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Oct. 27th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Just about time for work, and I feel pretty blah. Its the dregs of the stupid cold, I know, but its getting annoying. I haven't heard from the insurance guy yet about the lost shingles, but I expect that in the next few days- there were a LOT of claims from the wind, I expect.

In other things I got the front room mostly cleaned out, and what's left is vacuuming, steam cleaning (Friday for that) and rearranging the furniture. With the TV gone from there I needs to be sorted into more of a sitting room configuration.

I've also gotten a line on a much smaller desk for up there, but I'll not know if Its mine til next week. I really need new furniture. :P

Tomorrow I'll get the front room vacuumed and rearranged, and get going on the kitchen and back rooms. The bathroom actually will be one of the quicker jobs this time- mostly just the tiolet and the countertop.

Thursday night I'll probably go see 'How to Train Your Dragon' over at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] foeclan's place in the evening.

That's it for now. Time to get ready for the nightly grind.
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Its been a while since I posted anything, so I decided to slap something up today. The last week and a half or so saw the return of my insomnia- it seems to finally be over, and I'm sleeping normally once again. I still don't know what triggers it, but I can deal with it. At work, I'm daring to have the laptop out again, so I have tunes- this started just a couple days ago... And this corresponds to my starting to sleep better again as well- connection? Maybe.

My reading has continued to be voracious, and over the last week I think I've gone through something like a book and a half every night- I've about... Five? New ones left, with several more en route in the mail. I plan to either go out today or tomorrow to get a few more. Mostly its 'supernatural fiction', which is to say contemporary fantasy leaning towards horror. No, I'm not reading Twilight, and I'll prolly go to work with the eye-spoons before I EVER read that tripe. :P

I did a little cooking the other day that came out nicely too. It was simple, but good: T-Bone steaks done medium with sauteed mushrooms and red and green peppers. Migod, I had a steak WITHOUT a potato! Who'd a thunk. I'll definitely be doing it again. In other food news I've started getting Bellatoria Sausage Italia extra-thin crust frozen pizzas- these are impressively good, nearing pizzaria quality for the flavor. They're kinda spicy (which I like) and perfect to have with a cold beer.

The Sunday Gaming Group is vaguely on hiatus due to the busy-ness of summer for several of the participants, so my gaming fix is being (barely) sated by playing Dungeons & Dragons Online. Its pretty damn good, and while I have a paid account for the added goodies you can play a lot of the content for free, earning DDO points to purchase the added content bit by bit. However, it doesn't make up for the lack of tabletop role-play, and I'm looking forward with little patience to the reinstatement of gaming.

That's pretty much it for life right now, other than I got some overtime the other night, and will get some holiday pay from the Fourth- right now the plan is to get a 16-gig Ipod Nano, but that may change if I find or am recommended a good 16 gig (or bigger; especially bigger!) MP3 player. I'm mainly looking at the Ipod as all of my music is on the Macbook and I'm looking at ease-of-transfer. Recommendations will definitely be considered, especially if there's something bigger than 16 gigs available for a similar or lower price. I don't want a Classic- I want no-moving-part reliability- hard drives are more likely to get trashed by klutz-me.
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Nothing particularly bad going on right at the moment. I'm over the cold, though the dregs don't seem to want to leave- not unusual, but I'm getting sick of the coughing. Other than that things proceed. On Thursday I went with [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn and others for 'Dining Out For Life', which is (correct me if I'm wrong) an event where restaurants donate the proceeds of the meals served that day to an AIDS charity organization. We went to Tickles, which is a Minneapolis piano bar.

I enjoyed the evening, and had an odd meal- three appetizers served as my entree, with two beers. Chicken strips, breaded mushrooms and popcorn shrimp. I'll do this again if we return there, but there were too many of the breaded mushrooms for my tastes (really, it IS meant to be shared), so I'll get the mozzarella sticks instead. When I got home I was utterly beat and ended up passing out in my chair for four hours- not a problem, my sleep schedule is still hashed anyway.

Friday was basically just playing games on the computer (I re-upped City of Heroes, but mostly played Champions) and getting groceries. I once again got some sliced deli beef, a mozzarella ball and some hard rolls to make beef sandwiches with- excellent and fast!

Today is just lazy. My brother mowed the lawn for the $20 bribe I usually give his daughter Maggie to do it- the job and money was offered to Sam as well, but as predicted she passed on the easy cash. I go back to work tonight, too. Bleah. At least tomorrow is the Buffy Horror run, where I will supply pizza rolls!

