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We're looking into cheaply replacing the couch and loveseat in the back room with something less... Man eating. I may have found a decent couch-replacement at Savers (under $10, so), and I may get it tomorrow. Hopefully this will aid in [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii's skin allergy issue. I also wanted to go get yardwork done tonight, and I have dad's gas trimmer and leaf blower for the purpose- naturally, when the fucker started FIRST TRY for him, it won't even spark for me. I hate these things with a burning passion, and they hate me back. Problem is, they're better at it. (sigh) My brother and his daughter were going to come out to work this weekend- I guess it'll wait til then.

In BETTER news, I'll get the bird and groceries for the Halloween party on Friday, and the cleaning in the house I've started in on continues.
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Okay. Yesterday was my birthday, and a bunch of people were nice enough to throw me a nice little party. We had sirloin steak on the grill, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli for the meal, and I got some beer for myself because dammit, its my birthday and I wanted a beer or two. :)

[livejournal.com profile] joshuwain was the prime mover behind the party, with [livejournal.com profile] foeclan, [livejournal.com profile] phineus and our friend Todd supplying food and labor. [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn and [livejournal.com profile] feezlekahn were also in attendance. Thanks to you all!

A few more details about my campaign were hammered out, and the creation of characters has begun. Some of the players and I will be getting together on Friday, and whomever is left I'll work with on (probably) Monday to get things squared. Mostly it will be me approving builds and back-stories. Once I have all that information, I'll go back into the adventure and tailor some of the bits, and I'll also distribute the goodies to the characters- additional cash and the ever-popular magic items.

As once again I didn't sleep well yesterday, I've taken a couple of cold-caps to make certain I get at least some sleep today. I'll finish covering my windows later this week, when I can get together with the folks and get the black foamboard and brads (teeny nails) to put it up with. The lack of light will definitely help. I'm also stripping my bed and remaking it before I crash this morning with fresh bedding and such. That sometimes helps as well.
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Went pretty well. I had a good turnout, and only a few of the invited didn't show up. The Cousin's subs went over well, and were decimated- I really was kinda afraid I'd have half of each or more left! Instead, I don't think there's even enough to make up one remaining. The emergency replacement soup (tm) was two packets of Shore Lunch Traditional Chicken Soup, with the required water and two pounds of cooked chicken added in- not bad, though I should have doctored it a bit- the flavor was a little bland.

What I got for gifts was absolutely not what I was expecting.

It was better!

The Dresden Files game Players book, The Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Two, the Ray Harryhausen Legendary Monsters collection, a novel, 'The Native Star', which is a 'Supernatural Old West' novel which I'll read sometime in the next week likely (still re-reading the Otherworld books!) and a gift card for Barnes And Noble.

Oh- there was ONE more thing... Probably the most surprising: A bottle of scotch! Its a 12 year called The Balvenie, and its excellent.

The cheese went fast this year, and I think I'm figuring out which to NOT get- Swiss isn't all that popular, but the colby, muenster, monterey jack (and variations) and cheddar go fast. So I'll try to keep that in mind for the next party.

Now, its the day after of course. All but one serving bowl are clean, the long table is put away and the trash is out- I should probably vacuum at least in front- a lot of salt got tromped in. I need a bigger entryway!

As to the past few days where I have utterly failed to make daily posts, its been pretty quiet. Mostly it was a bit of cleaning and getting ready for the party. Last Sunday we played in the Wild West game again, and I've a pretty good chunk of notes from which to get the writeup done from. While there, I did get a gift from Scotty G. who couldn't attend the party- an electronic dartboard, which will probably go up in the front room where my pegasus pic is now. That'll get cleaned and relocated when I start some of the 'little' home improvement projects, like painting and the long-promised new carpet.

And that's about it. Happy Holidays to all one last time for 2010!


Dec. 30th, 2010 03:50 pm
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I missed yesterday's daily! O well, it was an uneventful one anyway.

Today though... It started drizzling while I was at work. Being as this adds to the problem of ice and snow on the roof (and oddly also helps with that situation), I went up there this morning and dug a trench in the snow and much around the periphery of the flat roof, then salted the hell out of that area. Hopefully, the roof will drain better now, and the section where the flat roof abuts the peak won't flood, freeze and get inside. By the time I was done my back was screaming- shoveling wet snow sucks.

