profile] cuprohastes and Bombur went to Morimotos, Cupro for the second time- Bom was stoked. :)

After the party ended at about 10, a group of us Me, Steve Stackhouse, Lou Frank, [livejournal.com profile] jalendragon, Flynn, Bombur and a few others went down to the bar area and yakked a bit, some of us getting foodage as well. I finally crashed about midnight, and here I am.

We'll be heading off to the airport about noon, Tho I'm not sure when [livejournal.com profile] sirocco_sahara needs to be at the airport- I suspect its prolly a similar timeframe.

Homeward bound... I want another few days!


Jul. 8th, 2005 06:59 am
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The Tea Party went off well, with much consumption of tea, cookies and chocolate. Many were those who stopped by, confirming once again that I REALLY need either a bigger room or function space with the hotel/con to do this right.

I managed to NOT be wiped out before 10 PM, too!

[livejournal.com profile] cuprohastes arrived at the con in the afternoon, and gave me something truly neat- a custom Emerald City Tavern tea mug! Sweet. :) He also gave me a print of Sori and Cupro! On my part, I passed off all the minerological goodies he'd had sent to me when he ordered them on Paypal, along with much tea for his consumption; I also gave him a bottle of Maple Syrup.

The convention goes into full swing today, tho last night the mob was incredible in the hotel- It looked like Saturday night at other cons! Mobs of people, fursuiters and whatnot packing the available space.

[livejournal.com profile] sirocco_sahara arrived late- he was socked in at Chicago Midway Airport due to vrious reasons including weather, and didn't get here til after 11:00 PM. :P But, he's here now and on the floor.

I'm not gonna list all the folks I encountered and re-encountered, because there were a LOT of them! This is gonna be a very odd Con. :)
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I forgot to post this!

The TEA PARTY is from 5 PM til I can't stand it anymore, or the roomies wanna crash, and is in room #2109 at the Wyndam. There will be much tea, some coffee, and lots of cookies and chocolate. DOnations/Tips would DEFINITELY be appreciated. :)

See you there if you can make it!
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For a bit of an update. :)

Things go decently for me at the moment. I decided to refinance the house, to eliminate debt and get things straightened out in my life. This is pretty much finished- I get the check on Thursday, and [livejournal.com profile] ataramos will deposit it for me. I'll be at Anthrocon this coming week, arriving at the hotel sometime on Wednesday. As usual, I'm throwing my Tea Party, with tea, coffee and cookies, and chocolate! Hope to see people there, tho I suspect its gonna be crowded- I'll prolly do it as a 'stop-in, get tea-and-cookies and wander out' arrangement. :)

Other than this, life has been pretty quiet.
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Well, its 12:30 AM on Monday, and another Midwest Furfest is over. I had a damn good time, spending a fair amount of time with friends like Nemet, Skye-Bluedeer and Hunter, and generally eating VERY well whilst enjoying my time FAR away from work. Sunday night (merely 30 minutes past) I threw a mini-Tea Party, to 'dispose' of the remaining cookies. Most were dealt with, with the remaining few being donated to the Staff Party.

I had a few last-minute arrangements to make, as I seem to have lost my primary arrangements- [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and Foxfeather were originally going to bring the empty cookie bins home for me, but they vanished. So, I was lucky enough to run into N'Rasser, who agreed to haul 'em home for me, along with the Mr. Coffee I was using to make tea water with for the party. :)

I'm disappointed as usual with the end of the con, but at the same time I've missed Luna, my cat, and little things like my own bed, and the ability to cook my own food when desired. But, all in all this has been a good time.

Oh- I also got silly things, in addition to the drawings in my sketchbooks- A Gamera statue, a much smaller Godzilla Junior statue, and (yay) a Totoro stuffty. :)

I leave for O'Hare at 10:30 this morning, and will be on the plane at 1:00 PM. I'll either get transport from the airport from [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, or by taxi. And I still have Monday and Tuesday nights off of work. YES.

The Party!

Nov. 19th, 2004 12:29 am
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...Was a full success. I didn't take a count, but we most certainly had at least 50 people traipse through. :) I've still got cookies, but a lot of those will go in the charity auction. Whee! I will do this again next year, too. And an abbreviated version at AC.


Nov. 17th, 2004 03:33 pm
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Upon the continuing adventure to Chicago...

The flight left MSP international right on time, and got into Chicago O'Hare about 5 minutes early. I bailed from the plane, got my luggage, called the limo service I'd arranged (Cheap! Cool! Neat! My Chauffer is the company, they have a NICE <$20 deal from O'hare!), and got to the Hotel. No problems... Yet.

I had to wait to check in- no problem. I was hungry anyway, so I checked my luggage and noshed on the beef sandwich in the hotel resturant. Good, and huge. :) I then ran to the art shop across the way and picked up stuff for the signage for the Tea Party- When they found out MFF was coming, they gave me a 20% discount for letting them know, and gave me a mess of coupons and flyers for the flyer table. Whee!

I got back to the hotel, and it was about 1:30 PM. I checked, and a room was ready! I was expecting to wait til 3 PM! No problems... once again, Yet.

I drag my crap to the room, and unpack. I had decided to check the duffel with the tea-party hardware, on the off chance it'd be a problem at security. This was a BAD choice. A lot of minor things were a little squished, but the hotpot for the teawater had a 1-inch hole punched THROUGH it. Oy.

SO, I grumbled a bit, wrote it off and tried to get online using the nifty wi-fi in the room- Wrong. They don't take Discover, and my Visa is at home, and in a weird limbo cos of something stupid they talked me into. GRR.

Moving on, I ran over to the Woodfield mall J.C. Pennys, and replaced the hotpot with a Mr. Coffee, and picked up new slippers. THAT helped. So did the beer I had when I got back to the Hotel. I'm now in the 'High Piracy' Business office at the hotel, typing in thios little missive for all to see.

Anyway, the trevails are over (I hope!), and I'm safely at the hotel. See whomever is gonna be there at the Tea Party on Thursday!

Oh- for those that need to know- there will be signs up, but the room # is 4118.


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