Lastly, I'm playing with a campaign idea using the World of Darkness system. Its modern-setting, sort of noir/fantasy/horror/action in tone, and I think it'll be fun once I get it done. I'll prolly testrun it with the House Crew and maybe some the Local Group. And that's about it.
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Well, I got the new card. Its a PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 250 Core 216 896 MB card. It BARELY fits in the case after moving the hard drive. HOWEVER... My old power supply is insufficient, and the serial ATA connector is in the way. So, tomorrow I get to pick up a new powersupply and a 90-degree serial ATA connector so that we can get it set up. O well, I guess I knew it'd never be as simple as I'd imagined.

The new power supply will likely be and OCZ Technologies 700 Watt StealthXtream ATX. I'll pick that up in the morning before I crash for the day. Thus I will have my suddenly-beefy beast fully upgraded tomorrow. :)

Later tonight I'll be making the meatballs and sauce for tomorrow- I've discovered that the sauce is always better the next day, so making it tonight is the best route. You know, I should really organize all my recipes...
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Well. The last two weeks have been decent, with minimal stresses other than Spaz mucking up the new Xmas tree, as mentioned before. Last weekend I took a couple days off, mostly because I had the time to do it. Before this though... I early had that vacation time taken away because of co-worker interactive brilliance.

What happened is this- On Wednesday of last week, I hauled out of the office, with her still there. Apparently soon after my exit (I am SO glad I was gone) One of the owners of the complex came in to tell that there was a problem with one of the card readers on the exterior doors. I do NOT know for certain what exactly happened, but it sounds like she got into his face pretty thoroughly. What I know for certain is that the next day she was GONE. Poof. With the account manager having to go to the central office for a meeting on the matter.

I lucked out and the hours were covered, but holy SHIT how can you be so stupid? A BIG part of our job is dealing with people on a polite, professional level. Yeesh.

Anyway, now we have two spots open at the account again. Good side though, we have two people who seem sensible coming in. Finally. One is a longtime employee escaping an account he wasn't happy at, the other is a new hire. here's to good luck with them.

On to the NEXT subject: XHanuKwaanTwelfthRamaMas! I've got just three gifts left to get now, having did my one BIG shopping run yesterday. Almost four hours and a collapse from fatigue when I got home til 1:30 AM later, and finished. Three more were gotten online, and will amazingly arrive by the 24th, though I only need them by the 8th of January. Three remain- I hope to get those today sometime. I have to swap cars so dad can see what the hell broke in my rear passenger door- the window is off the power-opener mountings or something, and won't close. It's currently kinda taped shut mostly to keep snow out. :P

SO anyway, today is swapping cars, last purchases and the start of wrapping, along with fixing the damn tree. Whee!
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... Or the lack thereof.

I've been utterly ambitionless for a while now, mostly since spring weather started... I'm not depressed or feeling bad or anything, I'm just kinda lethargic and unwilling to get going on things I need to do, like bills, taxes, and cleaning. Tonight I finally got going on some things, cleaning mostly, and the bills were done this morning. Tomorrow (or at least by Friday, when I'll be able to afford to pay the preparer) I plan on getting all the tax crap together, and maybe getting to cleaning. I'll start with the front room, which mostly needs clutter-elimination and vacuuming. Cat fuzz, crap tracked in from outside... Bleah.

So, getting moving is happening, but I should have gotten going sooner than this. Hell, I usually would have had my taxes in weeks ago. Part of THAT is because I can't have the laptop at work anymore- if I could, I would have the taxes done, and prolly the two gaming writeups I need to do finished as well.

Other than that, life kinda is. No real problems to mention, nothing exciting going on whatsoever. [livejournal.com profile] ataramos, did the power supply get there? I need to know so I can yell at them if it didn't!

Just Stuff.

Jan. 8th, 2009 03:45 am
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I should note a few things that I neglected to note in my post after the party- [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn and hubby brought cookies, which were nommed into nonexistence before we even got to the actual meal, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain brought a pasta dish that I didn't have any of due to me stuffing myself with other stuff- It looked and smelled good though! It was a pasta-and-cream-sauce dish with (I think) fettuccine noodies, peas and something else. Thanks to you for bringing stuff!

As to other things, Life has been life. I've mostly managed to keep the house neat-ish so far since the party. I need to do dishes (again), and after I take the tree down (after [livejournal.com profile] ataramos gets home) I really ought to vacuum. What I SHOULD do is tear the damn carpet out and get new, but I'd need money for that.