Before next Friday I need to clean the house some- nothing real hard, just a general picking-up-of-things and the usual sweeping and vacuuming. The party approacheth! I'll be going out today and ordering the subs from Cousins in a bit- four of them. There will be a LOT of food, and more than likely a lot of leftovers! I definitely don't mind that. As usual I'm gonna recruit people to help get the munchies (chips, pop, cheese and such), and I should make those calls tonight too.

Lastly, in an odd twist of fate I'm back on City of Heroes- Going Rogue was on sale on Steam for $10, and given that the price includes a month of play, I couldn't pass on it. I'm having fun in Pretoria with my new Energy Melee / Willpower Brute. :)

Oh- the New Years plans aren't fixed as of yet, but I should know whats up tonight, and we may be gaming in the Sunday Group this weekend. Woot!
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In an attempt to address every possible reason why I might not be sleeping well, I remade my bed with clean sheets, coverlet and quilts, and put clean, doubled and de-linted cases on the pillows. Hopefully it'll help, but it leaves me with a stack of laundry that I have to go to a laundromat with. Bleah.

I have three presents to get left- one is the re-do of the card and gift-card that got lost inside another gift, and two I simply have no idea what to get. I'll try to get ideas from both people tonight, as I REALLY wanna be done with the shopping before the end of the 10th. All the stuff that's here at this point is wrapped and under the tree, and as soon as the rest arrives it'll be done too. Woot.

So later today and probably tomorrow morning early will be laundry and general cleaning about the house. The quilts and such are the morning job. Once that's done, who knows- I might even work on getting my room excavated! It really needs it.

Also on the agenda for tonight is working some on the novel. I need to determine just what area the Great Desert covers- I'm thinking it actually covers all of Israel, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and merges with the other deserts of the area. I also think that the seas are still there, WAY down under the sands and locked away from mankind. I think an inkling of a future story could be there. :)

Oh, and lastly, the menu for the party- Several party subs from cousins- Italian, Turkey, Beef and one other will be the main course, with some kind of chicken soup from [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain and maybe my chili as sides. Of course the usual munchies will be there as well, and if people wanna volunteer to bring stuff like the pop, chips, cheeses and such that would be VERY cool, And [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn is bringing cookies. There may be other cookies as well! Once again, the date is Friday, January 7, 2011 for the party. Until then, Happy Holidays!
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Bleah. I got about 2 hours and woke up. Oh well. In any case, all my orders have started showing up, and I kinda feel sorry for the mailman, who is gonna have a TON of books to get to me this coming week. My brother FINALLY got me a thin-and-pathetic list, but it'll help me with him and Sam- she wants a tea strainer for loose tea, so I'm gonna get her that, and a teapot, and a selection of loose teas. Hah! For Maggie I'll get the one thing he listed for her, and bug the hell out of him til he gives me more so I can keep the gifts even- they're sisters after all.

With those three dealt with, I have four left. One is a stop tomorrow and quick, and the other three... Yeesh. I've no idea really. I'll figure it out though. I hope.

As I think I mentioned before, the Xmas party is going to be on the 7th of January. I'm currently thinking some sub sandwiches from Cousins as the food- prolly a beef, italian combo and turkey for the selection. I may bother someone to bring soup, and I may also make chili to round things out. Of course the usual snackage will be available, and [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn has offered cookies. Who am I to refuse? ;)

In other matters, I've seriously started on the editing process of the novel. Simply put, this is gonna be a pain, and I'm going to have to do some pride-swallowing (like sword-swallowing, but it hurts more), to get things right. I have a final target of 100,000 words or more, and I'm currently at 67,400. A ways to go, I know. Especially since there's one entire chapter that has to be rewritten.

I've already got about 3 or 4 new paragraphs for the first chapter, so woot there. Later today I have gaming, and as far as I know its the Desert World AD&D game- Of course, given that what I got done for the writeups was for the Western game, and even THAT isn't done. It'll be a fun night either way.


Nov. 1st, 2010 01:24 pm
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I'd PLANNED to start writing last night after the party, after I finished some reading. Ah, the best laid plans and all that...

My desire to write vanished when I found that I'd dropped my book when I fell asleep! I gave up and went to bed, and I didn't wake up til noon. A solid ten hours out cold. So I'm finishing my reading now, just had lunch (leftovers!!) and I'll make with the writing shortly. I have just under half the day to do my 3000 word goal. :)
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Went very well. A goodly number of people attended, and an insanely vast amount of food, both supplied my me and brought by others was available and consumed. The turkey was likely the best bird I've ever done- meltingly-tender meat for the win! There are leftovers of course, and most of the cleanup is done- I really like disposable tablecloths! I am now relaxing afterward, 5 of the six carved pumpkins still lit out front. I'll put up pics on my FA site shortly.