I picked up Batman: The Dark Knight and Prince Caspian on my disc-swap run, though I need to try another store to replace one movie. Also, the Target I went to the other night was OUT of plain white tube socks and black work socks of the type I wanted! A run on socks! (No apology for the minor pun!)

I also used my gift certificate for the Source to get Mutants & Masterminds. I'm reading through it and learning the system- Not bad, though it IS quite a bit different from what I'm used to in a supers game. I also picked up the Wild Cards supplement for M&M. Even if I don't ever use M&M, the Wild Cards supplement is damned comprehensive.

Beyond all that, I'm at work, its my Friday and I'm looking forward to my nights off. Oh! I ordered the Mac Upgrade for City of Heroes! It was cheaper to do that to get the goodies and the month of paid time than it was to wait and buy the goodies in 2 months! Besides, I wanted the goodies. :)
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I didn't get much of anything done today, though I did finally watch my rented copy of 'The Incredible Hulk'. Good movie, not quite on the same level as Iron Man though. It seemed kinda rushed to me. I also rewatched 'Wall-E' AGAIN. This is probably my favorite animated film now. :)

As to the headache thing, I was feeling kind-of dizzy for most of the evening. I finally knew what it was when I got to work- a migraine trying to set its hooks into me! Ibuprofin and several cups of strong tea later and it was suppressed, though still there in the background. As I write this I feel a lot better, but I'm really wiped out. At least the night is almost over.

Today I'll see how many ideas I have for Xmas shopping together, and decide on whether to order or go to the stores- that, if I go, will be sometime this week. Also today I plan to get the tree up. More than likely in the afternoon when I get up; Getting the tree out of the washroom closet in the basement in the morning would probably wake people up and result in my untimely death...

That's about it!
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Not a real exciting day. I was planning to do Xmas shopping, but that didn't happen for various reasons, one of which being I only got ideas from one person. O well. I'll likely get a start Saturday. What I DID do, was go to the PPL store with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn, where I got a cheap set of knives for the kitchen, a stapler (no, not a red swingline), and a new laptop case- its a pretty nice case too!

After that, I went to the Thursday Night Dinner thingie, which was the people above, me, [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii. We went again to Sarnas, and it was a nice meal. Not much more to say than that.

When I got home, I had a headache, which I tried to ignore... That only worked for a while, and I ended up doing the 'tea+aspirin+curl up in my chair' thing, passing out til about a half hour ago.

And that was my day. Whee!
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Refi... Done!

Flu shot- Done!

Groceries... Workin' on it...

Cookies... Later tonight I'll start.

Fixing bolluxed paycheck... Hopefully will get the missing funds Monday or Tuesday.

That last isn't a disaster, its just annoying. They counted my two days off at Halloween as non-paid instead of paid. Why the fuck they can't figger it out I don't know. I've copies of the form, and it CLEARLY shows it to be 'paid time off'... O well.
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Well, today wasn't too productive. I didn't wake up til about 6:30 PM, then was an utter zombie for several hours. The sum total of accomplishment was getting the cat boxes cleaned out, replacing the little box in my room with a MUCH larger one, and taking out the recycling. Its just one of those lethargic, no-ambition nights.

As to Tuesday, the CURRENT today, its the day that I should find out whether I'm saved or doomed: I should find out if the assessment of the house was high enough for final approval. Wish me luck! When I hear that, one way or the other, I'll make the decision on MFF. Obviously, if its not approved I won't be going.

Oh, and as for Arnold Schwartzenegger: Republican. SURE you are. (giggle)
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Weren't all that exciting. I had the meeting (this time he showed up RIGHT AT 9:30) on the refinance, and things look good for it to proceed. I need to get a bunch of things together for him to look over (W2's, last two paystubs, last two bank statements and I think one other thing), and from there he'll set up the assessment- apparently it has to happen due to new rules that have come out of the housing bust.

Other than that, Friday night was the Mana Dragons sort-of regular meet on City of Heroes/Villains. We did the Cap Au Diablo Tarikoss Strike Force; we had a total of 6 players, myself playing Wolf John (Super Strength/Invulnerability Brute). It was a lot of fun but given how rusty I was playing him I sort of felt like I was letting the others down- I died a LOT. At least 5 times. I did finally get the hang in the last two or three missions though. Wolfy is gonna get a respec, I think.