Once I'm clear-headed I'll start my NaNoWriMo story... But I dunno if it'll be before I sleep. I WILL do 3000 words today!
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It cutting up the veggies and the cheeses. Everything else I needed to do is DONE. Woo!


... Ow. I hurt. :P

Three Pumpkins are carved, four are left for whomever wants to take a shot at it. I found a new technique- I make templates of the shapes I want to work with, cut them out and hold them in place, making little cuts to mark where I have to work on the pumpkin. Works pretty good!
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Cleaning the microwave. DONE!

Cleaning the back room, vacuuming it and steam-cleaning the traffic areas. DONE

Get candles for the pumpkins and maybe some cheap paper tablecloths. DONE

Making the brine for the turkey. DONE

Pick up the pumpkins, Ham and Cheeses from [livejournal.com profile] foeclan DONE

Clearing cobwebs and dusthangers from the stucco'd ceiling areas. DONE, kinda

Reassembling the front room. DONE

Cleaning the bathroom. DONE

Cleaning my room (When I get to it...)

Setting up the long table and dining room tables for the food and snack areas. DONE

Prepping snackfoods (cheeses and veggies) and carving some of the pumpkins. (This evening)

Brining the bird. (Soon!)

Carving a few pumpkins (Also soon!)
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Cleaning the microwave. (This morning)

Cleaning the back room, vacuuming it and steam-cleaning the traffic areas. (This morning)

Get candles for the pumpkins and maybe some cheap paper tablecloths. (When I get up)

Making the brine for the turkey. (When I get up today)

Pick up the pumpkins, Ham and Cheeses from [livejournal.com profile] foeclan (Around 4:30 or so)

Clearing cobwebs and dusthangers from the stucco'd ceiling areas. (This evening, likely)

Reassembling the front room. (This evening, after moving stuff around to make sure the carpet dries)

Cleaning the bathroom. (This evening)

Cleaning my room (When I get to it, maybe starting tonight- the delay comes from the need for a TOTAL reorganization starting with the closet)

Setting up the long table and dining room tables for the food and snack areas (This evening and Sunday before the party)

Prepping snackfoods (cheeses and veggies) and carving some of the pumpkins. (This evening)

Everything else is Sunday. Ugh.

This looks like a lot... But honestly the worst of it I already have done.
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The front room is now cleaned. I just have to wait til the carpet dries to reassemble. Tonight I'll mop the kitchen floor and clean the cabinet tops, and prep the back room for vacuuming and steam-cleaning. The steam cleaning will happen tomorrow morning just before I go to bed. I don't think I'll get my room done, but I'll at least get it picked up and vacuumed.

God I hate cleaning.

Tomorrow's agenda is getting the brine assembled for the turkey (which will go in late Saturday night), and any other food prep (like cutting the cheeses into cubes or slices, cleaning and cutting the celery and similar. Also tomorrow is the bathroom, which shouldn't take more than an hour at the worst- its mostly just normal cleanup there.

Sunday is the party, woot. And after the party I start writing for NaNoWriMo. Eek.
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Okay. Thursday was part one of the massive cleaning for the party, and I got a lot done- the front and back rooms, washing the rugs and the covers for furniture (so that those with allergies will have places to sit) and general other sundry things. What was left for Friday was the bathroom and the kitchen, both of which were more daunting in my head than they turned out to be. Late Thursday night I picked up [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] breisleach from the Amtrak station- they were an hour late due to various delays. As it turns out the train was STOPPED here, as the weather further west was too cold(!!) for the train to continue. Thus those people who were on the train with Ata and Breis were able to avoid the 'fun' that others in my friends list went through.

Friday arrived, and I once again didn't sleep well. I got up early and made the most of it, getting all the remaining cleaning done. Yay! The party prep went smoothly aside from my own worry and a few glitches (I ran out of both consomme AND cream of mushroom soup!), With the first people arriving right about at 5. The meatballs were enjoyed and as far as I can tell a good time was had by all.

Saturday was a Saturday, fairly quiet for the most part. The household sans Ata went to the game at [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain's house, while she spent the day with her guest. I mostly slept and played Champions Online, and did some of the cleanup. That night of course was back to work.

Sunday was the 7th Sea game, and I slept decently before; not quite as long as I wanted though. The game went well, and the plot has moved forward a fair bit; I'll have the writeup posted relatively soon I think. Monday had Breis going home before I got home from work, and me being (still) kinda tired. Which brings us to now. I'm home from work, and I'm having pizza with Hawaiian Punch for breakfast. Whee!
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Okay. Its on the 8th, starting at 5 PM or so. Menu IS meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the meatballs will be done in 30 minutes from right now, and frozen to be thawed and reheated on Friday. They're real good, I think. Hard to not keep nibbling...

Anyway, that's dealt with. The only 'hardcore' cooking that should be going on AT the party will be the mashed potatoes and any side dishes I come up with. I'm considering getting some Mrs. Smith apple pies to make just before we start, so they'll be cooled to an eat-able state by the time we want dessert.

The usual munchies (crackers, cheese, fresh veggies and such) will be available, and I plan to have a selection of pop and beer; just what is still uncertain. I'll hopefully be getting some help to obtain stuff, so we'll see.

That's the party update- See those of you coming then!

Oh- I made about 130 meatballs, roughly 16 to a pound or so. We should have enough. :)

Here's the recipe, before I forget- Note the modifications below, and that this is HALF what I made for the party.

Mike's Meatballs )
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This is the first in about four posts I'm putting up this morning, three of which are about writing. This first one however, is a bit of an announcement. Many of you who know me on FurryMUCK or Altered Realities may have heard this already. This year at Midwest Furfest I will NOT be holding a Tea Party. The reason is simple: I had two years of single-digit attendance, and with numbers that low I can't afford to drop $50-odd dollars and 30+ hours to set it up. And those costs are just considering the cookies!

I'll still have tea and cookies, just not as many, and no formal party. I'll be at the hotel as of the Wednesday before the con, so I'll see people there! I just put in my time off request, and as soon as I'm done futzing with LiveJournal, I'll be getting my train tickets.

In other news, the Halloween party that I throw every is once again on for the 31st of October, aka Halloween night. Turkey and much food will be had as usual, and if you were here last year you're prolly welcome this year. I'll get emails out to people soonish. :)
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Saturday was my parent's 50th anniversary, so I was there all day. The day began with me waking at 10 AM for natures call, then crashing or what I thought would just be dozing for another two hours. Nope, I was out cold- If my ma hadn't called (as had been arranged just in case) I wouldn't have woken at noon- as it was it took six rings for me to realize the damned phone was ringing!

Anyway, I got up and hauled myself out to the Coon Rapids American Legion hall, where the initial gathering took place. This was the first time in over 30 years that I'd been in there! Anyway, it was a quiet success, and at 6 PM about half the gathered people (mostly relatives) headed over to my parents house.

Things continued there til the last of those leaving (my uncle Mike and aunt Trish were staying over, as was my cousin Jake and his girlfriend) bailed around 9:00 PM. I remained and helped in the cleanup, leaving at about 9:30. All in all, I actually had a good time- usually I hate family gatherings. However, they've all quit smoking, amazingly enough, and a lot of the behaviors that drove me away long ago are also gone. So... Maybe I'll start attending more often.

One thing more. For the last 10 years or so my parents have had this crabapple tree in the back yard. It was there as I grew up, but for the aforementioned decade it has been dead. As in, slowly losing all its bark and limbs randomly snapping off from rot, dead. Mom wouldn't let dad take it down, so this woody corpse stood hideous for all those years. As of this last June, it was STILL there. However... When we got to the house for the followup gathering, it was finally gone! And in its place was a fire pit! Now, my parent's yeard is huge- like half a football field huge. I told them, "If you go out of town sometime, I AM having friends over here."

And I'm NOT kidding. They won't care if we don't make a mess. So there will be a party with barbecue and a firepit sometime. :)

edit: I forgot to put down what happened today!

Today I got home from work, and [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain was there waiting for me. We went off to get [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii's new bed, a HORRIBLY delayed Xmas gift, from Ikea. First tho, he took me to the Farmer's Market and we had a bit of breakfast- a caramel roll and orange juice for me, a 'loaded brat' for him. Basically a bratwurst in a bun with fried peppers. We wandered there for a bit as he picked up a few things, then we went off to Ikea. By this point I was utterly fried- I'd been awake since noon Saturday, after all- and was seriously in zombie mode. In any event we got the bed, crammed it into his car (it BARELY fit, and likely the way we got it in wasn't safe or legal), and got it back home. I was nodding off the entire drive home, actually falling asleep a few times. We got the bed (a futon-thing) into the house, and he headed home. Me... I kinda just passed out.