After that I Trick-Or-Treated with Capriline (Willpower/Super-Strength Tank) til I got the last of the Halloween badges, then randomly joined a team for the Citadel Task Force. It went mostly well, though the team was heavy on inexperienced players, had some drama that resulted in a player being booted from the team and had one other just randomly quit halfway through. Still, it was fun too.

Today was mostly me sleeping. I got laundry done and made a batch of chicken thighs and mashed potatoes, but I was the only one home for 'em. O well. Leftovers!

And now I'm at work. I may start writing up the Buffy run from last Sunday, and tomorrow will more than likely be... I dunno. I've some chores to do, and I need to start cleaning the house for the Halloween party on Friday- I managed to get Thursday and Sunday morning off, so I have a 4 day weekend and at least a day to get whatever's left to do, done.

So far, I'm making the turkey (14#, a little small but oh well) and mashed potatoes, and I'll get the cranberry sauce and gravy as well. [livejournal.com profile] foeclan is supplying a nice ham, while [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain is bringing some kind of beverage... I can't at the moment recall what. If you're coming and want to bring something, it'd be appreciated- if its something like chips, cheese, crackers, chips or anything that needs to be there before things get started, you can drop it off Thursday. You DON'T have to bring anything tho- but I do need to know if you are bringing stuff, so I don't go out and get it. :) I'll contact people this week too, to confirm invites and stuff. No, there weren't actual invitations- this year has been kinda tight, and I'm not as focused on things as other years.
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I'm pretty much recovered I think. Still the residual cruds from the cold to hack out, but I've finished the meds and I feel pretty much okay, if a bit wiped out. I did have one side effect of powerful antibiotics show up Sunday evening... Which I won't go further into... But I think I'm lucky it didn't hit til after the last pill was taken.

Currently I'm at work, day two of my workweek. Not a lot is happening, other than the usual stuff. Parking is even worse than usual, as now I can't park on the meters around the damn building because they've bagged the damn meters- they're working on the building facade. Fooey. I hope this crap is done before first snow, or this is gonna really suck.

In City of Heroes, I've set myself a goal of getting my recent Villain on Pinnacle, Endure (Claws/Willpower Stalker) to level 50 so I can play with the VEATs (Villain Elite ArcheTypes) finally. At the moment she's halfway to level 46, so if things go right (and I play WAAAY too much this week) I could possibly do it by Friday. :)

In terms of my actual 'to do' list, I still need to finish the damn garage doors and clean/vacuum the back room and my bedroom, and get the last 7th Sea for the set written up. Next Sunday we start back into the Buffy Horror campaign, with all the requisite anticipation and dread that entails. ;)

On Saturday we continue the Vanguard Campaign's wind-down to the end, though thats a few runs to come I suspect. I REALLY want a denouement on the campaign when we get that far! Goblin is a character that I'd like to revisit at some point- not as a character, but as the character in this game.

And that's pretty much what's going on right now. Right on the edge, I am.
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On Tuesday [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain, [livejournal.com profile] foeclan and I took [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn out for his birthday; we hit Old Chicago for dinner (marred only by the table of screeching harridans by the door), then went to Best Buy and Half Price Books. It was a nice night, and aside from his gift I went and got myself something- 'Godzilla Raids Again' which is also known as 'Gigantis the Fire Monster'. Whee!

In other news, yesterday I picked up one of those rubber grooming brushes for Lady, to help her with the shedding issue- she's been having hairballs, so the more loose fur I get off of her the better. She likes it, and I should be able to build a third cat soon. O.o I also got them a new water bowl, one of those with the flanged bottom so Spaz can't dump it anymore!

Work is work, and I've decided to stay at Baker. It could be a LOT worse after all, and the walking isn't too terrible compared to the walking hells that Ive been on. Saturday is the return of the Vanguard game, which is slowly winding down to its conclusion, and Sunday is the second run of Ben's 7th Sea campaign! I'm looking forward to both, especially since I now can get actual sleep before the Saturday game!

Oh, and on Monday I made a roast REALLY late, inviting [livejournal.com profile] foeclan and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn to share in it. The roomies went out for food, and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain was at a Fringe Fest play, else they would have been invited too. There was also chocolate cake. ;)


Jun. 30th, 2008 11:33 pm
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It seems that the Holiday Inn East wants me back for another week, supposedly starting Saturday. However, I know that they have a weekend guy who does Friday and Saturday- So I'll confirm things tomorrow. Likely I actually start Sunday night.