And now I'm awake, and have a kinda scratchy throat. I'm hoping its just allergies. But the groceries are bought and put away and other chores done, so I have a few hours to screw around before work.

Party Stuff

Jan. 4th, 2009 05:18 am
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Well, I think the party went quite well, other than a few snafu's (I ran out of flour for the dredge for the chicken, and needed to get salt for the walk and had to run out to get both, and several people didn't show up)- I think a good time was had by all, and I made WAY too much chicken! I foisted some off on attendees and the rest I've been eating along with the leftover mashed potatoes. Giftage was distributed and received, and much appreciated- I did get a couple doubles of things I already had, but that was entirely MY fault- I checked the lists I put out and sure enough I'd listed them. I won't say which were doubles tho! So, I'll head over to the stores, maybe today, and exchange them for stuff I don't have. But I STILL appreciate what I got, a lot. :) Thanks to all who showed up, and I hope you had as good a time as I did- I might not have looked it, but I DID enjoy the night. I was just REAL fried from lack of sleep, which condition was rectified afterwards, BIG time.

What happened is this. After the party I dozed in my new chair, crashing HARD for about 3 hours. I then got up and MUCKed about a bit, finally going to bed at about 5:30. I finally woke at 6 PM, having been utterly dead to the world for 12 1/2 hours! I MUCKed a bit more, then ended up napping for a few more hours before work, which is where I am now. So sleep is NOT something I'm low on now!

Anyway, it was a good party, though I don't think I ever wanna do that much chicken again! Next year... Something else!

One last thing- I'm now five or six pages into the latest Buffy Horror writeup! It'll be done prolly tomorrow night. :)

Oh, [livejournal.com profile] brellchild, [livejournal.com profile] danshrugs, Mike T and Ian H.- There are gifts waiting for you!
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Its now the day before the day before Xmas, and this year we DEFINITELY have a white Xmas! [livejournal.com profile] ataramos and [livejournal.com profile] khirsahdrgn are off at their respective familial locales, while I, [livejournal.com profile] mirrdae and [livejournal.com profile] zxizaraxii are still around here. I have the get-together with the folks, brother and nieces tomorrow, and the Xmas Party at Plague House will be here on the 5th of January. :)

Right now I'm just sitting about chatting on FurryMUCK, considering either a nap or some City of Heroes, and wishing the Vikings hadn't fucking choked so bad in the game that I changed channels. :P

Other than that, I got all my shopping done early and fast, all the wrapping is done, and that's about it. :)

Merry Xmas!
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The party went well, and a good time was had by all as far as I could see. I was a bit concerned about the turkey initially, but it came out perfect. The ham was a lil underdone, but it was fully cooked to start with so no real big deal. One of [livejournal.com profile] firecatmn's pies as well as one of the pumpkin pies I bought (hers were homemade!) were devoured along with all the turkey, half the ham and 10# (!!) of mashed potatoes! It was a helluva scramble before the party, but I think it was worth it.

In other news, last night was another dose of pure joy cos we had construction going on at work, and the freight elevator failed. LOTS of running about, and I got growled at for procedure by one of the engineers. O well.

And now, I'm home. I had a doctor's appointment today, but I'm gonna cancel- I was so tired on the way home I could barely keep my eyes open and it DEFINITELY wasn't safe. So I'm not gonna go back on the road.

I'll set a new appointment for next week.
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Well, the damn bird is in the brine now, and sitting on the porch out back. The temp won't get above 50 today, and the porch is in permanent shade so it'll be fine there in its salt-and-ice bath. I'm gonna frost the cake later, cos I'm bloody tired. All that I'm doing else this morning is eating something fast, having a cup of tea, typing this entry and falling over. I'll hopefully be up at 2:30 to start the cooking. If I have the timing right, the bird should take just under 4 hours cooktime, which means I should be able to time it to come out at the same time as (or close to) the ham.

Whee. God I'm tired.

Oh- remember my comments about the steam-pressure release valves? Well, nothing has changed and last night I had to reset the fucking thing 8 times... When someone gets burned or falls off that rickety ladder the lawsuit is gonna be terrifying.

And I'm damned well gonna be there to point and say "I FUCKING told you so!"

I hate stupid people.


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