Otherwise, things are quiet. I made panstew tonight, and will be running to the ostensible-new account tomorrow around 9 AM to fill out a background check thingie. Like there's anything there. ;)

I'm otherwise off for this week on vacation- at least the week at the Holiday Inn will prevent me losing any hours.
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So, the special is over now, and I'm once again without a post. I'm not too worried, and I think that, if I can, I'm going to take next week off as vacation time. Its easier to do it now then fight inside a new account to get time off when they're perennially short on guards to fill shifts. Truth tho, I'd go back to the hotel in a minute under ONE circumstance- they pay mileage. It gets PRICY to drive there and back!

Other than that, not much is up. I forgot to wear the knee support last night so its a bit more sore than usual, but I'll live.

Oh! The smokestack for the old power plant under the Smith Street High Bridge in St. Paul is going to be imploded tomorrow at 7:30 AM. I might try to be there to see it and maybe get pics or video. :)
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Well, I'm working again. Unfortunately, this is just what's called a Special: a temporary posting that is short term. I'm working at the Holiday Inn East which is right on the border of St. Paul and Mounds View, which for me is about a half-hour drive.

Its not a bad account, really, but there's a lot of walking and I'm less doing security and more acting as a gofer. I'm here through next week, working Monday-Thursday this week and Sunday-Thursday next. Hopefully they'll have a permanent posting for me thereafter... Closer to home, I hope!

I wasn't able to have my laptop last night, on the off chance that they might give a damn- but I'll have it tonight and through the end of the job as far as I know. Hell, I might even be able to get online!

And I slept like the dead- a solid 8 hours... AFTER I kicked Spaz out of the room. :P
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Here's a little update.

I'm felling better these days, aside from a self-induced bout of sleeplessness; I stayed up WAY too late several days in a row and messed up my schedule. I think I've gotten it squared around, because I did sleep today. Several good things have happened of late as well, the biggest of which is that I now have a new(er) car- Its a white 2001 Buick LeSabre, formerly my brother's car.

As I posted a while back, my old burgundy LeSabre had a major mechanical problem where the support spring on the front wheel beoke loose and was resting on the tire. Dad took it to work on, and I was driving his car (white 1999 LeSabre) while this was happening. He found a LOT more to fix while he was working on it...

Anyway, while this was going on, my brother found a steal on a Olds minivan- given he has kids, this was a better vehicle for him and he got it. This created a situation where he now had a spare vehicle he didn't need. Also, a friend of his at work turned out to be looking for a cheap, reliable car.

So it went down like this: his friend is buying my old car, I'm getting HIS car, he's got the minivan and dad has his car once again. Yay!

In other news, I'm FINALLY getting caught up on the bills- Yay reduced stress! I've dealt with the electric bill and made a serious dent in the gas and water bills; I should have one of those two totally caught up after I get paid this week, and while the credit debts are still a problem, things are improving there too, slowly. When the Bush-Bullshit-Bucks come I'll be paying off the computer loan, and that'll leave just the two credit cards, which I may consolidate to make easier to deal with.

Inch by inch...

I have still a LOT of cleaning to do; I wanna get it done before the arrival of the new roomie and before the arrival of the new cats late in May, around my birthday- Hopefully, I can get that done.


But thats most of it. This weekend is the Vanguard campaign and the start of the next Traveller set on Sunday- I'm looking forward to both, tho my character Goblin ISN'T looking forward... ;)
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Just so those people who watch this know, I'm okay for the most part. I'm coping with losing Luna... Mostly. I still have bad days. But I'm getting better with time. As to other things, life continues apace, and I've other worries as well, but nothing that will really keep me down- mostly bills and the disasters that keep happening this year to family and friends. I still hate this fucking year.

On the good side of things (kind of) I've talked myself into having my knees looked at- hopefully it'll just be exercises or such to get them better. I may also get my head examined (no joke) because I've been having more trouble with headaches since I slammed into that glass partition at work- I'm thinking there's a bit of bone or something jabbing into a nerve or a similar minor problem.

I've also started work on the next Buffy Horror writeup, the 19th. I'm up to the 6th page, 3 pages into my notes. I think it'll hit about 10 or so pages when done. I have to ask Scotty for a few names before it goes live tho.
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Well, I slept, finally. I got about 5 1/2 hours during the day after a decent meal (pizza) and a melatonin tablet. I'll likely take that again today and for a few days more to make sure things are sorted again. Other than that, things are boring- I did finally pick up the comics that I've had piling up at the comic shop... THAT stung a bit, but O well.

Really, thats about all. Well, except for having to go to a mandatory work meeting on Sunday at 6. Bleah.


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